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Mother Mates Gwen And Thad

by EazinAlong

Caution: This story contains strong incest elements of sex between mother and son and a brother and his sister

Her education at Gracely House unleashed desires that Gwen had never known.

Shortly after returning home to Markham Hall, she felt alone and increasingly horny.

She tried to satisfy herself with her fingers in bed or in the woods, but that was only a temporary solution. Her desire for the hard thrusting of a man between her legs was growing.

Thus it was with surging hormones and above-average curiosity that she knocked at her mother's bedroom door. "Come to my room at 10 o'clock," Mrs. Markham said at breakfast that morning. "I'll be waiting for you."

Gwen knocked, uncertain what awaited.

She heard her mother's voice. "Come in."

Turning the knob and pushing inward, she could see nothing. She closed the door and stepped fully into the room. As she did, the first thing she saw wasn't her mother; it was her brother Thad, two years her senior.

He stood facing her, completely naked. His prick stood up proudly and was so red that it had obviously been stimulated just before she arrived.

Behind Thad stood Carolyn Markham. She reached around her son to play with his nipples, rubbing them between thumb and forefinger. Her face was visible to Gwen over Thad's shoulder.

"I'm glad you accepted my invitation, Gwen," Carolyn said softly as she continued playing with Thad's nipples. His prick bobbed; his sac was pulled tightly against his crotch.

Thad had been to Gracely House two years ago, but Gwen didn't know it. At the time, his absence was explained as a visit to relatives, which wasn't unusual, so Gwen didn't pay it any mind.

"Gwen, your brother is aroused."

"I see that," Gwen said lasciviously while staring at her brother's erect cock.

"He gets this way often. How about you? Are you aroused?"

"Yesssss," Gwen uttered, somewhere between a whisper and a sigh.

"Show us."

Gwen was wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her nipples poked clearly through the knit fabric. Slowly she pushed her pants to her ankles, never breaking her stare at the twitching prick of her brother.

She stood again and pulled her sex open with her fingers, spreading her pussy lips and exposing her valley to her mother and brother.

"Show us your breasts, Gwen."

Gwen smoothly complied with her mother's instruction and lifted her t-shirt to expose her lemon-sized tits to her family.

"Thad would like to take you. Would you like that?"

Gwen wasn't paying much attention to her brother right now other than his big, hard cock -- a pleasure she hadn't enjoyed in several days.

Gwen felt juices between her legs. It didn't matter that Thad was her brother; he could nonetheless satisfy her yearnings.

"Yes. I'd like that very much," she said with lustful images dancing in her head.

"Undress, then, and lie on the bed."

Gwen obeyed quickly, eager to relieve the sexual tensions within herself. In a moment, she was on her back with her legs spread. Her hand quickly moved between her legs and began rubbing her slit. She spread juices between her legs and played with her clit to further fan her passions.

Carolyn moved Thad, who still hadn't said anything, to the foot of the bed to watch his sister's lewd display. His cock grew more excited at the sight of her heaving breasts and widespread legs. Carolyn lowered her right hand to Thad's staff and stroked it slowly, as he would do when pleasuring himself.

"Thad's been wanting to take you ever since he returned from Gracely House two years ago, but we made him wait until you were ready," Carolyn said. "He's very talented at licking girl's pussies. Thad, ask Gwen if you can be of service."

"May I lick you, Gwen?"

"Yes, please," his sister replied, eager to feel his tongue on her sensitive skin.

"Go to her, son. Lick your sister between her legs," Carolyn urged.

Thad knelt on the bed and leaned down between Gwen's thighs. His tongue pushed between her cunt lips and began probing his sister's sex. The wetness, the odor and the warm, soft skin excited him further, pushing his passions to a fiery level.

Gwen didn't realize that before she entered the bedroom, Mrs. Markham had prepared Thad by letting him sniff his mother's uncovered pussy before skillfully applying her hands and mouth to his member -- and inserting a buttplug in his bottom.

The shaft remained there while Gwen prepared herself to be taken. Now, with Thad's mouth attached to Gwen's sex, Mrs. Markham began to wiggle the intruder gently. It pushed his sexual pitch even higher, causing him to thrust his hips into the bed and rub his prick against the sheets.

Thad had been trained well at Gracely House and had practiced frequently since his graduation, so it didn't take him long to bring Gwen to a peak.

His tongue slid up and down her hot slit, tickling her button before focusing his attentions on it to bring her to orgasm. As she pushed toward a climax, he sucked her clit in and out of his mouth quickly.

"I'm coming. Oh, I'm coming. Keep sucking on my clit. Oh-h-h-h, Thad, it feels wonderful."

Gwen's hips bucked and her head rose from the pillow as pleasure rolled over her body. Thad continued his ministrations to her clit as wave upon wave of pleasure swept her into a floating sea of bliss.

The feelings subsided, and as he pulled his mouth from her sex, the moisture around his lips glistened.

"It's your turn, Thad. You may mount her now," Carolyn said.

Gwen pulled her knees up and spread her thighs widely as her brother got on top of her for the first time. She raised her hips to bring them closer to his twitching staff.

"Fuck me. Please fuck me, Thad. I haven't been fucked in so long," she begged.

Thad was eager to oblige. His mother had brought him to a fever pitch before Gwen arrived, and the events since then had excited him to the limit. His rod was swollen with passion as he climbed atop his sister and Carolyn guided his manhood to Gwen's quim.

He felt the tip touch the soft, spongy spot between her legs, and he thrust forward. She was so wet that he easily slid all the way in on the first effort.

"It feels so good. Please don't stop. Pump me full of your sperm, Thad. I want it so badly."

"I've wanted to fuck you for so long, Gwen. You are so beautiful, and your pussy is wet and hot like I knew it would be. Oh, I like it."

Thad was pumping his sister furiously, grinding himself into her while their mother watched. He lowered his head to grasp one of her stiff nipples between his lips; his tongue licked it.

As her son established his rhythm in Gwen, Carolyn grasped the buttplug still protruding from his brown ring. She held it steady while he thrust. The effect on the boy was immediate.

Every time he thrust his penis into Gwen, the phallus would withdraw from his bottom. When he pulled his hips back to prepare for another plunge into his sister, the phallus would push back into his fundament.

The double-action, which Thad had been trained to enjoy more than a year ago, stimulated him to his peak. Soon he felt the jism boiling within his balls.

"I'm coming. Oh, Gwen. I'm going to come in you."

"Give it to me, Thad. Pump your spunk into me. Fill me up with your sperm, big brother. Give it to me."

With that, the young man released his seed into Gwen's womb. Spurt upon spurt of the fluid shot from his prick into her hot channel. He buried his face in the pillow next to her head as the last few jerks of his hips signaled his finish. He lay on her as his mother stroked his back and held Gwen's hand.

As a graduate of Gracely House, Thad knew his task wasn't complete. He withdrew from his sister and moved down to position his face between her legs again. He stuck out his tongue and caught the first gob of spunk that dripped from her sheath.

He lapped at her cunt while his effusion emerged. She contracted her muscles to force the fluid from inside. Thad eagerly swallowed the mix of his semen and her sexual juices.

"Don't stop, Thad. I want to come again. Please keep licking my pussy," the girl implored.

"Do as she wants, Thad. You're so lovely when you perform your duty, you know," Carolyn said.

Thad knew it well. A cardinal rule taught to boys at Gracely House was to be of service with the tongue whenever a lady asked. A young man should always be willing to fall to his knees and service a woman between the legs. And it was certainly no problem for Thad, for he enjoyed it immensely.

Summoning the skills he had already displayed once for his sister, he brought Gwen to orgasm again within a couple of minutes, expertly tickling her clit with his tongue until she cried with pleasure.

"There now, it seems that we're finished for now. I hope you both feel better," Mrs. Markham said. "You are free to enjoy each other whenever you want from now on, but Thad you know about saving yourself for important occasions. I don't want you giving it all to your sister."

"Yes, ma'am. I understand."

"Good. I'm going downstairs now. Get dressed, and I'll see the two of you at lunch."

Carolyn Markham exited, leaving Gwen and Thad alone.