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Afternoon Delight

by MamaloveUK

This taboo mother son story contains strong elements of incest sex between a mentally challenged elderly mother and her own son

I picked mum up from the nursing home on Saturday morning as I did every month. It was what my role as older son was - according to the family, anyway. Before we left, the matron spoke to me and told me that mum’s dementia was so advanced that she was living very much in the past. I said I knew as, for the past few months, she had referred to me as Robert, which was my father’s name. Then again, mum was now 68 and it had been not unexpected. She’d been in the home for five years now and apart from my monthly visits, no one else from the family called to see her. Dad had died fifteen years back and my brother and sister never called apart from at Christmas. She was, I knew, too much trouble for them. Me? Well, I guess I felt a sense of duty to her. After all, she was my mother.

I live about twenty miles away from the home in a small house in a countryside part of England. It’s a lovely, quiet place and - as a bonus - is private in that no one bothers you if you don’t bother them. I’d chosen it after my divorce as being both out of the way as I just wanted to be on my own after that episode. As we drove home, mum kept asking me questions, again calling me by my father’s name. I just responded automatically, as it didn’t make any difference for me to correct her about my own name and the fact I was her son and not her husband. Besides, there was no harm in it and anyway, I didn’t mind. Mum enjoyed the weekends, I think, and what was the harm in pandering to her anyway? She asked where we were going and what we were going to do and I said home, just the two of us for the weekend. She was quiet for a short while and then she asked what day it was.

“Saturday.” I said and thought no more of it. Mum nodded and, not looking at me, said that she supposed I was going to want her to do “afternoon delight” ... I looked at her, mystified. Was this something to do with her dementia? Gently, I asked her what she meant.

“Oh Robert! You know. Upstairs.”

“Upstairs for what?” I said.

She tutted and shook her head, not looking at me as she spoke.

“You know very well what I mean. We always close the curtains upstairs and have afternoon delight on a Saturday Robert. I am surprised you are so forgetful, especially as you like it so much.”

It was then I realized she meant sex! I laughed it off, telling her that we’d see when we got home and thought no more about it. I reflected on what the matron had said. I wonder what part of the past she was living in now? And as for afternoon delight ... my God, despite it being quaint, couldn’t they have been more inventive with names?

When we got home she walked in and took her coat off and then asked me for some tea, which I made for her. As we sat there in the lounge she kept looking at me and smiling. I smiled back. Maybe she was trying to remember? Mum had been a handsome woman in her time, I remembered that. A good, well built woman who had always been affectionate and loving. I thought again that it was such a pity this was happening to her now. She should be out and about, doing granny things. Not losing all her faculties like this.

As we sat there, she sipped at her tea and then - again - told me that it was nearly time for our “afternoon delight”. I coughed, feeling a bit embarrassed, and said that no, it wasn’t. Mum just shook her head and tutted at me.

“Robert, my dear, we always do it on Saturdays and you know I enjoy it as much as you do! Now stop being a silly man and go upstairs and shut the curtains. We don’t want the neighbors looking at us do we?”

I sighed and said that maybe we should relax first, sit down and talk, but she was having none of it!

“Dearest, I so want to have your dickie inside me! I have needs too, you know!”

To my surprise, I felt my cock twitch at the word she’d just used. I looked at mum again. She was smiling and there was a definite glint in her eye. Feeling my throat thicken and blushing - I could feel myself go red - I asked her to repeat what she’d just said.

She shrugged, sitting back in the armchair.

“Your dickie Robert! You know how much I enjoy having you put it inside me.”

“Dickie?” I said.

She sighed and shook her head.

“Yes Robert. That thing you have between your legs.”

My cock! I thought and swallowed. Inside me, something was stirring - and despite myself, I was finding it hard to retain a grip on my own reality. My mother, I realized with a start, not only mistook me for my father - but she wanted me to have sex with her!

As I watched she moved to get up and stood, looking down at me.

“Then I shall close the curtains and wait for you to come! My word, Robert! You used to be so virile - whatever have you been thinking?”

Before I could say another word she made her way to the door and then, carefully - upstairs.

I sat thinking - and I have to admit that my thoughts were mixed. On the one hand, I was wondering how to deal with this new aspect of her behavior, which was bizarre whilst on the other the images that were coming to me were certainly not son like. I was 43, single after my divorce and I hadn’t had a woman in over two years. My mother thought I was my father, we were unlikely to get disturbed and there was always the dementia ... I shook my head. Good God, what was I thinking about? She was my mother for Christ’s sake! And she was 68! I sighed and went upstairs, thinking of how to dissuade her from this train of thought she was having. I mean, it was preposterous! Yet, despite myself, there was something bleeding through my mind that was casting a dark shadow on me - and, despite myself, was winning the conscience war...

I opened the bedroom door to see the curtains in my room closed. As I looked around, I saw mum sitting in the chair by the bed. Immediately, two things happened.

First I noticed she’d taken her dress off and was sitting there in her underwear. A white girdle, stockings and what she called hold ups. Then I started to feel myself get hard, despite the knowledge this was my mother. As I watched, she scooped her left breast out from the girdle top. I swallowed. My eyes were immediately drawn to what she was holding in her hand. It was an enormous, floppy breast. A very white plump one at that.

“Robert, darling. I am so glad you came upstairs. Here, wait a while...”

Before I could stop her, she slipped the straps from her shoulders and exposed both breasts completely. I caught my breath again. She smiled.

I found that I was shaking as I looked at her. The girdle top had rolled down, exposing a round tire of white flesh. Mum’s body, I could clearly see, was plump and very full. Her breasts, I noticed again, were absolutely enormous. Full, heavy and pendulous, they fell over her stomach, all blue veined and large nippled. She was wearing thick suspenders over a pair of warm wooly type stockings and she looked, I found myself noting, incredibly erotic. I felt my mouth dry as the image of my mother, topless, thrust itself at me.

“Shut the door, dear.” She said quietly. Without a word more I walked to the door and closed it. To my horror, after I had shut the bedroom door, I found myself incredibly aroused. No matter the fact that this was my mother and also a woman who was suffering from chronic dementia, she had done something to me. Something that was very sexual and exciting. Despite myself, I found that I was turned on, in a pleased-horrified sort of way. A part of me said that I should stop now - but another part was telling me that it was okay. No one’s going to know, she wants to anyway. She thinks you’re her husband and doesn’t recognize you as a son. Go on. Who’ll know? Who’ll find out about it? Look at her! She’s a buxom mature woman - and I bet she fucks really well...

As I stood there, pondering my thoughts, she took hold of her saggy breasts and squeezed them, smiling at me as she did so. In a whispery voice she reminded me how much I liked them.

“Oh do come closer Robert!” She said quietly. “Come and touch and feel my breasts!”

For a brief moment my conscience shouted at me to stop. This is your mother! It said. Your own flesh and blood! Then, like a light being switched out, it was defeated by the dark thoughts that had taken over. I moved forward, my mouth dry and I was shaking all over. The sight of her had given me an incredible erection and as much as one part of me had been saying this is incest! She’s your mother the other was saying loudly you want to. It’s okay, you want to. Go on...

I knelt before her. Mum lay back, sighing contentedly. I knew that this was wrong, that I was taking advantage of her condition. Yet another part knew that because of her condition, no one would ever find out. Go on. It said. You know you want to. She turns you on! The thought of having sex with your mother turns you on. Go on! I watched as her hands fell away from her breasts and I leaned forward then, putting my hands out. I can still recall the powerful sensation that happened as I slid both my hands beneath both her warm, doughy breasts...

I nearly came. I could see myself fondling and caressing her enormous old breasts while she lay back, sighing and smiling. My fingers eagerly toyed with her nipples, making them hard and stiff as she closed her eyes. I felt virile and powerful, the keeper of a guilty secret - a secret that fascinated and corrupted me. That was wrong - and yet so exquisitely right!

“Dear Robert... ! You make me feel so good when you do that...”

Something inside me snapped then and I moved to fasten my mouth over one nipple, pushing a hand between her raddled thighs and forcing her legs apart. Mum sighed throatily, spreading herself open and moved slowly as my fingers caressed what felt like a very plump, very deep slit under her gusset. I continued to lick and soft bite at her nipples, causing her to make sharp, surprised noises as my mouth praised those huge warm breasts. In my head I knew this was incest, that it was morally wrong - but I also knew I had never felt so excited as I did then. I wanted this! God knows how long we stayed like that. Mum lay back as I explored her breasts, alternating my pleasure by feeling them and kissing them - while my hand stroked the warm damp place between her thighs. The whole world seemed taken up by the smell of her, the feel of her skin. By the image of my mother, in heat, being fondled by me, her son.

Eventually, she caressed my head and pulling me away from her, said she should undress now.

“We are ready to do it darling! Let me get ready for you...”

I moved back, watching as she peeled her girdle and stockings off. I knew that I would continue with the pretence of being my father. She wanted sex - and now so did I. More than that, I wanted her. My mother. I started to undress, slowly removing my clothes as she stripped hers off until she was naked.

My cock thudded with want at the sight of her nude before me. My greedy eyes drank in this unexpected scene, appreciating that whilst she had aged she was still extremely sexual. What’s more, was my mother. That fact alone ensured that my cock tingled and throbbed with a powerful and illicit motion. I had never entertained a sexual thought about her until now - and it seemed like they all rushed to me, filling me with the knowledge that I was going to do it. When I looked again, she had undone her hair so that it fell to her shoulders. Her breasts were very pendulous, heavy. Her stomach flabby and round - but her cunt... ! I caught my breath as I discovered she was smoothly shaven, the lack of hair exposing her incredibly large, very fat cunt - and the deep slit between her thighs.

She sat down then, before reaching towards me with a smile. I moved forward, naked now, and kissed her on the mouth. My cock pounded with blood as I felt her tongue insert itself between my lips, frenching me slowly. I responded, my hands moving again to her large breasts, caressing and weighing them, traveling along her body contours and exploring her, feeling her.

“Oh Robert!” She laid back, eyes closed and sighed. “Oh darling Robert!”

I kissed her again, this time moving my hands down to the top of her thighs. In response, she spread herself open, allowing me push my finger between the folds of her cunt and inside to her hot, somewhat moist cunt. I found her clitoris as we embraced and kissed, moving my finger against it in the hope that it would moisten her more. Mum moved slowly, side to side and to and fro, letting out small gasps of pleasure as I entered her cunt with my finger and thrilled at the sensation.

“Stand up... “ She said then, her eyes glittering. “Stand up so I can see your dickie!”

I stood, thrusting my hips forward slightly as she looked at me wide eyed.

“Oh Robert! Such a thick strong dickie you have! I do so love it!”

I felt her hand encircle my throbbing shaft, slowly moving to and fro as she pleasured me. I groaned, thinking of how good it felt. I was watching her, seeing her face and thrilling with the knowledge that this woman who was pleasing me was my own flesh and blood. Never before had I entertained any erotic thoughts about her, seeing her as someone who was there and not as someone I fantasized about. Yet now, looking at her as she tenderly masturbated my hard shaft...

“It seems bigger somehow... “ She laughed to herself then and continued. “No ... Ridiculous ... ridiculous thought...”

Then she stopped and looked at me and I felt as if she knew who I was. Not Robert. Not her husband but David, her son. For a long minute I froze, feeling her hand tighten slightly around my shaft. What if she suddenly had recall? What would she do? I felt myself break out in a light sweat. If she did recall, then the image of holding her son’s cock in her hand while she sat naked ... my God!

“No... “ She said quietly, shaking her head and looking back at my cock. I felt her grip ease and once again the deliciously slow movement of her hand as she pleasured me.

“Suck it... “ I heard myself say. I nearly added mother to it but caught myself in time. “Suck my dickie, Nancy...”

She moved her head forward then, enveloping my cock in the wet warmth of her mouth, slowly sucked on me while her hands toyed with my balls. This was too much, I thought. Too much! I was having sex with my mother in my house! My mother who thought I was my father...

“Good?” She asked. I opened my eyes to see her looking adoringly at me, smiling sweetly.

“Oh yes ... Oh yes, very good. You enjoy sucking don’t you, Nancy?”

She nodded her head.

“Oh of course I do! I adore putting it into my mouth and making you feel ever so good, dear.”

I stroked her gray hair and smiled down at her.

“Oh you’re making me feel really good ... but now it’s my turn. Lay back, Nancy. Lie back and open your legs wide, there’s a good love.”

She did as asked as I knelt before her. Carefully I pushed my finger into her, watching her face as I did so. She had an intense and hungry look on her face and a smile that was pleasure and lust. I moved my finger to and fro, hearing the wet sucking noises it made.

“You have an adorable cunt, Nancy.”

Her eyes widened.

“Oh Robert! You have never called it that before! My dearest, what has come over you? You seem so different!”

I nodded.

“Oh yes. I feel such a want for you, Nancy. Quite unlike anything I have felt before. I just want to do things to you ... to have you ... to fuck you...”

I withdrew my finger and spread her thighs apart with my hands to look at her cunt. She remained laying back, looking at me intently.

“Robert? Is there anything wrong?”

“No.” I said and shook my head. “No there isn’t. I just want to ... please you.”

“How?” She asked. “Isn’t it time for you to put yourself into me? That always pleases you, dear.”

“Not just yet... “ I looked in awe at her cunt, red and moist, plump like nothing I’d ever seen before. Deeply slitted. Her clitoris quite prominent, poking up through the folds of skin at the top of her slit. I swallowed hard. I wanted to lick her, to force my tongue into her but how would she react? Surely my father never did that? I looked at her again, speaking softly to her.

“Now, dear. I am going to make you feel something quite different. Don’t be alarmed...”

“What?” She asked, her voice slightly anxious.

In reply, I moved my head down between her thighs hearing her gasp in slight shock. I licked between her moist, musky smelling lips, pushing my tongue up in between her cunt flaps until I reached her hard clitoris, and then started to lap against it.

She let out a long shuddering sigh of surprise and shock. Her hands went on to my head, holding me and trembling. Her voice was shaky, unsure - but excited.

“O God above what are you doing to me? Robert ... oh Robert! Robert that is ... my God ... Oh my God above...”

I continued to lick there, using my tongue to excite her. My mother responded by pushing her hips forward and opening her thighs some more, allowing me to fill my face with her delicious cunt. My saliva dripped between the folds of her it, lubricating it. Mixing with her own juices until she was sopping there. Drenched. She writhed and moaned, her hands fluttering uncertainly on my shoulders as I pushed my face right against her cunt and licked and tasted her.

“Oh Robert... ! This is ... wrong ... it is ... perverted ... Oh Robert! Robert...”

I held her down while my tongue writhed around her swollen clitoris. I could see her big saggy breasts move up and own as she flexed, see her stomach fat fold and open as she fought with herself. As she experienced this new sensation.

Eventually, she won her battle. To my surprise, she pushed me clear and then stood. She leant forward slightly, which caused her saggy breasts to droop enticingly. She was smiling though. A wicked, knowing smile.

“That was so dirty, Robert! I never expected you to do anything quite like that! Now, I want you to put it inside me, Robert. I have waited, you know.”

“You didn’t like that?” I wiped her juice from my mouth.

She smiled and wagged a finger at me.

“Let’s discuss that later Robert! I would like you to put it into me now.”

I smiled back, knowing that she had indeed liked what I’d done. No, I thought to myself as I looked at her, dad never did that to you! I continued to kneel as she turned and leant over the bed, which gave me an incredible view of her cunt and ass. It gaped between her flabby thighs, the entrance to her cunt visible between the hanging folds of her lips. I’m going to enjoy fucking you, mum I thought as she prepared herself. I’m going to really enjoy it. I rubbed at my cock as I watched her lie on the bed, stroking it with a lust like a fire in my stomach.

She spread her thighs open as she lay on the duvet. To my surprise, she also raised her legs slightly and held her cunt open with her hands, exposing her hole. I stood, moving towards the bed and knelt on it. Mum reached an arm up and put it around my shoulder. Huskily she whispered.

“Put it into me, Robert...”

I moved closer, guiding my hard shaft against the lips of her cunt. The sensation was awesome! I could feel her heat and the wetness both of her juices and my saliva. Mum lay on her back, her arm still around my shoulder as I gently moved forward and pushed against her cunt hole. She stayed silent as I moved my foreskin to and fro and used my cum to lubricate her until she was wet enough and then, slowly, I pushed my cock inside my mother’s cunt.

Oh God I thought as I felt it spread and welcome me inside her body. Oh God this is too good! Mum lay still as I continued to push my length into her, moving herself to get comfortable before lying back with a sigh. I felt my balls touch her skin and, with a thrill, realized I was right inside her.

I started to fuck her slowly, drawing my length in and out. Mum lay there, not moving but content to allow me to fuck her. To my surprise I found her stillness very exciting. She was happy to lie there while I fucked my shaft in and out between her thighs. In a strange way her seeming lack of enthusiasm made me think about the other women I’d fucked. There had been times when their movements had been frustrating - but not this. Mum lay on her back, legs spread, and was content to let me fuck her. I moved easily, conscious not only of the sensation of being within her but also of the fact that she was looking at me, smiling serenely and very much aware of what we were doing.

“Is it good?” I asked, continuing to move slowly into her. She nodded and then pulled me to her so that we kissed. The thrill of feeling her tongue writhe into my mouth caused my cock to flex and I heard myself groan with the extreme pleasure of it. I drove in deep, causing her to gasp loudly.


“Did I hurt you?” I asked, stopping. She shook her head and smiled again, caressing my shoulder with her hand,

“No dear - but you seem ever so excited suddenly.”

I smiled then.

“Of course I am! Pleasing you always make me feel excited my dear!”

“Well, you seem ... different today, that’s all. Very vigorous in fact!”

“It’s because I want you.” I said as I continued to push in and out of her wet hole. “Really want you Nancy...”

She nodded and smiled sweetly, closing her eyes. I continued to shaft her. I don’t think I have ever been so slow fucking a woman. I could feel the way the bed moved with us, listening to the slow squeaks of it as I worked myself in and out. I could feel her warm thighs against my hips as she lay on her back with her knees drawn up. Feel too the wetness of her, the heat of her cunt against my cock. Oh and I was very aware of what I was doing. I was having incestuous sex - with my own mother!

That thought alone made me very excited. Behind the drawn curtains of the house who would know that I was fucking my own mum? Not only was it exciting - but it was also illicitly sensual because, after all, it was illegal, being incest. I smiled to myself as I fucked her slow and deep, feeling incredibly sexual as I continued to work my hard cock into her flabby cunt. My mind was working overtime as I thought of the enjoyment this opportunity was going to give me in the future. Mum thought I was dad so did this mean I would be able to enjoy this again? Would regular fucking become a part of our relationship? I thought about it as my cock moved in and out of her. She was a chronic sufferer of senile dementia and was very unlikely to recall any of what was going on. Our time together was legitimate and so no one would ever have suspicions. Here, at home, I could make sure she washed herself thoroughly and could also question her so as to determine whether she had any recall. The chances were, however, that whilst she suspected I was my father, what “afternoon delights” we shared would remain between us. After all, women of her age do not discuss intimate details with anyone. It would be a secret - a secret that would be ours.

After a short while I felt mum stir, moaning softly under her breath. Her hand moved between us and I felt her start to rub at herself as I moved inside her. I grunted in pleasure.

“That’s nice... “ I said. “Doing that.”

“Oh yes ... so very nice. With you inside me and your dickie doing it to me ... lovely, dear. So lovely...”

“We should do this more often, Nancy. Like proper mums and dads.”

“Mums and dads... ! Oh Robert ... yes! Oh Robert anything you want...”


I started, stopping for a moment as the word slipped out. Beneath me, my mother continued to stroke and rub at her cunt, moving very slowly as she did so. Had she noticed?

“Yes, my darling?”

I shivered, feeling my cock thicken as I realized there was nothing wrong with a woman of her generation being called mother or mum by her husband. I exhaled noisily, pushing my throbbing, aching cock right deep inside her.

“I love you ... mum... “ I said.

“Oh Robert ... daddy! Of course you do...”

I could feel her warm, ample body against mine, bathed in a light sweat as we moved together. She had accepted the use of the word mum ... and I realized that my own excitement was somehow more intensified by my using it. Then, I thought, I would use it.

We continued fucking and rubbing for a few long, pleasurable minutes before she gave a little gasp and I felt her body go rigid under me. I looked at her face, so peaceful, eyelids fluttering, and heard her sigh. Then, pushing harder and deeper I felt my balls tighten.

“Oh I’m going to come... “ I said. “Oh God, mum ... I am going to ... come ... mum ... mother...”

I pushed my cock deep inside, feeling the powerful explosion of my orgasm take me over. I could feel it jet what felt like a gallon of cum inside of her, pouring into her and filling her up. God knows when she’d last been fucked but, my God, how I felt!

I lay over her, breathing heavily and feeling the warmth of my orgasm inside her body. Then I kissed her on the lips before withdrawing and lying by her side. She was looking at me, smiling fondly. I felt her hand go to caress my limp, sticky cock and gently fondle and hold it.

“That was so good, dear.”

I nodded, swallowing as the knowledge of what I’d just done started to make itself known to me. I pushed it aside, looking up at her and smiling. No matter the illegality of it, it had been better than good.

“Yes, it was. I hope we can always continue to do this, don’t you? Mum...”

“Well, of course we can dear! You know how much I enjoy this ... even if you did do some pretty strange things to me earlier. Robert, what on earth were you thinking?”

I shrugged.” Thought it was about time that we ... got a little bit adventurous that’s all. Did you like it, mum? Nancy?”

She smiled, laying back.

“You know I always enjoy what you do to me, Robert. Saturday is our own naughty day, my dear.”

That weekend I discovered that her dementia was so bad she did not recall anything of that first time. Again, on the Sunday after she’d got up from bed she had asked what day it was and I’d said Saturday - more to see her reaction than anything else. She had smiled a shy and knowing smile. My cock stirred and, undoing my dressing gown, I’d pushed against her as she stood at the kitchen sink. Raising the hem of her nightie, I fondled her breasts and stomach while trying to work my cock between her thighs. She’d giggled like a little girl.

“Robert! Wait until this afternoon!”

“Oh mother! I can’t, you know how you make me feel so now be a good old girl and just open your legs...”

She laughed lightly but bent back over the sink while I rucked the nightgown up enough to enter her. Then, slowly pushing my cock back into my mother’s hot moist cunt, I fucked her while she gushed like a schoolgirl.

“Robert! You naughty man! Are you feeling yourself? You seem different...”

“But you still love me don’t you mother?”

“Of course I do dear ... Of course ... Oh Robert ... Robert...”

I continued to have regular, satisfying sex with her until she died, aged 72 ... Right up until the end she never told a soul and, rather than it being considered evil, I much prefer to think of it as giving her something back for what she’d lost through the dementia. No regrets.