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by Anon

Older woman fucks the grocery bag boy who has a crush on her in the shop's parking lot

I love going out wearing my jogging outfit, mid-calf black Speedos stretched tightly against my vulva, showing a deep crease. Sometimes, I'll see guys and gals walking past me with their eyes glued to my crotch as I ran by, and I enjoy seeing them "getting a rise" over it.

I was wearing just such an outfit last summer when I went grocery shopping at my usual store. I like shopping there, and had become familiar with one of the bag-boys. He was a 17 year-old tall, lanky red head. I noticed he always made an effort to be the one to bag my groceries and take them out to my car.

He told me about his new motorcycle, and that he was going off to college in September. That's when I started seeing him as a young man and not a kid. I also got the feeling that he had a crush on me, with all that attention. I figured that he fantasized about me, lying awake at night, jerking off, dreaming about having sex with me. (I'm getting wet.)

That's why that one crazy July day I decided to see how far he'd go. I chose a time where it was the slow part of the afternoon, and deliberately parked my car at the far end of the parking lot, with no cars around.

As we were slowly walking out with the cart, I kept on innocently prattling on, pretending not to notice the huge bulge in his cutoffs, making him walk kind of funny, as he kept eyeing the rapidly widening crease between my legs.

As he started loading the bags in the back seat, I started trembling at the enormity of what I was about to attempt� afraid of how he would react, and not quite sure how to begin. I noticed he was quite flushed and nervous as I coyly asked him if a handsome young man like him had any girlfriends?

He stammered that he hadn't, and here, we were just standing there looking at each other's crotches, not caring that we were being obvious. It was an electric moment, and I decided it would up to me to take the initiative, if we were ever going to do the things we both so badly wanted to.

Taking a deep breath, I said, "Well Chuck, if I were your girlfriend, do you know what I'd do to you?"

"What?" he asked with a tremor in his voice.

Grabbing him by the waist of his shorts, I quickly sat down in my car pulling him closer with me. With trembling hands I pulled down his zipper, popped the button open, and yanked his shorts almost down to his knees! Then I said, "I'd give him some relief and suck his dick!"

He had a very fine cock, and I was pleased to find that he was uncut, and proudly jutted straight out from a hairy, red thicket. With trembling fingers, I pulled his magnificent hardon into my mouth with one hand, pulling him against my face by grabbing his butt with the other.

As you probably know, a teenage male is ALL glans, and he blew his semen within seconds down my throat like I never would have believed possible! I swallowed as quickly as I possibly can, but it still went everywhere�down my chin, down my neck, in my hair, in his pubes! I guess his knees got wobbly and he slumped across the roof to keep from collapsing, poor fella.

I gave him a minute or two to recover. As soon as I saw he was getting his balance back, I grabbed him again, and guided him to my mouth. I wasn't done yet.

"Ohh, Miss Davis, what are you doing to me?"

"We're not done yet. I need you hard again."

Thanks to his youthful recuperative power, it didn't take him long to get hard again. I let go of him, eliciting a confused moan out of him. Pushing him back a bit, I stood up and turned to face the inside of the car. I pulled my bottoms down, exposing my ass and pussy for his feverish eyes.

"Come on, fuck me!"

It took some maneuvering on his part, but soon his cock was filling my hungry pussy.

Thanks to the earlier quick blowjob, he managed to last long enough to give me a couple of intense orgasms while pounding my pussy like a possessed man. Like all guys that lack experience, his pounding speed was set on ultra-fast.

Soon enough, his thrusts became erratic, and then I felt his fingers dig hard into my hips, shoving his cock as far as he can go. My body couldn't distinguish the pleasure from the pain of him mashing my cervix hard. It only helped to elevate my orgasm to a new level.

My legs buckled, and he had to hold me up by my hips to avoid losing my grip on his cock. As he held me up, I felt him spasm and his grunt must have reached the store as he came again into me.

It must have been too much for him this time as he couldn't keep standing up, and I saw him land on his ass from between my legs. My legs gave out too as he let go and I ended up on my knees beside the open door of my car.

I cleaned myself with a wad of tissues and pulled my pants up. I turned around to find him still sitting on his naked ass with the silliest grin decorating his boyish face.

The last thing I remember him saying before I left was, "Gosh Miss Davis that was AWESOME!"