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by Sam Harpoon

She danced with beauty and grace. Her 18-year-old body was at its bloom of womanhood, and was the envy of all the others in her class. She was dancing in what would be her final recital with this dance company, as the following Autumn would bring her to a distant state and university.

Her 20-year-old brother sat in the audience, enjoying the show. He had laughed at the 4 and 5-years-olds doing their cute dances in their cute outfits, some taking center stage, still others crying for their mommy, afraid of being in front of so many strangers. He sat patiently through all the "grades" of the evening... beginners tap, beginners ballet, beginners jazz, all the way up to just before the final-. The last dance was with the graduating Seniors and the head dance instructor, the owner of the studio. Many of the girls going off to college had been with the instructor since they, themselves, were the cute 4 and 5-year-olds, a few of them accepting assistant roles with the nearly three dozen different dance classes.

Collette was one of them. She had started dancing almost as soon as she could walk, and her parents had enrolled her into classes as soon as it was feasible. After that, there was no turning back for her. She had a passion for dance and felt the need to make it her life's work. That's why she had decided to go so far away to the Big City for college.

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Interesting Beach

by Anon

"Oh Brittny, I just can't wait to get to the beach!" cried Joanne, "The temperature is perfect. Our bathing suits are perfect. And I can tell that it's gonna be a perfect day!"

Brittny rolled her eyes playfully while looking at her. Joanne had so much enthusiasm and optimism. What a contrast to my outlook on life, she thought. Brittny tended to look at everything in life with suspicion; if it looked too good to be true, it probably was. A perfect day, huh? It's probably gonna rain, or we'll get stuck next to some smelly fat guys or something. She looked at Joanne again, who was grinning from ear to ear, and some of her cynicism started to melt away. Joanne was a very good influence on her, Brittny thought. Just being with her made her whole outlook begin to change for the better.

"Well," Brittny finally admitted, "It does look like a nice day. Maybe it'll turn out to be a fun time after all." She couldn't help but smile.

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by Anon

She lay panting having just cum several times that a body should, and more than it had in years. Seated, she looked up and smiled a smile languishing without cause sweating, which showed that it was not by any means. Apparently, neither was he also beat his erection against her thigh.

Turning and moving across the bed to him, she kissed him and stooped to take her nipple in his mouth and he teases, breastfeeding deeper for a moment before releasing it. Moving on down and taking his cock still covered with a piece of its juice in his mouth and hear him moan uncontrollably. She took deep, running her tongue on the underside. Suckling, indirect and licking and teasing it with his teeth. Her tail wagged her tongue against the drops of precum spread across her taste bittersweet.

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Last Night's Party!

by John Demille

Last night the craziest thing happened. I was at this fundraiser for some good cause I'm sure. I wasn't too interested with the going-ons around me. I didn't know anybody, and my friend who had dragged me into this shindig, had left with a desperate-looking chubby girl that he was sure to get lucky with.

Drink in hand, I wandered around trying find somebody interesting to strike up a conversation with. A couple of hours later and many drinks from the free bar, I had a pleasant buzz going on and still nobody to talk to.

That's not to say that I didn't start conversations. I did. Many of them. But for some reason, either my mood, or the drinks that I had consumed, nobody interested me. Quite a few ladies tried to prolong their boring conversations with me, but I didn't care and most of the time I just walked away.

My boredom lead me up the stairs in that joint to the next floor up which overlooked the big space where the party was held. The circular walkway was deserted as everybody was downstairs gabbing.

As I walked aimlessly, I reached a point where I saw a gorgeous set of legs, topped by a nicely curved ass of some woman leaning quite a bit forward on the stone banister. Her upper body was nearly horizontal. I approached closer to see who these fine body parts belonged to, but the side of her face was obscured by a huge column.

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Sarah and I

by John Demille

All the hypocrisy surrounding incest in the media is getting tiring and I'm starting to get sick of it. It's getting so bad that I feel I have to reveal some of my own secrets to create some semblance of balance. I've been having sex with my sister for years. We've always had a good time doing it and suffered no ill effects.

Unlike what people like to believe, we come from a normal, middle class family; not some degenerate perverts. It's may be a different picture to paint of the situation, but it happens to be the truth.

The stuff that I do with my sister, while kept secret from the rest of the world, including our parents, gives us a lot of happiness and well being. We're not abusing or exploiting each other as in so many other 'Normal' relationships we see around us. We are both very happy and well balanced and we have each other to thank for this.

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by F.Y.

As a salesman for a large corporation, I travel constantly. For me, flying is no more exciting than taking a bus-with the exception of one recent, unusual flight.

I was late for the red-eye from Philly to San Francisco, and was dismayed to see a long line of people waiting to go through the metal detector. I stamped my feet and sighed dramatically along with the others until I saw the cause of the logjam: A vision of Far Eastern loveliness in a skirt shorter than Heather Locklear's on 'Melrose Place' had emptied her bag and all her pockets, and still kept setting off the detector. The poor thing was turning a lovely pink from embarrassment and frustration. My heart and rapidly expanding cock went out to the girl.

Finally, she slapped her forehead, as if the answer had just dawned on her. As everyone stared in astonishment, she stuck a hand under her skirt and squatted as if she were about to take a dump right there on the floor. Elegantly plopping two little steel balls on the conveyor belt, she swished through the detector and out of my life.

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Culvert's Pint

by LoriHelm

"Well, here I am," I thought to myself. I didn't know why I came to this remote little beach. "Now what?" I heard myself say aloud.

The day had been a really hectic one. Stress at home, stress at work, stress, stress, stress. I thought for sure I would crack. I knew I had to get away, even if only for a little while. My boss almost fired me for a co-workers error. Thank god she had the balls to step forward and take the blame. Unfortunately for her - she was the one who was fired.

The kids were like monkee's in a cage today!! They were climbing all over everything, including me. Then no one liked what was fixed for dinner, no one got the right glass, no one ate - everyone yelled. Such a peaceful meal!

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