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by QM

Caution: This story contains strong incest sex elements between a young nephew and his own aunt

Her name was Miriam and she was my first, though I can only write the story here as I doubt my family would understand as Miriam is also my aunt and still married to my uncle. She may be in her seventies today, but some things are better not mentioned, save only in the mind as cherished memories. It took place back in the 1970's when the sexual revolution was just gaining ground from the swinging sixties. Though compared to today it was a far more innocent age and sex was more or less confined to the men's magazines as far as any young male was concerned. Though I did know what a naked woman looked like, air brushing and some very weird rumours via word of mouth still held sway in many teenagers brains. Sex after all was what you did when you were married and most young girls of my age (16) were not easily approachable nor interested in sex as such. Well, not that I could fathom, it wasn't as if I ever came out and asked. I had a tendency to simply get tongue tied in their presence as it was. Yes, I was a shy young boy, still a virgin, like I suspect all my male classmates, despite some outrageous claims by the boys, though possibly not the girls. Then again they'd never admit they weren't virgins, reputation meant a lot in those days.

It was heading up to the summer holidays of '76, one of the hottest UK summers on record and I was at a bit of a loose end. I'd been saving my pocket money up to buy a guitar. Frankly, I still hadn't enough to buy the model I wanted when my mum suggested that I enquire around to see if anyone in the family would like to have their cars washed or other household chores done.

A few phone calls later and I had a few invitations to pop over and do some lawn mowing, wash cars, even do a bit of wallpaper stripping. All for a few pounds, not a great deal of money, but still a big help to my savings. Mum was adamant though that I only did work for the family. There was still the 'don't go off with strangers to look at puppies' meme going around. Yes, it was a more trusting age, but not that trusting, the Moors murders had put paid to that.

The next day I set off on my bike to start my new set of chores by digging over my Uncle Ted's garden, followed up by mowing my Aunt Ella's lawn with a hand mower. Both were pretty hard work, but I figured the money was worth the odd blister and it was good to be outside having fun. Even if I did get mildly scorched by the sun too.

The following day feeling a lot less enthusiastic I rode to my Uncle Jimmy's house, aching quite a bit to wash his car. As it was, it was my Aunt Miriam who answered the door. My Uncle was a policeman at the time and was out at work.

"Hi David," she greeted me. "Jimmy said you'd be round. Let me get you the stuff and you can make a start."

"Hi Aunty," I replied and waited as she bustled off to get a bucket and cloths.

Miriam was a very slim woman who always dressed smartly as if she was going out to some sort of formal occasion. She also had a tendency to wear low cut tops to show a little cleavage and was my favourite aunt by a long shot as she'd always take the time to talk to me, not down at me. Uncle Jimmy was my father's younger brother and Miriam must have been in her late thirties at the time. Though, if you'd asked me then, I would not have been able to place her age very well at all. Grabbing the bucket off her, I headed out onto the drive to wash my uncle's pride and joy, his Porsche 930. It took a little while to do as I took a lot of care making sure it gleamed; even using a bottle of car wax to make it looked as if it glowed.

"That looks beautiful, David," Miriam said when she popped out to take a look. "Would you like a glass of juice and some lunch, I was just about to have some myself."

"Thanks, Aunty," I said, flexing my shoulders which felt very sore.

Once inside we had lunch and Miriam chatted away to me about family, friends and my school hopes.

"Oh my goodness David, your shoulders!" she finally exclaimed. "You've caught the sun quite badly."

"Does feel a bit sore Aunty," I said wincing.

"You can call me Miriam, when it's just us," she said. "Now let me get some cream for you."

She bustled off into another room to get whatever it was she was after. I tried to get my top off, as my shoulders were now aching and burning, leaving me struggling to manage.

"Let me get that for you, David," Miriam said when she returned. "I think you're going to be very sore tomorrow."

"Thanks Aunty ... I mean Miriam," I said.

Miriam slipped my top off as gently as possible still making me wince and shudder a bit and popped some after-sun cream onto her palms. Her hands were soft and the cream was cool and it felt very good to have her put it on me.

"You're quite grown up now, David," Miriam said.

"Tell that to mum," I replied with a grin as Miriam continued her ministrations.

"You'll be getting a lot of attention from the girls then?" she asked.

"Not really, I'd like to, but they either giggle or ignore me," I said, swallowing as I could feel an erection growing at just the mention of girls as well as Miriam's soft hands.

"Oh I'm sure they've noticed you," Miriam chuckled. "I have."

"You're family though, you don't count, well not really," I said blushing. "Though it's easy to talk to you."

"It's nice talking to you too, David. It gets pretty boring here all day on my own, what with Jacqueline away at summer camp," she said as her hands ran down my chest, smearing cream everywhere.

I nearly jumped out of my skin when she placed a kiss on my burnt shoulder as I was off in a land of my own, a sort of vague fantasy involving Miriam, but confused in what I wanted.

"Can you keep a secret David?" she asked.

"Um yes, I guess so," I replied.

"You can't tell anyone, but if I do something nice for you, will you do something nice for me?" she asked.

"Yes Miriam, of course," I said. "What would you like me to do for you?"

Reaching over she placed a hand on my cock and gently squeezed it whilst placing another kiss on my shoulders.

"Let me show you," she whispered in my ear.

Miriam slid around to face me and dropped to her knees. Her hands dropped to my trousers and loosened my belt, unpopped my button and drew down my flies. I simply froze, not believing what was happening. Miriam's hand dipped into my underwear and drew out my achingly stiff cock.

"Mmmm," she murmured. "You have nothing to be ashamed of there, David."

I could not believe what she did next. Her head moved down and her lips parted over my cock and slid down the shaft. I was in absolute heaven as she bobbed up and down on my cock, using her tongue on the head and sucking gently all the time as I gasped in ecstasy. I had never even heard of oral sex, never mind imagined what was happening to me. Christ! I didn't even masturbate. In my current state there was no way I could last, I was only fourteen too.

"Ohhhhh!" I gasped as the most incredible sensation took over my body and my cock spasmed and twitched as I came, blasting my seed down the back of Miriam's throat as she greedily gulped it down.

Miriam's head came up after she used her tongue to clean the last of my cum off the head of my cock and kissed me on the lips.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Oh yes!" I gasped, my body still trembling at the experience.

"Now you can be nice to me," she said.

"Ok, how?" I asked.

"I'll teach you," She said and unbuttoned her skirt to allow it to fall to the floor revealing her knickers hidden behind a set of dark tights which she also drew down to reveal a very hairy pussy atop slim shapely legs.

"Let me sit," Miriam said to me.

I got up and my pants and underwear dropped to the floor and I stepped out of them as Miriam sat on the chair where I had been sitting and drew her legs apart.

"Kneel between them, David, and kiss my pussy," she said softly.

I dropped down to my knees and places kisses all over her bush, not quite getting what she wanted.

Miriam placed her hands on my head and whispered. "Stick out your tongue and lick up the middle," she commanded.

I slid my tongue between her pussy lips and tasted the nectar of the gods, hearing Miriam gasp in pleasure and writhe on the chair. I soon found what gave her the most pleasure and began swirling my tongue over a little raised nub, making Miriam hiss and moan in evident delight. I probed further and found her entrance where her vaginal fluid seeped out, tasting like nothing I'd ever had before and I lapped it up eagerly.

"Oh you lovely, lovely boy!" groaned Miriam as her lower body twitched and her hands held my head and face hard against her pussy.

Taking a chance I raised my fingertips up to her pussy and ran the tip of my index finger around the entrance I'd found.

"Ohhhhh!" moaned Miriam as I slid my finger partially inside her. "Don't stop David, please don't stop!"

Taking that as my cue I slid my finger in further, feeling heat, soft wetness and strong muscles clamping down spasmodically on my finger in tune to my swirling tongue.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh!" gasped Miriam as her legs stiffened out straight and her hands clamped my head firmly to her pussy. She moaned in sheer pleasure releasing another flow of juice from her hidden depths.

Miriam just stared at me, her eyes glazed and a look of sheer satisfaction on her face.

"You musn't tell anyone David, ever," she said finally. "Not if you ever want to do this again. Not friends and definitely not family."

"I know," I said.

"I hadn't planned on going any further," Miriam said, staring down at my now resurgent erection. "But it seems a shame to waste it... "

I'd expected Miriam to go back down on me, but this time she stood and bent face down over the table with her legs slightly apart reaching behind her with her hand to grasp my cock as I stood next to her. Drawing me close she placed the tip to the entrance of her pussy and pushed back slightly. Instinct took over with me and I grasped her hips and pushed forward in return and slid into sheer heaven.

"Yesssss!" gasped Miriam. "Harder, David, harder!"

I kept my hands on her hips and kept thrusting hard into her. I couldn't believe it, I was fucking a woman, my Aunt, and she was begging me to go harder. I was in absolute heaven and struggling not to just blow over the top in the first minutes of the experience. I slid my hands up from her hips past her waist and up her blouse to squeeze her breasts outside of her bra.

"Ohhhh yes!" Miriam moaned in delight. I hammered into her with more enthusiasm than technique. "Hold on a second David," she finally gasped and turned around as I slid out of her.

She sat on the table and pulled her blouse off and unclipped her bra allowing her breast to spring free to my gaze as she drew me into her again. Her body was so soft, and even today, looking back, I can still see it as I did for the first time that summer's day. She took my virginity and delighted in me as I delighted in her. My thrusts became more frantic as I began to head towards a second climax and Miriam's legs clamped behind my waist as she enjoyed being ridden hard. Finally, I groaned in ecstasy as I unloaded my seed inside her warm, welcoming depths, just as her own orgasm overtook her.

We held each other for the longest while before she said. "We'll have to get dressed now, my love."

We dressed in silence before she kissed me on the lips. "I want you again, David, and you can have me as much as you like, so long as you keep our secret," she said at last.

"Oh yes, please, Miriam," I replied quickly.

"Good, always ring first though and always act normally if we're in company," she insisted, before sending a man on his way where a boy had entered.

We were lovers for the next ten years. She taught me all I needed to know to be a thoughtful, considerate and skilled lover. We kept fucking even after I married, until work took me away across the country. We met several times after that at family occasions, though never had the opportunity to do anything other than say hi.

I've heard she's not too well now, but that's not how I remember her. I remember a summer's day.