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A Secret Audience

by UUrrp!

Caution: Story contains strong elements of sexual incest taboo between brother and sister

Anne was nervous...

Frightened was more like it. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest with a moshpit tempo.

But still, she didn’t move, hidden like she was in her brother’s closet, peering into the dim room at the writhing forms on the bed.

She couldn’t move now even if she wanted to. It was a new thrill coursing through her adolescent body, a combination of fear and arousal that made her knees shake, and her breath shallow.

Marc had sent her to bed soon after Beth had knocked on the door. Anne had protested, arguing that their parents would have let her stay up another half-hour, but Marc was adamant.

Of course, Anne knew what her older brother was up to. He was going to make out with Beth, give her hickeys, and didn’t want her around causing a distraction. That’s when she thought of the plan to hide in his closet.

But Anne didn’t know that Marc and Beth were planning on taking full advantage of the house while their parents were gone. When they came into his room, half-dressed and pawing at each other, Anne knew she was in deep trouble. She watched as her brother pulled away Beth’s jeans, and panties.

Trembled at the sight of his cock, released by Beth’s eager hands. And listened intently at their moans and sighs as Marc and Beth explored one another’s bodies with fingers, and mouths.

Now, Beth was riding Mark’s hard cock, sliding her sex rhythmically up and down, making her long black hair sway and bounce. Anne’s instinct was to touch herself, to run her young fingers over her hairless pussy. She could feel small shocks of intense sensation when her hard nipples brushed the flannel of her pajama shirt.

Beth continued to ride her brother, panting and whispering things about “cocks” and her “cunt.” Anne strained her eyes to see more, to watch her brother’s hands as they slid up Beth’s torso and held her heavy breasts.

Now Marc was grunting. A sound Anne had never heard from her brother before, a low animal grunt, in time with his plunging cock.

Anne’s instinct won the battle with her will, and her hand strayed between her legs. So intent was she on watching the scene on the bed that she hadn’t realized it until her fingers touched off a thunderous release in her pussy. Anne barely had the presence of mind to bite her lip to keep from crying out in pleasure.

Marc and Beth were almost violent now. Beth was screaming behind her closed mouth, Marc was grunting faster, his voice becoming a series of growls.

Anne could see her brother’s balls bounce and sway as he thrust higher, deeper. Then, suddenly, Beth threw her head back, arched her shoulders to the dim room, and opened her mouth in a silent, repressed, shout. Marc arched his back completely off the bed, and cried out. Anne couldn’t help it anymore, her knees gave way under the pressure of her own climax, and she fell back into her brother’s closet, knocking over ball bats, boots, shoes, and his guitar.

Light poured into the dark closet. Anne squinted at the two figures standing before her.

“What the fuck?” It was Marc’s voice.

“I can’t believe it, it’s Annie,” Beth replied.

“What are you doing... ? How long have you been... ? What did you... ?”

Marc never finished any of his questions as he stared down at his little sister, panting, stunned, with her pajama top still bunched around her waist, and her young pussy shining with her lubrican’ts.

Beth smiled, “God, that’s sooo hot. Let’s use her!”

Marc stared as if in a trance. He numbly allowed Beth to shoulder him aside and help Anne to her feet.

“Come on baby, It’s no fun to watch.”

Beth helped the girl from the tangle in the closet.

Anne felt like she was in a dream, she stared at Beth, unsure what to do, amazed at the older girl’s breasts, and pubic mound, covered by a well trimmed patch of hair, leaking her brother’s white cum.

Now it was Marc’s turn to feel his heart pound. Beth was serious! He could see her leading his baby sister to his bed. He stood still, stunned by the turn of events.

Beth helped Anne crawl onto the bed. “You’re so pretty. Why would you ever want to hide such a pretty face?”

Beth leaned forward and softly kissed Anne on the lips, gently parting them with her tongue.

Anne’s eyes grew wide at first, then softened as she returned Beth’s kiss.

She timidly pushed her tongue forward into Beth’s mouth, her breathing grew deeper as she kissed her brother’s girlfriend.

Beth wrapped her arms around Anne, pulled her closer. Beth broke the kiss and tilted her head, pressing her lips to the younger girl’s neck. Beth smiled to herself when she felt Anne’s arms wrap around her, squeezing her tight. The girl was almost ready.

Marc snapped out of his silence. He walked towards his bed, watching his sister and girlfriend neck. Beth’s hand was under Anne’s shirt, rubbing the small breast, teasing the nipple. Anne had started allowing her own hands to roam over Beth’s sweat slickened back. Marc’s cock was hard, and he began to crawl on the bed.

“Uh Uhhhhh,” Beth chided. “Not yet big guy, I’ll tell you when. Just stand there and enjoy.”

Beth pulled away from Anne. “Take off your shirt, hon. Let me see you.”

Beth’s eyes became eager as Anne shyly pulled the shirt over her head.

“Now lay back, that’s a good girl. Show Marc how ready you are.”

Anne lay back, letting Beth take complete control of the situation. She looked into her brother’s eyes, then slowly took in his body. His cock was hard, and big, like it had been when it was pumping in and out of Beth.

Anne wondered if he would grunt and growl for her too.

Then Beth’s face blocked the view. Beth silently mouthed the word, “Relax”

and smiled, kissing Anne again.

Anne could feel Beth’s breasts press against her own, causing ripples of pleasure to course through her body. Anne’s legs trembled when she felt Beth slide down her young body. She closed her eyes.

And Beth heard Anne’s satisfied sigh when she parted the younger girl’s legs. Anne’s pussy shined with arousal, and her small clit peeked from the folds. Beth leaned forward and tasted Anne’s sex.

Anne opened her eyes at the sensation. Staring down her body, she could see Beth’s dark hair move as she nodded between her legs. Beth’s eyes peered up and shone with desire. Anne was beside herself with pleasure. Beth’s tongue was everywhere, on her clit, over her folds, in her pussy. Anne started to grunt softly to herself. Beth drew her tongue up the inside of Anne’s thigh sending another wave of aroused pleasure through the girl’s body.

Beth knew she had Anne where she wanted her. She finished long licks up the girl’s thighs, then kissed the little clit. Beth sucked gently at first, coaxing Anne’s clit past her lips. She grabbed Anne’s breasts to hold the girl steady. Then Beth furiously swatted at Anne’s clit with her tongue, driving the girl to an intense, screaming orgasm.

Beth pulled away from Anne’s pussy and looked over her shoulder, cum dripping from her chin.

“She’s ready Marc,” Beth smiled. “Are you?”

Marc took a deep breath, and composed himself as Beth helped Anne to her hands and knees. Beth lay at the head of the bed, looking over Anne’s shoulder. “Come on lover! Take your sister’s cherry for me!”

Marc hesitated, until he heard Anne’s small voice. Even at the shy whisper it seemed to echo through the room. “Please Marc.”

Marc climbed on the bed, looked down at his sister’s ass, spread legs, and open pussy. Anne looked over her shoulder back at her brother. Stared at his cock, and after biting her lip, as if unsure what to say, smiled.

“Take me Marc!”

It was too much for Marc. He grabbed Anne’s hips and placed his cock at the opening of her pussy. Anne rocked back slightly, touching the head of Marc’s cock. Then with a firm push, Marc drove his cock into his sister, grunting as he broke her cherry. Anne’s arms collapsed and she dropped onto Beth’s chest.

“Oh God! Oh God! This is even better than I thought,” Beth said, watching Marc fuck Anne. Beth grabbed Anne’s hair and guided the girl’s face to her nipple. “Yes! Yes! Fuck your sister! That’s it take her!”

Anne was beyond words; she operated on pure instinct. Marc’s cock was touching places she didn’t even realize she had. She opened her mouth, and suckled at Beth’s tit, rubbing the other with her hand. Marc’s grunting turned into the now familiar growl. Anne could feel his cock pound into her pussy again and again and again. It was incredible.

Then Marc’s cock swelled in Anne’s pussy. Anne couldn’t believe it! It was getting so big! She raised her head back and screamed her orgasm at Beth when she felt her brother’s cock shoot jet after jet of cum into her belly.

Beth held the girl through the shuddering orgasm, and smiled at Marc. “It’s ok, hon. You can rest now.”

Marc collapsed in a heap next to Beth and his sister. Completely spent.