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by Jeff01

Although it was not early morning, it was not late either when Elaine heard the doorbell ring. This was a very nice upscale neighborhood, gated and secure. Therefore she wondered, who could be at the door, she was not expecting anyone. And she was basically naked under her robe. Elaine had just placed her coffee cup in the sink and was on her way into the shower when the doorbell rang.

Thinking to herself that nobody other a neighbor lady could be at her door, Elaine decided to answer it, just in case one of her friends needed something. Moving quickly through the living room to the huge foyer, Elaine paused only briefly before opening the door without peeking through the peep site.

There at the entry was a young man, maybe sixteen years old at most, he was well dressed and looked very clean cut, but he was black, very black. He was medium height, well built, maybe a football player type, and dressed in today's bright baggy shorts with matching blue and golf top, you know, that shinny stuff.

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Sharing my wife

by Anon

It was one Friday night; Mary and I were at a hotel bar out of town, when Mary surprised me by drinking more then she usually did. She drank like a fish until she finally was so plastered that she was leaning against the counter to stay upright.

I was half drunk too, so when she asked me to help her upstairs to our room. For some reason I made believe I was really in no condition to go upstairs myself and I asked a guy who was standing next to us at the bar if he would help her up to our room.

He introduced himself, his name was john and he was a big black man. He quickly volunteered his services. I stood there as John wrapped his large arms around my wife and helped her walk toward the elevators.

At the elevators he picked her up in his arms and carried her into one while I followed behind. I noticed that one of john's large black hands were up under my wife's skirt. I assumed it was accidental, but secretly I hoped it wasn't.

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