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Rose and Denny

Dennis Bragger pulled his shiny two year old Mercedes out of his garage, attached to his modest five room ranch house, and hit the door closer remote hanging from the driver’s side sun visor. He had lived in this small and comfortable home for the past ten years. With his last two substantial raises at the brokerage house, along with his selling commissions, he knew that he could afford a larger house in a more affluent neighborhood but he was quite content with what he had.

The five rooms was more than enough for a bachelor living alone. He spent his extra money on stock investments that he monitored closely and on clothes. His closets were filled with expensive custom made suits, along with top quality slacks, shirts and accessories. Denny was a very content forty years old man.

In his mind his only shortcoming was the lacking of a female companion. He yearned for the intimacy of a relationship. He knew that because of the way he dressed and his mild manner most of his neighbors assumed that he was gay. But, he was not gay. He wanted a woman to lavish gifts on, share his free time with and yes, to be intimate with.

He pulled out into the quiet street, proceeding to the stop sign at the end which connected to a very busy main drag. Denny looked over at the nearby bus stop and was surprised to see his attractive neighbor Rose Dunn standing in the frigid temperatures moving her feet back and forth in an attempt to keep warm.

Denny pulled his car around the corner even though it was not his planned direction. Breakfast could wait. He lowered the passenger side window as he pulled up to the bus stop. “How about a ride Rose?”

She was thankful to get out of the cold wind. She smiled a big smile at Denny as she opened the car door and slid in. Her heavy winter coat opened far enough as she dropped into the seat for Denny to get a good look at her long stocking covered legs. Rose was aware that her coat was partially open and her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh as she tried to arrange her body in the seat. The best she could do was to arrange her coat to cover one of her trim legs.

Denny tried not to stare but did appreciate his good luck at seeing such a beautiful sight so early in the morning. He was happy that he had worn his long winter coat that morning because he could feel his penis stirring and growing in his slacks. The pleasant freshly showered scent of the thirty five years old divorcee did nothing to keep his member from hardening in his pants. “Where to Rose?” Denny asked.

“I’m going to the mall Dennis. My car is in the shop until Monday or Tuesday and I want to finish up my Christmas shopping.”

“I’m, going that way also.” Denny fibbed. Then without much though he added. “I’ll be close by. Let me give you my cell number. When you are ready to go home give me a call and we can ride home together.”

Rose couldn’t believe her good fortune. She had not been looking forward to getting on a bus trying to manage several boxes and bags. Too bad, she thought, that Dennis was gay because he was very handsome and appealing in a gentlemanly way. “Are you sure that won’t be troublesome for you? I can take the bus.”

“Not at all pretty lady. It would be my pleasure. Just call when you need the ride and I will pick you up in my chariot.” Rose was just a little startled. Was he flirting with me? She thought. Maybe he isn’t as gay as everyone thought he was. “Are you going to the Jeffries’ Christmas party tonight Rose?”

She blushed slightly and nodded her head in the affirmative.

“Good! Save me a dance please.” Denny said showing his clean white teeth as he gave Rose a big smile.

When they arrived at the mall Denny gave Rose his cell phone number and made her promise to call him when she needed a ride home. Rose left the car showing Denny more of her leg as she exited. Denny reached into his coat to rearrange his now rampant cock which was uncomfortably twisted in his underwear.

He gave his member a gentle squeeze before putting both hands on the steering wheel and driving away. He reached under his coat to give his a cock yet another, this time not so gentle, squeeze. If he thought he could get away with it Dennis Bragger would have unzipped his pants and took care of his aching cock. He had never gotten so hard just talking to a woman. She smelled so clean and sexy.

Rose went into the warmth of the mall quickly deciding that before she started her gift shopping she needed a new dress for that night’s neighborhood Christmas party. It was still two weeks until Christmas but the Jeffries always had their party early to avoid holiday conflicts to get themselves a large attendance. They had built a large addition on the back of their modest house with its own large bathroom. The family room was thirty by forty feet with a raised area for their cousin the DJ. They cleared the furniture from a large area below the raised area exposing the nice wide planked wood floor which made for an ideal dance area for the revelers.

Rose found a tight fitting black dress with a modest bust line only exposing a small teasing amount of her c cup breasts. Next she stopped at Victoria Secrets to get a new bra and panties. She felt sexy and decided on a flimsy black push up bra that would show her ladies to their best advantage. She also felt that it was about time for her first pair of thong panties. Rose hoped that she was reading Denny right. These new underwear and dress were going to be a waste of money if Denny was indeed gay. She put that thought out of her mind and went about her shopping.

After paying for her purchases Rose was starting to leave when she had a naughty thought. She added black garters and old fashion stockings to her purchases. She blushed as the cashier smiled at her. “Big date I take it?”

Denny decided on a stop at the closest fast food restaurant using the drive through window so he could eat in the car. His cock had only softened a little and was a mild distraction while he ate his breakfast sandwich.

He checked his phone twice to make sure it was on. He didn’t want to miss Rose’s call. It had been a long time since he had found a woman as appealing as Rose Dunn. Denny hadn’t had sex with anything other than his hand for the past two years. His problem was not that he couldn’t talk to women because he could charm most women with his good looks and sweet talk. No, his problem was that when most women saw his cock they backed off. His prick was fat and a full ten inches long with a plum sized head.

Even back in high school is long cock was a detriment. Word got out amongst the teen high school girls just how big he was so most didn’t want to attempt sex with him. He had several short term girlfriends who stroked him to orgasm while he fingered their young pussies. One even tried to fellate him. She had gotten her mouth around his cockhead but couldn’t get anymore of it into her mouth. She jerked his cock until he spewed his seed into her mouth. She did that to him several times over their two month relationship. She tried without success to get Denny’s fat cock into her vagina but she was too small. Finally she broke up with him because he couldn’t satisfy her the way she needed.

In college Denny finally got laid. Dot was a big girl. Five foot ten in bare feet. Broad at the hip with large D cups tits. She was only fair looking but her best attribute was that she could accept Denny’s ten inches about two thirds of the way inside of her. Denny got laid regularly for a whole semester before Dot left school forcing him to use his hand again for satisfaction.

Over the years Denny had just about given up on finding a woman that he could love and could satisfy him sexually. Maybe Rose is the one. Denny thought realizing that his cock had risen again. He knew that he would have to masturbate later before going to the party. He didn’t want to scare Rose off with a stiff prick while they danced later.

When Rose was picked up after her phone call to Denny she sat demurely in the passenger seat as the two engaged in small talk, both of them as nervous as teenagers. When she was dropped off in her driveway Rose realized that her panties were damp as the cold December air made its way up her long legs cooling off her desire.

As she went through the kitchen towards her bedroom to drop off her packages she noticed through the opening to the living room that her son Brad was sitting on the couch with his head thrown back. She knew what that meant!

She continued through the hall, stopping at the opening to the living room. There was young long haired Billy Jones on his knees between her son’s splayed legs. Brad was completely naked reclining on the couch while his cock was being serviced by Billy. She watched as Billy’s head bobbed on Brad’s six inch erection which was shiny and slick from the young teen’s saliva.

Rose had caught Brad with the Jones boy once before. Brad didn’t really care who sucked his cock as long as someone did. Brad’s back arched as he pulled Billy further onto his cock while he ejaculated down his throat. That’s when Brad noticed his mother watching. He just smiled at her. She continued her short trip to her bedroom, now more horny than ever.

She would need to masturbate before the party. Or she could suck Brad into another erection so he could fuck her good. It wouldn’t be the first time. She had sucked and fucked her son previously. She had even confessed to her friend Carla’s priest allowing Father Leary to spank her for her incestuous offenses. Later she knelt before the priest sucking him to orgasm allowing his Holy Juice to anoint her throat.

Her ex husband had nicknamed Rose The Queen of cocksuckers. No woman enjoyed having a cock in their mouths more than Rose. Her pussy would get wet while she had a cock in her mouth. If a man could hold off long enough while she ministered to his member Rose’s pussy would have a sweet orgasm without ever being touched.

Rose stripped naked and fell on her back on her big bed, touching her already moist pussy with her fingers. A moan escaped her lips. Then in a loud voice she yelled. “Brad, get in here now!”

Brad heard his mother calling to him. Without bothering to put on his pants he headed for the master bedroom. He was guessing that watching the young Jones boy sucking on his six incher had made his mother horny and now she wanted some of her son’s cock too.

Watching Brad’s blow job had affected Rose but she was already moist thinking about Dennis Bragger, hoping to spend some quality time at the party with him, maybe culminating in a tryst.

When Brad entered his mother’s bedroom and saw her fingering her wet slit he smiled thinking that he had guessed correctly. His cock was at full erection. He tugged at his hard cock as he approached his mother. “Need some of this Mother? Wanna suck it for me?”

Rose motioned him closer. “You already had your blow job Brad. I want you to stick that big boy cock of yours in my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and make me cum. Now!”

Brad lowered himself onto his naked mother sliding his erection into her silky smooth pussy sheath, eliciting a low moan from the boy as he began thrusting into his mother’s hot cunt.

“Yesss…” Rose responded to Brad’s firm strokes of his rock hard teen prick. “Harder! Faster! Give Mommy a good fucking.” Rose usually felt very shamed after using her son for her pleasure but in the middle of the joys of their incestuous coupling she only could think about her impending orgasm.

Rose let out a uncontrollable screech when her pussy began to spasm during her orgasm causing Brad to pause for a second. “No. Keep fucking me you bad boy.” She admonished the boy. Brad started his hips jerking again prolonging his mother’s orgasm and leading into a second hard cum for Rose.

Brad was still hard and hadn’t cum himself. He had already spurted his stuff a few minutes ago in Billy Jones’ mouth but he knew what would make his cream again. “Mother, please use your mouth on me. I need to cum too.”

Rose pushed her son off of her and onto his back crawling in between his legs to put his pussy slimed cock into her mouth. “Oh, God mother. You are truly the Queen of Cocksuckers.” That was the nickname Rose’s ex husband had given her and she was once again proving him right as she lathed her son’s cock with her tongue while simultaneously bobbing her head on his throbbing member.” Make my prick shoot in your mouth.” Brad begged as Rose twisted her tongue under the head of Brad’s straining prick finally allowing him release as his cock flooded Rose’s mouth with stream after stream of his thick cock juice.

Brad felt his cock softening in his mother’s hot mouth. He was very satisfied as he watched his member sliding out of Rose’s plump lips. Rose on the other hand was feeling her normal embarrassment and guilt for having sex with her boy. “Leave me now Brad. I want to take a nap before tonight’s party.” What would Dennis say if he knew she was having an affair with her own son?

Brad closed the door behind him as his mother rolled over to her side and closed her eyes. She was cursing herself under her breath. “Why did I have to fuck Brad? Why didn’t I just use my fingers to satisfy myself. Why am I such a slut whore?” Rose fell asleep with these thoughts running through her mind.

In her dreams Rose was naked, kneeling in her driveway while a line of young and old neighborhood men and boys stood patiently waiting for their turn in Rose’s mouth. She awoke with a start finally realizing that it was just a dream. Her pussy was damp again. “God. I am a slut.” She said out loud as her dream dissipated.

Rose realized that she had slept longer than she had anticipated. She had to shower before the party and would be late getting there. She soaped her thirty five C cup melons watching how her nipples hardened. She squeezed both of her erect nubbins feeling how her pussy juiced up while she pulled and massaged them. Enough! Rose’s mind demanded. She was already fashionably late but if she masturbated now she would be later than she thought would be acceptable.

After her shower Rose dressed in her new under things enjoying the feel of her first ever thong as it slipped between her ass cheeks. After putting on her garter belt and stockings Rose looked at her reflection in the full length mirror attached to her closet door. She liked the way she looked. If she had more time she would have strutted around the house in her sexy under things just to see Brad’s reaction.

When she had put on her dress and heels she looked at herself in the mirror again. She was satisfied with how she looked. Sexy but not slutty. She would turn the heads of all the men at the Christmas party. She just hoped that Dennis would like the way she looked. I hope he isn’t gay! Rose thought, hoping she hadn’t misread his flirting with her earlier in the day.

She was right about turning heads at the party. Most of the guests had already arrived. When Rose entered the room she paused at the entrance to the big party room to assess the situation. As she stood there most of the guests looked her over, the men enjoying just how sexy she looked and most of the women grabbing their spouses arms with a jealous look behind their smiles. It had been a long, long time since Rose felt as good as she did at that moment. She liked it! And her still moist pussy liked it also.

She saw Carla sitting at the handsomely made bar in the far corner of the room. Rose could almost feel the many pairs of eyes watching her as she slowly walked to the bar to stand next to Carla. Jim something or other quickly rose and gave her the stool next to her friend.

“You look hot Rose. Absolutely hot.”

Rose blushed at the compliment then blushed further as Carla surreptitiously slid a hand under her skirt stopping when she felt the garters holding up her stockings. “Nice touch. You on the hunt tonight?” Lowering her voice she said. “Looking for satisfaction from one of these studs?”

Rose hoped no one could see what Carla was doing. Carla had been the first woman to ever put her mouth on Rose’s twat, sucking her to orgasm while her son Brad pumped his cock into Carla from the rear.

Carla’s fingers grazed Rose’s sex through her panties before she pulled her hand from under Rose’s dress. “Good luck babe. Most of the men here are with their wives but if you don’t score keep in mind that I know just how to satisfy a horny woman like you.” With that last remark Carla stood, taking her drink with her to wander around the crowded room.

The rental bartender poured Rose a glass of white wine that she ordered. Before she could take the first sip the host Sam Jeffries stood close to her and said. “The first dance belongs to me pretty lady.”

Sam was a pleasant fellow. Not very tall and a bit thick at the waist but had a quick smile and a soft sexy voice. Rose quickly took a small sip of wine before allowing Sam to guide her to the dance floor. Sam’s cousin, Rose didn’t remember his name, nodded when he saw Sam and Rose approaching and immediately put on a slow dance tune.

Rose had been through this before. Sam was a letch. He insisted on dancing with every women at his get togethers. Tall, short, thin and fat. It didn’t matter to Sam. He always held his partners close rubbing his erection up against them while he danced. He was doing just that to Rose as he held her tightly whispering in her ear. “You have to be the prettiest woman here tonight Rose.”

She attempted to loosen Sam’s grip and get a little space between his cock and her thigh. “You know that your wife is watching us Sam?”

He giggled like a child as he looked up at her and said. “It’s O. K. Carol likes to watch.” Rub. Rub. His eyes glittered as he rubbed himself against Rose’s warm thigh. Rose wondered how her host was able to maintain an erection all night long while he flitted from woman to woman on the dance floor. She wondered if he had to disappear every once in a while to relieve himself or if he was able to maintain a high level of excitement for the duration of the party.

He was right about his wife not caring. She was talking to a couple not twenty feet away while her eyes soaked in his shenanigans. The dance was ending when she noticed Dennis at the bar talking to Carla. Carla got around. She made it a point to talk to everyone. Everyone except her husband who was on the dance floor holding close the tall and slender blonde from down the street. He looked to be pulling a Sam and rubbing his large erection along Jennifer’s long legs.

It must be the game of the evening. Men, booze and erections. They all acted like teenagers with their hormones driving their actions. Rose was glad when the song ended so she could excuse herself and head to the bar. She stopped at Carla even though she wanted to talk to Dennis but didn’t want to appear too anxious.

Denny addressed the two attractive women saying a soft “Hello ladies.”

They both responded together. “Hello Dennis.”

“Please call me Denny. It isn’t so formal.”

“O. K.” and “Sure.” Were the responses he received from the pair of sexy neighbors. Small talk ensued for several minutes before Denny excused himself to talk in a low voice to the DJ.

He returned to the bar and held out his hand to Rose. “Dance with me Rose.” She took his hand, holding it tight as he guided her to the center of the dance floor just as the DJ started a new song.

The song that Denny had requested was one of Rose’s all time favorites from the seventies. According to Wikipedia:

The song, running eight minutes and two seconds, is composed of several sections which increase in tempo and volume as the song progresses. The song begins as a slow acoustic-based folk song accompanied by recorders before electric instrumentation is introduced. The final section is a high-tempo hard rock section highlighted by an intricate guitar solo by Page and Plant’s wailing vocals, ending with Plant’s whimper on the final line: “And she’s buying a Stairway to Heaven”.

As the song started, low and sexy, the two enjoyed their closeness. Rose was a little disappointed because Denny was being the perfect gentleman by allowing a space between their bodies. Of all the men at the party she wanted to feel if Denny was aroused while dancing with her. Their scents intermingled as Denny leaned in a little closer to whisper in her ear. “I have been looking forward to this dance all day Rose. Thank you for being here.”

Definitely not gay! She thought as she pulled him even closer to feel his erection bump her belly. Not gay! And a big one too! She refrained from reaching down and touching Denny’s manhood. As much as she wanted to feel him it probably wouldn’t go unnoticed on the dance floor.

Now Rose was the one being forward. She began to grind her hot belly against Denny’s erection, his firm member causing her excited pussy to drool her juices into her new black thong panties. Too soon the beat of Stairway to Heaven increased its tempo to the point that Denny pushed her away far enough so that they could begin a still sexy, but more frenetic pace to their dance.

Rose was beyond horny and knew that by whatever means she was going to bed Denny that evening. She tried to see his erection bulging in his pants but Denny’s expensive pair of trousers did a good job hiding his swollen member. She only caught glimpses of the material being pushed out at times by his hard cock.

Rose looked around realizing that several people were staring at them as they danced erotically in the middle of the dance floor. Damn. Was it that obvious to everyone that she wanted Denny? Carla was back at the bar watching them. She had a broad smile on her face and when she caught Rose’s eye Carla winked at her.

Denny and Rose spent most of the evening either dancing together or sitting side by side at the bar conversing in low tones. Neither had driven the short distance to the neighborhood party so Denny asked. “Can I walk you home when this party is over?”

She smiled as she touched his arm. “As long as you walk me to your home.” Giving his arm a gentle squeeze as he nodded his head in the affirmative. She wanted to put her hand in Denny’s lap to make sure he understood exactly what she wanted, but refrained from doing so. She felt like a slut at that moment but she didn’t want anyone to see her yearning for Denny’s cock. What would Denny think of her if he knew that she had let her teenage son fuck her good that afternoon. Or at one point, only weeks ago, had allowed Carla to lick between her legs while Brad stroked his cock into Carla’s wet opening. The worst would be if he found out how she had confessed to old Father Leary and submitted to a spanking over his lap after Carla had undressed both of them.

She had even sucked the old priest’s thick eight inch cock finally accepting his holy juice in her mouth and throat. Then she had watched Father Leary bend Carla over his desk for a good thrashing with his belt before he drove his still hard cock into Carla’s juicy pussy.

“What’s wrong Rose?” Denny asked noticing that She was staring blankly at him.

Her pussy had saturated her underwear while she was thinking about her sexual exploits.

“Uh? Nothing. Just lost track of our conversation.”

The bartender just poured Rose another glass of wine. She picked it up and took a long swallow. She had already had several glasses of the sweet wine which had made her quite tipsy.

Denny indicated with a turn of his head to look across the room. Sam was leaving the room with Carla in tow. Soon Sam’s wife was exiting the room a few paces behind the pair. Rose looked up at Denny who was looking incredulous at the obvious meaning of the scenario. “I understand that Carol likes to watch.” Rose hadn’t meant to say it out loud, but she had.

Denny laughed loudly almost spitting out his last mouthful of Scotch. “Learn something new every day.” He sputtered.

As much as Rose wanted to be alone with Denny she was a little disappointed when he asked if she was ready to leave. This had been the best Christmas party ever but she agreed. They decided it wouldn’t be a good idea to track down the hosts to say goodbye although Rose grinned at the thought of catching the hosts and Carla in a compromising position. She was sure that Carla would tell all at their next coffee klatch.

All bundled up from the cold evening air Rose and Denny walked the two blocks to Denny’s little ranch style house. She teetered a bit. It was the combination of too many glasses of wine in conjunction with her high heels which were designed for looks and not walking.

When they finally went through Denny’s front door into his living room Rose found the room as she had expected. Tastefully decorated and pristine in appearance much like Denny’s own appearance. He seemed to care about things that other men did not.

“Another glass of wine Rose?” Denny asked her as he helped her with her long winter coat. He knew she didn’t need any more alcohol but didn’t know what else to say.

“No more wine Denny. Show me your bedroom.” She needed sex right now. Her pussy was on the verge of climaxing just being alone with her handsome neighbor.

Denny gently took Rose by the hand and led her down the short hallway to his bedroom. A queen sized bed dominated the room, with two obviously expensive bureaus that matched his tall headboard. But Rose wasn’t interested in the decor as much as seeing what Denny’s equipment looked like.

She asked for his help in unzipping her dress and he obliged quickly sliding the mechanism down her exposing the back of her new black brassier and enough of her thong to display the tops of her shapely bottom cheeks. His cock was at full mast now!

Denny hoped that when she finally saw his ten inch cock she wouldn’t be scared off. This scene had played out for him numerous times. Tonight a hand job wasn’t going to be enough.

His cock was seeping precum profusely. When her dress slid to the floor Rose stepped out of it allowing Denny to see her new underwear. She still had on her high heels which pushed her bottom up and out in a very sexy manner. The uplift bra had her c cup boobs trying to climb out of the bra. “Take off your clothes.” She demanded of him. “I need to see what you’ve been hiding from me all evening.”

It was time! Denny thought as he removed his shirt and t-shirt exposing his hard body to Rose. She immediately was aware that this forty years old man had the body of a much younger man through strenuous work outs.

His pants followed. He stood in front of the half naked Rose with the front of his silk boxers bulging. “Ah. I was right. You do have a big one. Show me Denny. Show me your prick.”

Denny slowly pulled his shorts down exposing his cock inch by inch, first the bulbous plum sized cock head appeared causing Rose to groan at the sight of it. Then more and more until Denny’s entire enormous cock was out in the open. He hoped the size of his cock wouldn’t scare Rose off.

It’s beautiful. I hope I can handle that monster. Rose thought to herself as she unsnapped her bra, letting Denny get his first look at her naked breasts, before walking to him and saying, “I’ve never had a prick this big before.” as she palmed his manhood giving it a squeeze forcing more precum from his pee hole.

She dropped to her knees in front of his big, thick cock wetting her lips as she did so. She’s going to try and get it in her mouth. Denny thought, hoping he could hold off on his orgasm while she tried. He had been horny most of the evening. Now was the time to fulfill his hopes of sex with Rose and not spurt prematurely like a teenager on his first date.

Rose rubbed Denny’s slick precum over his cock head hoping that would be enough to allow her to put his cock through her lips and into her mouth. She rubbed her lips on Denny’s slippery cock head transferring enough juice for her attempt.

She opened her mouth as wide as she could feeling her lips touch the top and bottom of the cock head. She inched her lips further and further across the spongy skin finally realizing the she had the big cock head in her mouth. Now she continued moving her lips pulling his shaft into her warm mouth a little at a time.

Rose didn’t stop until she felt his monster cock touch the opening of her throat. There were still about seven inches of Denny’s shaft to go but she was afraid of trying to get his cock head into her throat. She feared it was so big that it would get lodged there and choke her.

Denny couldn’t believe how much of his cock Rose had been able to get into her mouth. The sight of his thick shaft stretching her pouty mouth almost had him cumming. He gritted his teeth and closed his eyes for a second. This was a first and he didn’t want it to end just yet.

Rose couldn’t use her tongue as she usually did because of the thickness of Denny’s flesh tube so she tried something a little different. He tongue was wedged along the underside of Denny’s cock right where it was the most affected by stimulation. She rolled her head towards her right shoulder and then to the left. Back and forth allowing her tongue to caress Denny’s cock in a most arousing fashion.

After two minutes of Rose’s new technique Denny sputtered. “I can’t take any more. I’m going to cum right now.”

Denny had warned Rose so she could pull off of him before he spurted but Rose only increased the speed at which she was rolling her head. She opened her throat in anticipation of Denny’s climax.

Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Denny’s sperm shot out of his cock with uncontrolled streams of thick hot cream. Rose struggled to keep swallowing his jism as it seemed his cock would never stop shooting rope after rope of his seed into her mouth. Finally with a couple of weak spurts he was finished.

His cock had softened somewhat allowing Rose to ease it out of her mouth easily. She looked up at him with a smile because unbeknown to Denny she had cum three times while sucking him.

Denny couldn’t believe that at forty he had finally received a proper blow job. As soon as he rested he wanted to fuck Rose. It had been a long time since he had gotten laid. If Rose could take him in her mouth then he was certain she would be able to stuff his big prick into her pussy.

He wasn’t going to have to wait long. Rose stood, pulled Denny by his cock to the bed and pushed him onto his back. She stripped her sexy black undergarments from her body.

“You’re beautiful Rose. Come and let me taste your pussy.”

She laughed. “No way. What I want is to put that monster inside of me so I can fuck your brains out. This isn’t a one night stand Denny. Better get used to me because you are mine now.”

Denny didn’t know what to say. It looked like he had a girlfriend now. A girlfriend that liked his massive prick. This was working out better than Denny could have wished for.

He watched as Rose climbed on top of him. She held his prick in her hand and spit on the cock head sliming it up good to ease entry to her pussy. She used the fingers of both hands to spread her pussy lips before slowly dropping on Denny. His cock worked its way into Rose’s cunt as she gyrated her hips while using the weight of her body to impale herself with Denny’s ten inch tool.

Once he was all the way in she began bouncing on his cock letting her wetness touch his balls as she fucked him good. She came once, twice, three times before Denny arched his back to send a load of his jism up inside of her.

“I love you Rose!” Was all he said before dropping off to sleep.


Her name was Miriam and she was my first, though I can only write the story here as I doubt my family would understand as Miriam is also my aunt and still married to my uncle. She may be in her seventies today, but some things are better not mentioned, save only in the mind as cherished memories. It took place back in the 1970′s when the sexual revolution was just gaining ground from the swinging sixties. Though compared to today it was a far more innocent age and sex was more or less confined to the men’s magazines as far as any young male was concerned. Though I did know what a naked woman looked like, air brushing and some very weird rumours via word of mouth still held sway in many teenagers brains. Sex after all was what you did when you were married and most young girls of my age (16) were not easily approachable nor interested in sex as such. Well, not that I could fathom, it wasn’t as if I ever came out and asked. I had a tendency to simply get tongue tied in their presence as it was. Yes, I was a shy young boy, still a virgin, like I suspect all my male classmates, despite some outrageous claims by the boys, though possibly not the girls. Then again they’d never admit they weren’t virgins, reputation meant a lot in those days.

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She danced with beauty and grace. Her 18-year-old body was at its bloom of womanhood, and was the envy of all the others in her class. She was dancing in what would be her final recital with this dance company, as the following Autumn would bring her to a distant state and university.

Her 20-year-old brother sat in the audience, enjoying the show. He had laughed at the 4 and 5-years-olds doing their cute dances in their cute outfits, some taking center stage, still others crying for their mommy, afraid of being in front of so many strangers. He sat patiently through all the “grades” of the evening… beginners tap, beginners ballet, beginners jazz, all the way up to just before the final-. The last dance was with the graduating Seniors and the head dance instructor, the owner of the studio. Many of the girls going off to college had been with the instructor since they, themselves, were the cute 4 and 5-year-olds, a few of them accepting assistant roles with the nearly three dozen different dance classes.

Collette was one of them. She had started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, and her parents had enrolled her into classes as soon as it was feasible. After that, there was no turning back for her. She had a passion for dance and felt the need to make it her life’s work. That’s why she had decided to go so far away to the Big City for college.

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Sister’s Ass

I can’t remember exactly when my sister Cindy and I first began masturbating in front of each other, but by the time we were in high school, we would usually come home after our dates with other people and tell all about what Cindy called “the juicy details.” My sister is a beautiful brunette with smallish-sized tits. I’d tell about dry humping my date in the front seat, or touching some girl’s tits; and Cindy would sit back against the headboard of her bed and slowly bring her knees up, then open her thighs.

As she listened to me describe my sexual adventures, she’d moan a little, and begin rubbing her pussy through the thin cotton of her panties. While I watched, eventually she’d pull her panties off, let her skirt slide up to her hips and expose her naked pussy to me. By now my dick would be getting very nice and hard while I told what I’d done with other girls. Cindy would put her feet together, sole to sole, and spread open her legs so they formed a diamond shape with her pussy at the top.

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Sarah and I

All the hypocrisy surrounding incest in the media is getting tiring and I’m starting to get sick of it. It’s getting so bad that I feel I have to reveal some of my own secrets to create some semblance of balance. I’ve been having sex with my sister for years. We’ve always had a good time doing it and suffered no ill effects.

Unlike what people like to believe, we come from a normal, middle class family; not some degenerate perverts. It’s may be a different picture to paint of the situation, but it happens to be the truth.

The stuff that I do with my sister, while kept secret from the rest of the world, including our parents, gives us a lot of happiness and well being. We’re not abusing or exploiting each other as in so many other ’Normal’ relationships we see around us. We are both very happy and well balanced and we have each other to thank for this.

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Bike Ride with Sister

Hi, my name is Jim. My story is about the summer my sister Anna and I shared. My story begins about three weeks into our summer break.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend Jill. We had been dating all year and I thought it would last forever. She said she needed to spend time with others and wanted to date other people that summer. None of her reasons were very good. Well, we separated. I was devastated. I didn’t understand what had gone wrong. For about a week, I ran through every-thing in my mind to try and figure out “why?” It was driving me mad.

My sister tried to help. We talked about girls and relationships. She tried to help me make some sense of the breakup. Eventually, we both decided that it was best to let go and move on. Maybe later in life these things would make sense.

To help me take my mind off of things, my sister offered to take me mountain biking up in the hills near our house.

“Ware swim trunks because there was a creek where we were going that we could swim in.” Anna said.

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Darla’s Video Camera

Having a sexual relationship with family members can get started in just about any variety of situations, some because one or more member has the definite hots for the other, and some because of circumstances that arise almost out of nowhere. Mine arose simply because of my sister, and what she did with her birthday present.

Darla got a small, hand-held video camera for her birthday. It was pretty neat, and she went around videotaping everyone in the house. I didn’t know that she had videotaped herself, too, and what she was doing while she taped herself.

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A Hole in the Attic

Only a half hour until everyone gets home. I must work fast to finish the job. I plug in the drill and hurry up into the attic. Ah, here is the spot. The drill spins as I press in down into the wooden floor. And then, light. I pull out the drill and look down into the hole. Yes, perfect. From here, I can see all of their room. My calculations were right. I race down and go into my sister’s room; they are twins and a year older than I.

I look up at the ceiling. With the intricate pattern of clowns, teddy bears, and other drawings my parents placed on the ceiling when they were young, it was hard to see the hole. Yes, even though I knew where the hole was, I was hard pressed to see it. A quick cleanup with the vacuum and the room was returned to normal… or so it seemed.

That night, I was curious to see how well my idea had worked. I crept up the attic stairs, which were in my room. Slowly, I moved towards the light beam coming up from the hole in the floor. My eye pressed down over it, I looked. Inside, I could see my sister Becky sitting at her desk doing homework. She was the smarter and quieter of my two sisters. Her 19-year-old identical twin Robyn was looking over a Glamour magazine while she listened to some music on her box. Most people can’t tell then apart, but for their brother, it was no problem.

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I had to take my summer vacation with my parents. There was nothing else for me to do. I had wanted to go with a couple of guys from my college class, but I simply didn’t have the money to do what they wanted to do. So, just to have a vacation and get away for a while, I went with my folks to the mountain lake they liked so much. The home that they had bought was pretty small, just a cabin, really. It had a tiny veranda that actually served as a boat dock. It was a neat place; I liked the solitude. But, there was my sister.

Two years younger than I, she always wanted me to take her out on the lake in our small rowboat. I actually thought about taking her out there and leaving her on the lake and swimming back, it irritated me so much.

My folks jumped my shit about my attitude. You know the drill, “She’s your sister, blah, blah.” Yeah, so I took her out on the lake with me. It wasn’t really so bad, but a drag nonetheless.

Hated her always hanging around. That is until one day, I really began to love it.

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Masturbating with Lisa

I had always fantasized about getting caught masturbating. Something about it really turns me on. A few times I know of, I have been watched, but never straight up caught, until now. Tonight my fantasy was to come true, but a little differently than I had always imagined.

I recently went to stay with my sister Lisa in San Francisco for about a week. She lives with her best friend Tammy, who I have wanted to fuck ever since I was 14. Tammy and my sister were both 21 then, and I was 23. Tammy would flirt with me, but it never amounted to anything except a good jack-off session for me afterward.

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