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Rose and Denny

by RonBo

Dennis Bragger pulled his shiny two year old Mercedes out of his garage, attached to his modest five room ranch house, and hit the door closer remote hanging from the driver's side sun visor. He had lived in this small and comfortable home for the past ten years. With his last two substantial raises at the brokerage house, along with his selling commissions, he knew that he could afford a larger house in a more affluent neighborhood but he was quite content with what he had.

The five rooms was more than enough for a bachelor living alone. He spent his extra money on stock investments that he monitored closely and on clothes. His closets were filled with expensive custom made suits, along with top quality slacks, shirts and accessories. Denny was a very content forty years old man.

In his mind his only shortcoming was the lacking of a female companion. He yearned for the intimacy of a relationship. He knew that because of the way he dressed and his mild manner most of his neighbors assumed that he was gay. But, he was not gay. He wanted a woman to lavish gifts on, share his free time with and yes, to be intimate with.

He pulled out into the quiet street, proceeding to the stop sign at the end which connected to a very busy main drag. Denny looked over at the nearby bus stop and was surprised to see his attractive neighbor Rose Dunn standing in the frigid temperatures moving her feet back and forth in an attempt to keep warm.

Denny pulled his car around the corner even though it was not his planned direction. Breakfast could wait. He lowered the passenger side window as he pulled up to the bus stop. "How about a ride Rose?"

She was thankful to get out of the cold wind. She smiled a big smile at Denny as she opened the car door and slid in. Her heavy winter coat opened far enough as she dropped into the seat for Denny to get a good look at her long stocking covered legs. Rose was aware that her coat was partially open and her skirt had ridden up to mid thigh as she tried to arrange her body in the seat. The best she could do was to arrange her coat to cover one of her trim legs.

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A Hole in the Attic

by Anon

Only a half hour until everyone gets home. I must work fast to finish the job. I plug in the drill and hurry up into the attic. Ah, here is the spot. The drill spins as I press in down into the wooden floor. And then, light. I pull out the drill and look down into the hole. Yes, perfect. From here, I can see all of their room. My calculations were right. I race down and go into my sisters' room; they are twins and a year older than I.

I look up at the ceiling. With the intricate pattern of clowns, teddy bears, and other drawings my parents placed on the ceiling when they were young, it was hard to see the hole. Yes, even though I knew where the hole was, I was hard pressed to see it. A quick cleanup with the vacuum and the room was returned to normal... or so it seemed.

That night, I was curious to see how well my idea had worked. I crept up the attic stairs, which were in my room. Slowly, I moved towards the light beam coming up from the hole in the floor. My eye pressed down over it, I looked. Inside, I could see my sister Becky sitting at her desk doing homework. She was the smarter and quieter of my two sisters. Her 19-year-old identical twin Robyn was looking over a Glamour magazine while she listened to some music on her box. Most people can't tell then apart, but for their brother, it was no problem.

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