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by Jeff01

Although it was not early morning, it was not late either when Elaine heard the doorbell ring. This was a very nice upscale neighborhood, gated and secure. Therefore she wondered, who could be at the door, she was not expecting anyone. And she was basically naked under her robe. Elaine had just placed her coffee cup in the sink and was on her way into the shower when the doorbell rang.

Thinking to herself that nobody other a neighbor lady could be at her door, Elaine decided to answer it, just in case one of her friends needed something. Moving quickly through the living room to the huge foyer, Elaine paused only briefly before opening the door without peeking through the peep site.

There at the entry was a young man, maybe sixteen years old at most, he was well dressed and looked very clean cut, but he was black, very black. He was medium height, well built, maybe a football player type, and dressed in today's bright baggy shorts with matching blue and golf top, you know, that shinny stuff.

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by Anon

I love going out wearing my jogging outfit, mid-calf black Speedos stretched tightly against my vulva, showing a deep crease. Sometimes, I'll see guys and gals walking past me with their eyes glued to my crotch as I ran by, and I enjoy seeing them "getting a rise" over it.

I was wearing just such an outfit last summer when I went grocery shopping at my usual store. I like shopping there, and had become familiar with one of the bag-boys. He was a 17 year-old tall, lanky red head. I noticed he always made an effort to be the one to bag my groceries and take them out to my car.

He told me about his new motorcycle, and that he was going off to college in September. That's when I started seeing him as a young man and not a kid. I also got the feeling that he had a crush on me, with all that attention. I figured that he fantasized about me, lying awake at night, jerking off, dreaming about having sex with me. (I'm getting wet.)

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