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by Jeff01

Black Man/White Woman Interracial Sex Story: A young black student selling papers meets a white woman that helps him come of age.

Although it was not early morning, it was not late either when Elaine heard the doorbell ring. This was a very nice upscale neighborhood, gated and secure. Therefore she wondered, who could be at the door, she was not expecting anyone. And she was basically naked under her robe. Elaine had just placed her coffee cup in the sink and was on her way into the shower when the doorbell rang.

Thinking to herself that nobody other a neighbor lady could be at her door, Elaine decided to answer it, just in case one of her friends needed something. Moving quickly through the living room to the huge foyer, Elaine paused only briefly before opening the door without peeking through the peep site.

There at the entry was a young man, maybe sixteen years old at most, he was well dressed and looked very clean cut, but he was black, very black. He was medium height, well built, maybe a football player type, and dressed in today's bright baggy shorts with matching blue and golf top, you know, that shinny stuff.

Trying not to look startled, Elaine greeted the young visitor with a polite "Yes, may I help you".

Immediately the young man began what seemed like a canned presentation, "Hello, my name is ?????? (That went past Elaine too fast for her to remember it), and I am from ?????? High School (again, too fast for the startled housewife to catch), and we are selling magazines in the area to raise funds for the new uniforms needed by the football team. Would you allow me to show you a few the excellent selections we have available"? "Whoo, stop" Elaine thought, telling the boy "I am busy right now with a phone call and getting ready to go out"

"No problem," the young man relied, "We are in the area all day, can I return later and show you the selections available"?

Caught by surprise and totally off guard, Elaine jumped at this immediate escape. "That would be fine", she said as she quickly but politely closed the door and turned to go in the direction of her shower.

How could they get past the gatehouse, soliciting was not allowed in this neighborhood. They has built the house and moved her three years ago when John became a senior partner in the firm. It was a grand house that had taken just over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars to build, and would sell in today's market at well over Four hundred thousand. It was perfect for her, they were one of the first to purchase in the community when it opened and got the best lot in the place. Wooded on the sides, set back farther than the rest on a beautiful preserve that afforded complete privacy in the back yard.

Now that both the kids were grown and off to college, she and John had come to really enjoy the privacy. After all, Elaine was just 39, and John was seven years older, they had married while John was finishing college and had their son right away and their daughter just over a year after. Now the boy was almost 20 and her daughter a freshman in state college at 18 they were going to enjoy life. John had really played up the new lifestyle, and the kids were both a little startled when they visited this summer and found the signs posted on the pool enclosure doors and on the porch that said "Nude Beach", "Clothes not allowed", and "No Bathing suits permitted". It had been his joke, but as it turned out, it had become a lifestyle they really did enjoy.

John was talking about selling and moving into the newest upscale enclave but Elaine was happy as a clam right here, and had been able to talk him out of that for now. So, Elaine put all of these thoughts behind her and headed off into the mater suite to take a long hot shower. She laughed a little at the idea because she was just going to end up sunbathing around the pool anyway. This was scheduled to be a relaxing day without any hustle and bustle or running around. That is exactly what Elaine did, the long shower, and lazy time watching part of a movie or two on cable and a light lunch before she made her way out to the pool early afternoon. She planned to spend the entire afternoon working on her all over tan, and with a picture of fresh lemonade with her, she adjusted her favorite chase lounge in the sunniest spot of the pool deck, just off the covered porch area and stripped her cover-up off and laid down in the sun.

As the afternoon passed, Elaine adjusted herself, rolled over several times and kept her perfect tan even all over, yet she dozed off from time to time and just generally enjoyed the life of leisure today. That was not always the case. With John a senior partner in one of the area's biggest law firms and socially active, she had lots of volunteer work and mixing to keep her busy most of the time. Today was unusual and she was really enjoying it.

Her mind was adrift in dreamland as she dozed off and on this afternoon, and she found her dreams focused on the sensual side of life's pleasures. It had been a long time since she and John had had any physical contact to speak of, although they both enjoyed the privacy of the back yard and pool area, john seemed to have lost interest in Elaine for the past few months. It was not unusual, in fact Elaine was sure John might be off on one his flings. She had tolerated two in the past after he confessed and tried to redeem himself. Elaine herself had been faithful always, in fact a virgin when they met, john was the only man Elaine had ever been with. That did not stop her mind from fantasizing now and then, and today seemed to be one of those days.

Elaine heard something as she drifted in and out sleep, right in the middle of an especially good dream series. She tried to focus, but still in half slumber it was hard to decide if she was dreaming or actually hearing anything in the real world. Lifting her head slightly, Elaine began to come to the realization that someone was shouting at her.

As she raised her head she saw the shadowy figure standing just next to the hedges by one of the doors to the pool enclosure. As she came to full consciousness, Elaine realized it was the young boy that had been at the front door earlier in the day.

"Ma'am, hello Ma'am" he said as he stood by the screen door. "You told me to come back later Ma'am, and I could show a selection of magazines we offer".

"Yes, yes I did didn't I" she managed to mumble out as he took this as an invitation to approach. The boy opened the screen door and began to walk toward Elaine, saying he had rang the doorbell but nobody answered. Then at about 5 feet from her, he stopped dead in his tracks, frozen like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car. He had just noticed as he got close to her, that Elaine was naked on the chase. From his approach it was not possible to know that until this close.

Elaine realized at that moment what was happening, and began to smile to herself. She had always been a little wicked, a little bit of a tease and temptress. She never quite knew how she always managed to keep out of big trouble. Ever since she was a little girl she always was quick to take advantage of a situation, a little tempted to push fate and challenge the norm.

"Sorry, Ma'am," the boy sputtered. "I did not know you were n_n_naked".

Elaine raised up on her forearms a little. Not enough to expose her nipples but enough to give a nice view of some breast meat, and challenged the startled young man. She thought he looked pale even though he was deep deep black in his skin tone. The darkest black she could ever recall, yet his features were very much subtle and almost Caucasian like.

"What's wrong, son? Have you never seen a white woman naked before?"

"Nno Ma'am, I ain't never seen no woman naked" He sputtered with some visual difficulty and discomfort. He was actually scared to death at this moment.

"No woman"? Elaine questioned. "You mean you are virgin in body and eyes?"

"Yes, Ma'am," he responded.

"Well it is not that big of a deal," Elaine went on as she now decided to tease this young boy unmercifully. "Now come here and show me those magazines."

"But, Ma'am, he protested. You are naked".

"That's alright son, it is the rules of this house" she teasingly went on, as she remembered the signs John had installed on the gates and the porch. Pointing to the sign on the porch that said "No Clothes zone" right next to the sign he had stolen from a community pool with official pool rules on it.

Elaine was having a ball at the boy's expense and she knew it. He was so uncomfortable she thought he would soon pee his pants any minute. So she lifted herself up just ever so slightly, exposing the brown areola of one nipple to his virgin eyes. He stopped and began to fumble in the case he was carrying, and she smiled at him as he tried to maintain his composure and still function in the situation he had stumbled into. Elaine on the other hand was no getting very excited at this little game. She had trapped this young man and was now going to play with him like a cat plays with a mouse.

He seemed to be regaining some composure as he began to lift out a few of the catalogues for her to review, and even did not seem to hesitate as he leaned forward to offer Elaine one of them. She reached out for it, completely exposing one breast to his full view. When it seemed to Elaine that he was not as flustered as he had been now that he was concentrating on his sales pitch again she decided to raise the steaks a bit.

"Don't forget the house rules," she advised him as she glanced down at the cover of the first catalogue.

"Pardon Ma'am", he stuttered.

Without even looking up, Elaine pointed to the sign on the wall of the porch. "Those Rules" she said.

Looking at the sign that read in large block letters, "No Clothes Zone" the young man seemed to turn pale once more.

With a smile under her gaze, Elaine said "Rules are rules, son and they apply to everyone here."

Cautiously, as if not sure he would live through the rest of the afternoon, the young black boy began to lift up his shirt exposing a very well developed muscular chest for a lad of sixteen. Elaine went as flush as the young man had been as she watched his muscles flex as he lifted the shirt over his head, and the dark blackness of his skin contrasted the rippling flesh as Elaine had never before witnessed. This was a taboo, a young boy undressing in front of her, her naked on the chase, still not exposed, and besides the taboo of her being with a young school boy, this one was black as the ace of spades too. But she had started this game and Elaine was not one to back away from a little wickedness.

He stood there now, topless, looking like a black Greek god, all rippled with muscles and tight young flesh. Elaine was now the one getting flustered. "No Clothes Zone", Elaine stammered out with slightly broken tones, placing the emphasis on the NO part of the sign. She had already seen the front of those shiny loose fitting nylon baggy shorts start to tent out a bit and knew she had now gotten this young black man aroused and was really going to play with him now.

The young man looked like he had been run over by a truck as he stood there motionless and shaking with either fear or excitement, Elaine did not know which. After a long, uncomfortable silence, he slowly raised his hands to the waistband of his bright colored sports shorts, pausing to get his thumbs under the band and the band of his boxer shorts at the same time. Elaine's breath stopped as she began to realize he was actually going to comply with her directions, and she now had no idea of how this had gone so far. She was a tease, a playful and mildly wicked lady, but had never considered anything so taboo as her actions this afternoon.

Then as she watched, the young black boy pressed his hands downward, shedding his shorts, boxers and stepping out of then in one swift, nonstop motion. This brought him another step closer to Elaine and she gasp audibly as her eyes took in the total nakedness of this fine tuned athlete. She could not believe that a 16 year old boy could have such a large cock. It was larger than John's, and this boy still had some time to grow.

The jet black cock stood almost straight out from his groin and throbbed noticeably as he stood there. Elaine could see it grow in length and thickness as it continued to extend upward from the straight out position she had first seen it in. She was amazed, he was not yet completely erect and her eyes glazed over at the sight.

Lifting herself up on both arms, and exposing both breasts to the young man's view, she struggled to regain some composure. Then spoke, "That's better" she exclaimed, as she tried to turn her attention to the catalogue again. Elaine sat up now, and spun around on the chase, facing away form the from the young man standing naked on her pool deck. She motioned for him to come around and bring the other catalogue.

The young man complied and delivered the catalogue to her. Now standing at the foot of the chase lounge. Elaine had sat up in such a way to leave her uncomfortable in the position, and to stabilize herself she needed to open her legs and place one foot on either side of the lounge. Knowing this would give the young black boy a very good view of her most personal parts both excited her and gave her some concern. But the pure wickedness of the taboo encounter now almost totally consumed the beautiful housewife. And beautiful she was, at 39 Elaine was one of the most attractive ladies in this neighborhood. She had maintained a firm figure through a very well balanced exercise program at the YMCA and looked younger and firmer than her 39 years. Her shoulder length blond hair, 36C cup figure turned many heads in the restaurants around here as well.

While she looked over the magazine catalogues she kept glancing up over the top to see how this was affecting the young black boy. She was mesmerized by her effect on him, his cock now stood almost vertical, throbbed visibly, and she could see the blood veins bulging out the entire length of this huge cock. He had reached a full erection at this point and Elaine tore her eyes away form the throbbing cock long enough to glance up at his face. She noticed his eyes were now fixed on her neatly trimmed pussy that was spread open between her spread legs, just enough for him to see the pinkness of her labia.

The wickedness of this absolutely taboo situation was beginning to totally consume Elaine. An adulterous fling with a schoolboy, with athletic body of steel, and a black boy at that. The sensation of risk, exploration, and adventure swooned in Elaine head as she watched the black cock throb, and ooze precum form it's massive head. She left the catalogues drop to the pool deck and looked at the black young man, now trembling as he stood looking between Elaine's legs.

Glancing at the discarded shorts, Elaine asked the young black if had a condom with him. He stuttered and replied, "N n no Ma'am, I have never thought about one, and don't know where to get them."

This presented a problem for Elaine, First: She was not on birth control, John had gotten a vasectomy shortly after their daughter was born, some 17 years ago, therefore there were no condoms in the house, and Secondly: This made the risk of this taboo even more irresistible.

"You will have to be very careful, young man, Elaine whispered, do you understand"? As she began to do the math in her head, waiting for his promise to be careful. The number 13 came up twice as she counted the days, and yes, she did recall that telltale sign this morning, of the slightly thick discharge. She was in fact mid-cycle and ovulating at this very moment. Perhaps that is why she was so intent on playing this game. Elaine had always been a risk taker and a gambler. That is why John had opted for the vasectomy so many years ago. They had both known that if given the opportunity, Elaine would always allow biological instinct to overpower her reasoning. And now, here she was, the ultimate taboo facing here and her own personality, and urges working against her.

"Yes, Ma'am, I understand" came the reply.

Like a snowball rolling down the mountainside, this situation was now gaining momentum faster than either of them could ever hope to control it. Elaine leaned back on the chase as she watched the young black boy step towards her. She was already completely vulnerable and exposed, yet she spread herself more open as he presses first one knee then a second on the cushion of the chase lounge. This taboo had been sending so much electricity to her brain, Elaine found herself so wet between the legs that she was actually dripping. This had never happened before, most of the time John needed to eat her out to get even close to this wet, she was surely ready as the young man slowly moved up between her legs to her receptive and waiting cunt.

Her back now rested on the slightly elevated backrest of the chase and she watch in fascination at the event unfolding before her eyes. The dark, rippled stomach moved with his deep breathing and his throbbing cock as black as the night, seemed to drool as he approached her opening. Then he paused, and she could tell he was now beyond any experience he had even been in before, this virgin young man did not know what to do. Elaine reached out and took the throbbing cock in her hand to guide it the last few inches. It was flame hot, and throbbed as she drew him to her.

The heat of the pulsing head was like hot branding iron, as she stroked the massive head between her cuntlips for lubrication, and then held the huge cock still with the head parting her moist pussy lips open as she waited to see how this young black stud would handle his fist fuck. The wait was almost non existent as he lunged once, sending the head and one third of his throbbing cock piercing into her overheated cunt. Elaine gasp, as he moaned out softly before pulling back and the driving the shaft of his pulsing phallic deep inside of her. She felt filled beyond anything she had ever before known. No pain, but a pressure like she had never dreams as her spread her cunt open beyond where it had been other than childbirth. His powerful lung sent the throbbing head pounding into Elaine's cervix, a feeling she was not accustomed to feeling. His balls slapped against her tight ass cheeks and she gasp out again as her body responded to the magnificent sensation that was rapidly overpowering her senses.

Lifting her head, and looking down between her widely splayed legs, Elaine's brain joined in the overwhelming sensation overload. She saw the deep contrast of the jet black young boy, his black marble cock plunged into her cunt, shiny with her own juices and his muscular flat stomach slam against her white belly and she shook with pre orgasmic excitement. One more down thrust and the virgin black stud in training, began to shake as well.

Elaine looked up into his deep brown eyes and saw them widen as large a saucers, his back arched a bit and he tensed as a low guttural moan emitted from his throat. Elaine had never been with a virgin male before, in fact John was the only other cock to have ever penetrated her now flaming cunt. Since John was seven years older and had quite a bit of experience before her, Elaine had not known what to expect from her young virgin Instantly Elaine knew she had miscalculated, the risk was too great and she was about to pay the price that was not sure was worth the pleasure in this taboo game. Her mind raced to find a solution, but she knew that she was within one or two heartbeats of committing the ultimate taboo. His body tensed, she felt the well know precum expansion of his throbbing cock, then the first involuntary contraction of his athletic muscle structure, followed by the unmistakable super massive throb of his pulsing cock as Elaine felt the hot blast of his sperm laden cum splash on her cervix.

Gasping in her own sensations she now was in a race with the two halves of her brain, her body the prize for the winner. The logical left brain told her there was still a chance to survive. She recalled the things she had taught her daughter, the first spurt was weaker than next few, it would be the pre load, containing live sperm for sure, but maybe only 100,000 to 200,000 sperm cells. She could pull her hips down, force his throbbing cock out of her spasming cunt, let the next few spurts flood the outer lips of her cunt and still not conceive. The right brain, emotional and creative raced along at top speed, the instinct side. It cried out to have her thrust her hips upward against the invading but welcome cock, to place her cervix directly in the path of the spewing fountain and take as many virile, live sperm cells as she could collect. To let her senses go, to release into pure blissful orgasmic delight and drive hard onto her lover cock to surrender completely to the urge to reproduce oneself.

The brain being the most powerful sex organ the body has, Elaine was in deep trouble. The right brain was not waiting for her answer like the left, logical side, and it was so far ahead in the race, she had no chance at all. Gasping for breath herself, Elaine lunged upward against her lover's attempted retreat, lifted her right leg off the floor, wrapped it around the black boys thighs, shook violently as she entered orgasm and waited for his surrender to her demand. He responded instantly, plunging his throbbing cock back into her convulsing cunt, before the second contraction hit him.

His cockhead smashed against Elaine's cervix, he drove powerfully to hold himself in that position, as his young body shook and convulsed with Elaine's and he sent the second, powerful stream of his load blasting into her inviting cunt.

"Oh Yes," she cried out "another 500,000 sperm" Lifting her hips to make sure she was positioned properly to receive his gift.

Then three hard withdrawals followed by three powerful downstrokes and he let go the third powerful ejaculatory spurts. At this point, the african stud took his place in the chain of life, he drove hard held perfectly still, as did Elaine, now fully surrendered to her fate and continued to pump the rest of his cum load deep into Elaine's now, willing cunt. Still in an orgasmic state, Elaine held still with him and bask in the sensation of his spewing cock as she silently counted his pumping contractions. Seven then eight and finally nine, she counted. She calculated the sperm count by the huge number of contractions and thrusts until she was sure he had successfully deposited at least two million or more of his genetically marked sperm cells deep inside her willing belly.

He stood up quickly as he began to realize his violation of his promise. His cock, still hard and throbbing, he caused several string like ribbons of cum to splatter across Elaines belly and thighs. He stood silently looking down at his conquest, his first fuck, the one he would remember forever. Elaine also regain herself from the rapture of his pleasure giving conquest stood up at the end of the chase.

Her left brain now crossing the finish line far behind the right brain, she began to logically contemplate how to resolve the problem she had created. She stood, very still, and figured she would have to allow gravity to work on his seed. There was no spermacide in the house, her douche bag long ago discarded she had little other options available. She looked at her young black lover standing there his limp cock now drooling on the pool deck the last few drops of his ejaculation that had clung to him as he withdrew. She smiled, but turned away as she spread her legs apart 24 inches or so and let the cool liquid run out of her still spasming cunt and down the inside of her shapely tanned thighs.

Every now and then Elaine would bed at the waist and smooth the liquid running down her thigh around some. Not to play with his cum, but the discomfort or tickling of the cum running down her inner thigh was too much to withstand. Each time she did this she knew she gave her black young stud a grand view of her ass, but at this point he had already had more of her than any other person on earth, except John. So it did make sense for her be modest about this, and besides after years of marriage she expected the male to be content and satisfied.

Still, the female of the species, she remained in high arousal long after the ejaculation of the male's offering was past, and like most the urge to be complete remained with her. She reached down one more time to smooth the semen on the skin of her inner thigh, and noticed the huge black feet of her young lover were now closer than the last glance, she bent further over and saw him hold his half erect cock in his hand, admiring her ass. Elaine smiled inwardly and parted her legs just a little farther apart, as she bent over a little more. She now knew she exposed more than her ass, that at this position she was showing him the white puffy lips of her still pulsing cunt.

He shuffled his feet and stepped up closer. Elaine bent completely over, thankful for her years of workout in the Gym, she grabbed her ankles and braced herself as she watched him step forward his cock growing into the massive fuck tool she could not resist and waited for him to send it home. The wait was almost non existent as she felt him press the cock head between her cunt lips just as she had done for him the first time. He drove hard and sent the entire length of his growing and throbbing cock deep into her welcoming cunt. Elaine gasp out in pure delight as the lightning bolts of pleasure assaulted her brain at the same instant that his cockhead slammed into her still sensitive cervix. He drove hard and long until she was moaning out with each powerful thrust.

Elaine had not been fucked twice in one week, let along one day in years and her body was more than ready for this wonderful assault. She almost screamed out in pleasure as the first in a series of orgasms struck her without warning. Her knees buckled and she would have fallen to the pool deck if not for the strength of her Black lover. He held Elaine at the hips, keeping her open and bent in half, driving his throbbing cock deeper into her with each powerful thrust until he too could hold out no longer. She felt him tense as he drove the last two deep thrusts, then his explosion rocked Elaine's senses. She cried out as she felt the pumping cock spew it's virile load into her waiting cunt. Her young black stud sent more sperm filled cum into her on his second ejaculation in a half hour, than John could have on his biggest cum. She was wild with the feeling of complete surrender and counted in her head another one or even two million tiny black sperm cells as the young black boy began to set her down on the chase, his legs now too weak to support then, his load now spent.

Both exhausted, they lay piled one atop the other for several minutes. Elaine was buried under the young black athlete and yet she felt content and comfortable. His breathing slowly returned to normal and still not a word was spoken. As time passed the young boy sat up at the end of the chase, allowing Elaine some freedom of movement. The seamen and cunt juices of her own body flowed from her stretched pussy and she lay on her side watching the black body sitting with her on the chase recover. The muscled chest, the biceps, the perfect muscle tone of this finely trained young athlete clearly showed as Elaine admired her young black stud. She thought to herself what it would be like to bear the bastard child of this powerful young black teen, her cunt filled with his nigger seed twice now in the last forty-five minutes, her period mid cycle and her uterus ready to receive a fertilized egg, the chances were far too great to overlook and she admired the ebony young body that may closely show what is in her future.

As she gazed at the young black stud, Elaine moved her hand across the tense muscled thigh, as he sat motionless. Her fingers brushed the steel wool like hair of his pubic region, and then lightly across the thick black flesh of his young and gorgeous cock. Elaine was amazed and mesmerized at the response. His cock throbbed and grew instantly at her touch. She marveled at the reaction. This young virgin teen had fucked her twice in the inside the last hour, to powerful and complete ejaculation and still his cock responded like her husbands if he had not seen a woman in months. The joy of youth brought a smile to her face as she continued to work her young lover's cock to full erection.

Gently, but with resolve, Elaine pulled the young black teen toward her, she had not given John a blow job in a year and had lost interest, but wanted to taste this young black boys cum, to know the taste of the thick white cum that now filled her cunt, and she worked the young black to his feet and in front of her. He had no idea what was to happen or what to expect, yet he allowed Elaine to maneuver him into a position in front of her as she sat up on the chase. She leaned forward flicked her tongue across the throbbing head of his cock, eliciting a low moan from deep within him. She tasted the first of his sperm filled cum as she drew the entire head into her mouth, drain the pre cum that had formed in the slit of his cockhead, and savoring the telltale flavor of his two ejaculations deep within her. Her own juices had mixed with his and the powerful taste was awesome, and she quivered with delight at her new discovery. He tasted wonderful, nothing like her husband, and nothing like she would expect a black man to taste. He was salty, yes, but sweet at the same time and worked the shaft deep into her mouth, sending waves of pleasure crashing through both his body and hers.

The black cock throbbed in mouth as her tongue worked around the head and shaft as she worked the entire length of his large cock. Yes he was large, more than John, and yes she had heard that about black cock and yes she agreed... Black cock is wonderful, a taboo that sends shockwaves through the body of a conservative white woman. And Elaine knew she had danced with the devil. Her sin was now complete, she had committed adultery for the first time, she had fucked a nigger, she had allowed his seed find her womb, she had taken his sperm unprotected into her cunt, and now she worked to the final taboo, to have the young black stud fill her mouth with his cum. Elaine quivered once and started into her own self induced orgasm.

As she recovered from the orgasmic bliss she had brought upon herself, Elaine found herself now the passive partner, The young black boy now held her head in his powerful hands and his hips rocked as he drove his swollen cock into her mouth and throat. He was virgin when he stepped onto the lanai deck but he was now fully in charge of the mating game. He was taking control and learned fast to give in to natures instincts.

Elaine was ready, she sucked the huge throbbing cock in her attempt to get the young stud to explode in her mouth, he was now beginning to work himself not a sweat, and the aroma of his labor and their sex filled her nostrils and the entire lanai area. She could hardly wait for him as she gasp out with his powerful lunges into her mouth, and her own orgasmic state continued to build within her.

Then just as Elaine thought she would receive the prize she sought, he stopped and pulled back, his cock popping suddenly form her mouth, lines of pre-cum and saliva flying as he pulled away.

"I'm ready", he said in a low whisper.

Elaine looked up at the tall figure of the black Adonis, his throbbing cock saluting her at full staff. "Wwaht" was all she could get out.

"I'm ready to cum", he said, lay down and spread yourself open for me".

Looking puzzled, Elaine gazed into the dark brown eyes of her young stud. He was serious, he knew what he was doing, she thought. He wanted to knock her up, he was going to make sure his black seed was planted in her fertile womb. He had figured her out and she would not deny him that right he demanded.

Slowly, Elaine laid back on the chase, she spread her legs apart, placing one foot on either side of the chase and waited for her dark young lover to take what he now claimed as his. Motionless she lay, open and ready, waiting for the young black boy to take her.

The wait was short, he positioned himself on the chase, between her lewdly spread legs and with one move to position himself for penetration, he lunged his hips forward and drove his throbbing cock deep inside Elaine's aching cunt. She gasp at the sudden and powerful plunge and heard him grunt as his pelvic bone slammed into hers'. She knew at that instant that this would not be gentle fuck, he was going to pound her, and she became even more excited at the total animalistic nature this was now taking.

Supporting himself with his powerful arms placed on the chase aside Elaine's shoulders, the young ebony athlete began the final assault of the day. He plunged deep into her pulsing cunt over and over has his perfectly toned athletic body broke out into a sweat as the mid afternoon heat and the effort of his powerful fuck. Elaine lay motionless, completely helpless to anything but orgasm as the huge black cock took it's measure of her over and over. The legs of the chaise bounced off the lanai deck as he pounded Elaine without mercy, it scooted around form the force of his powerful thrusts, that were transmitted through Elaine's passive body, to the frame of the chaise to the deck.

Elaine lay there staring up into the dark brown eyes of his young stud as he fucked her far beyond anything Elaine had ever experienced. Her body quivered in constant orgasmic bliss, and the massive thrusts that brought loud grunts from the black animal atop her. Each thrust pounded their pelvic bones together and sent painful reminder to Elaine's numb brain of what was happening to her. She had, less than an hour ago, played a coy and dangerous game with a young black teenage virgin boy, and now was paying the price for her transgressions. The price was high, but worth all of it. The electric shockwaves that raced through Elaine's body were beyond her wildest dreams, imagination, or anything she had ever heard of. She was in another galaxy. Her body lay limp, experiencing every single feeling of this unmanageable fuck. She could actually feel the ridge of his cockhead rippling along the walls of her battered cunt, the head slam repeatedly into her now worn and dilated cervix, the huge black testicles tap against her moist and lewdly opened ass, and time seemed to stand still, as her mind moved in slow motion recording all of this.

She could no longer moan or grunt, Elaine now only whimpered like and captured animal as she took the powerful fuck thrusts, that now seemed to but a blur, even in the slow motion of her numbed mind. Sweat poured from her young lover as he tried to bring himself to that place of no return, that pinnacle of pleasure that brings the final thrust and that unmatched burst of energy that sends a man seed deep into the waiting cunt of his mate. The sweat from his brow fall on her face, the liquid secretions poured from his powerful chest and dripped on her breasts, or ran down to his rippled stomach and pooled on her belly, as the sound of squishing filled the pool and lanai area, from his sweat being splattered from her body on each down thrust, and the two loads of his sticky cum being forced deeper into her quivering cunt or driven out around his thrusting cock as he pounded relentlessly now into her flaccid body.

Elaine wondered if he had already spend the last of his thick white cum on his two earlier ejaculations and now pounded away at her fruitlessly in his youthful lust. Her husband, John could have never ejaculated three times in an hour, or even an afternoon in the prime of his youth, how could she expect this young, inexperienced stud to do better? She lay there now, taking his powerful thrusts in complete joy, wondering how long he would try to bring himself off in her, before giving up, or collapsing from exhaustion. In her orgasmic blissful state, completely surrendered and helpless under his forceful fuck, Elaine had no way of know that what the young black boy was doing was working his body to a full and complete state of perfection, and building within his testicles the single largest load of male sperm cells she could imagine. His prostate labored to produce the required amount of liquid semen he would need to empty his now heavy testicles of their life giving gift, but would soon be ready to deliver.

Still he pounded away at her, as Elaine's whimpers turned to a silent cry and her body melted into the submissive receptacle destiny demanded. She lay still, savoring every last bit of his force and power, feeling the sweat of his nearly exhausted body pour onto hers'. His thighs slapped wetly against her sweat covered inner thighs, their groins moist with sweat, lubrication, and earlier ejaculations emitted lewd sounds of his pounding fuck into her, and the odor of their combined mating filled the entire lanai area.

"Soon", Elaine though, "soon he will collapse and be unable to continue". Her body now beyond the limits of endurance, she lay prostrate and in suspended animation. Her body shook with each powerful fuck force, and quivered from the constant state of orgasmic arousal that had now lasted almost twenty minutes. "This was unreal", she thought, "no man can last this long", as her cunt felt another powerful down thrust from her stud animal. Now beyond her own reasoning powers, Elaine began to think thoughts and words that would never come to her mind. "Boy, she thought to herself, "this young nigger can fuck"! She looked down at the junction of their sex and gazed at he nigger cock that slammed relentlessly into her, she shook at the sight and sounds of it, she looked up into his eyes as he labored to cum and urged him on. "If he only knew how many white women in this neighborhood, would die for some of his nigger cock, she thought, he would be here selling magazines everyday".

"Cum, she whispered to him, fill me with your nigger seed". "Send me into the land of white women with nigger babies". She called to him.

His thrusting grew more urgent, even more forceful and savage than before. Maybe her words had enraged him, or driven him mad, she thought. Pain flashed through her body as his pelvic bone slammed into hers, the throbbing cock driving relentlessly against her battered and dilated cervix, Elaine lay completely helpless taking one powerful plunge of his black member after another, each driving the wind out of her lungs and forcing another whimper of submission.

Then, suddenly without notice, the beautiful black beast atop Elaine shuddered, he arched his back driving his throbbing cock deep inside Elaine's surrendered cunt, plowing the pulsing head tight against her distended cervix and time stood still for Elaine. One quick flash of pain shot through her as she felt his last powerful thrust drive his pelvic bone against hers and hold himself perfectly still. She felt his testicles drawn up tight against the base of his ebony bone, smashed against her wet ass, and his buttocks tightened, his muscular thighs contracted in unison and his back arched that final bit, his groan filled the silence as Elaine used the last bit of energy to lift her hips upward, feel him grind against her pelvis, insure perfect alignment.

Her expectations for him to be able to squirt a few drops of his seed juice because of his twice cum already were far from reality. Her young black stud had spent the better part of twenty minutes pounding his throbbing into her while he worked his testicles into a frenzy of activity and was about to let go a torrent of his liquid seed that would measure more than a half cup, better than 4 liquid ounces would soon begin to blast into her waiting and fertile cunt with a force and velocity such as Elaine could have never imagined or dreamed.

The find sound of his animal grunt indicated to Elaine that it was her time to receive him. As the clock stopped and in a surreal moment never to be forgotten, the unthinkable began. First she felt the glands of his cockhead expand, then the beginnings of a throb as the base filled with his massive ejaculation, then the full force of his cock expanding and the muscular contractions of all of the muscles in his tight young body sent the think white cum, filled with his genetic blueprint blasting into Elaine's cunt.

A cry, a whimper and she received his precious gift, whispering softly "oooooh Gooooooood Yeeesssss"!

A second spasm of his contorted body sent another powerful stream of his liquid seed blasting through his throbbing cock. Again Elaine felt every bit of the action, she could almost feel the blood pumping through his magnificent cock as the sperm filled her vagina, now in constant spasm of her never ending orgasmic state.

He pulled back almost unreceptively, and drove deep into her once more. Another of her submissive and contended whimper accompanied the breathe that was pushed from her lungs by his powerful thrust. She held herself still, opened as much as she could offer, pressed her hips tight against her forbidden lover and felt the expanding cock throb as another powerful, uncontrolled spasm sent a huge, thick stream of his ejaculation racing through his exploding cock. He had pressed down hard, she had lifted her hips the best angle she could offer and the alignment was a perfect as ant two mating animals could ever achieve. Perfection, only as God had made it was the result. The massive cock pressed the mushroom head firmly agents her cervix, her motionless surrender, made a tight seal and her final lifting of her hips had placed the tiny opening of her womb, and the tube running though her black lover's cock in perfect alignment. She could feel the power of this ejaculation build, the sperm filled cum move at lightning speed down the throbbing cock and then, as if in a different world, watching herself from above, the blast of cum poured into her womb like the rush of liquid from a fire hose, with an equal power. Elaine emitted a final sound, an almost inaudible "aaaaaaawwwwwwwweeeee" as the powerful ejaculation filled her, bypassing her cunt entirely. The deposit was directly into her womb, and the force of her black young stud's throbbing offering sent the semen rushing though her. The moment was burned into her memory for life, the feeling as his seed being forced into her womb, up her tubes seeking her fertile egg.

Her dance with the devil was complete, her destiny sealed. Mid stream of this single blast form his erupting cock, one sperm cell, passing all others swimming in the sea of semen found the egg, drove past the wild frenzy of all other sperm cells deposited earlier, and penetrated the wall of Elaine's waiting egg, the two became one and a new life began that would change Elaine's forever. She felt it, she actually felt it, and she still lay there, open, pressing against her forbidden lover and bask in the wonder of his powerful virgin release. She now smiled inside, her heart pounding as he continued his release.

He was only taking her for pleasure, he knew he was planting his seed, his cock knew, and he yet he continued. The massive ejaculation had done the job, but was yet, less than half over. Elaine remained in a state of suspended animation as the Black boys cock throbbed a forth time, sending another stream of his thick white nigger cum deep inside of her wanting cunt. The perfect alignment had been lost, the scalding liquid now flooded Elaine's cunt, her vaginal canal filled to capacity left no room for more cum, and the white sticky mess now pour out around the throbbing cock and down the crack of her ass.

The chaise lounge shook from the energy being expelled by the young black athlete, the center legs had already been bent from the merciless pounding he had given Elaine's cunt and body. He pulled back, drawing his steel hard shaft out for another relentless and powerful thrust, he was now an animal driving his genetic message home as far and deep as he could. She felt him lunge and another lightening bolt of pain shot through her as his pelvis slammed into her, and his cock throbbed again, his involuntary muscle contraction sent yet another huge stream of his youthful load blasting into Elaine's pussy. She felt the entire action, counted a fifth, then sixth throb of his magnificent cock as the torrent of his cum continued to flood her overflowing cunt.

Her state of suspend animations seemed to now start to fade, her senses returning slowly as she felt and counted the seventh and eighth powerful throbs send even more of his sperm filled cum deep inside of her. She could feel him start to quiver, his arms quake with his exhaustion as his body went into spasm again, sending the ninth and tenth flooding squirts of his ejaculation splashing off of Elaine's cervix. As she felt the pumping cock spasm he collapsed onto p of her exhausted body. Sweat beads splashed all around the chaise, as his spent body made a lewd squishing sound the final cum mixing with his sweat as he completely relaxed atop his conquest.

Elaine marveled at her total contentment at her outrageous behavior. She lay totally surrendered to her young black lover, her cunt contracting uncontrollable on his still rigid cock, as she milked every last drop of his boy cum from his spent cock and deflating testicles. His breath coming in labored gasps, she used the very last of her abating strength to raise her legs and wrap around his exhausted thighs as she took the very last measure of him. The aroma of their combined sex filled the entire pool area as she lay motionless beneath him.

Minutes passed as he lay exhausted atop her, until finally the slightest movement as he began to regain control of his young athletic body. Hesitantly, Elaine released her grip with her legs around him so he could lift himself up. She gazed the huge contrast of their skin as he rose slowly. He paused and gazed deeply into her eyes, she looked back with a smile of acknowledgement of his conquest. He rose, and Elaine found herself grabbing his limp manhood and drawing him to her. She took the soft spent member to her lips, and as she had never before done in her entire, she began to clean their combined love from him. She took the entire length into her mouth and savored the taste as he slowly pulled away, stood silently, and in less than a few seconds had dressed and departed without a word spoken between them. He had come her a young virgin nigger boy, and left as a Black man of stature and the father of her child. It was a noticeable transition, Elaine thought as she watched him leave.

Time seemed to pause as Elaine lay on her bent chaise lounge, stunned at her own action, yet more content and satisfied than she could ever remember. The aroma lingered on long after the young black boy, whose name she did not know, whose school was a mystery to her, and savored the fuck of a lifetime. She made mental note so she would never forget this day, but it was of no use, this day would never be forgotten, his seed grew within her now and she would have a reminder of this day for the rest of her life.

As she lay so content and filled with sensations, Elaine suddenly realized that was laying still, hips raised, subconsciously making sure none of the precious black seed was denied the opportunity to impregnate her. A smile crept across her lips and she knew it was already past that point. She had crossed the line, gone far beyond what she had ever considered herself capable of, she had committed adultery, cheated on her husband for the only time in her life, taken an underage lover, and slept with a black man, and now was going to have a black baby. Life was good, and she closed her eyes and slept away the rest of the lazy afternoon.