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Juvenile Lesbians

by sagetoad

"For the aforementioned crimes, and a pattern of violence, I hereby sentence you to serve the remainder of your childhood, 3 years, 4 months, and 16 days, in the juvenile detention facility. Do you understand, Miss Crawford?"

"Yeah, Judge," Sarah said with an air of unconcern. She was scared shitless, but she wouldn't let it show, not in front of that asshole.

"I suggest you be more respectful," Mrs. Uleo, her worthless lawyer whispered urgently.

"Why, the asshole already screwed me, why kiss his ass now?"

"If you continue with this attitude, I'm afraid I can no longer represent you, young lady."

"Wow, no shit? Do me that favor, will you? You lazy piece of shit. If I had a real lawyer I wouldn't be going to detention now, would I. No wonder your ass is free. Go ahead, run," Sarah called as her lawyer packed her things and ran for the door.

"Worthless piece of shit," Sarah growled, loud enough for the entire room to hear her. "I'll look your ass up when I get out, bitch!"

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Wedding Reception

by Anon

I hadn't been back to my hometown for almost ten years, not since high school graduation. A close friend was getting married and so I made the trip back for the big celebration. I was looking forward to seeing old friends and visiting some of the local haunts.

On the flight back I remembered my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Allen. She was a beautiful woman in her early thirties, a brunette with a small, slim body, and of course, she smoked.

Mrs. Allen spent a lot of time sunning herself in the backyard and I spent a lot of time watching Mrs. Allen. I was hoping to see her at the wedding.

Sure enough, she was at the church, sitting two rows in front of me. My eyes kept returning to her, her hair was cut short and revealed her lovely neck. Best of all, she was sitting alone.

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by damage37

Summer sun had arrived and that meant it was time for our summer break from school. We'd take it in turns, me and Jamie, to sleep over at each other's houses during the summer recess. I particularly liked staying at his house because I secretly had a major crush on his mom.

She was about 30 or 35 I think, had a small cute body, always wore tight clingy clothing, and had a gorgeous pair of tits, but they were firm and would jiggle whenever she moved. She made my cock twitch constantly, at 14 pretty much anything of the female persuasion made my cock twitch!

During summer break we'd stay at each other's house for a week at a time, this week we were at Jamie's house. It was Tuesday, about 9pm in the evening and I was going to have a bath before going to bed, Jamie was feeling slightly sick so his mum gave him some medicine and sent him off to his bed early, and he was out like a light.

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by Anon

She lay panting having just cum several times that a body should, and more than it had in years. Seated, she looked up and smiled a smile languishing without cause sweating, which showed that it was not by any means. Apparently, neither was he also beat his erection against her thigh.

Turning and moving across the bed to him, she kissed him and stooped to take her nipple in his mouth and he teases, breastfeeding deeper for a moment before releasing it. Moving on down and taking his cock still covered with a piece of its juice in his mouth and hear him moan uncontrollably. She took deep, running her tongue on the underside. Suckling, indirect and licking and teasing it with his teeth. Her tail wagged her tongue against the drops of precum spread across her taste bittersweet.

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Culvert's Pint

by LoriHelm

"Well, here I am," I thought to myself. I didn't know why I came to this remote little beach. "Now what?" I heard myself say aloud.

The day had been a really hectic one. Stress at home, stress at work, stress, stress, stress. I thought for sure I would crack. I knew I had to get away, even if only for a little while. My boss almost fired me for a co-workers error. Thank god she had the balls to step forward and take the blame. Unfortunately for her - she was the one who was fired.

The kids were like monkee's in a cage today!! They were climbing all over everything, including me. Then no one liked what was fixed for dinner, no one got the right glass, no one ate - everyone yelled. Such a peaceful meal!

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Posted on: 2011-03-29
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The Babysitter's Boyfriend

by Anon

My wife was out of town on a business trip, and I had to attend an important dinner engagement given by the company I worked for. I called our usual baby sitter and told her that it was an emergency. Luckily she said that she could be right over.

After a fretfully boring dinner, I slipped away early. I knew that Kathy, our babysitter, would be relieved, since she had planned a hot date that night with her boyfriend, and I felt that she was doing me a great big favor by sitting for our two-year-old son.

I slipped my key in the lock and opened the door. There was no one in the living room, so I went to the door of the den. There, I froze.

I could see James sitting there, his pants down to his knees. He had a hard-on, and Kathy was stroking it slowly.

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Posted on: 2011-03-19
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Accepting Gina

by Bernadette

This story is dedicated to Maria.

Paul left me months ago.

Six long, lonely, dreary months of endless darkness and gloom. The weeks of crying, the days of yearning for a phone call, the nights of empty wine bottles and morning headaches were all behind me.

I was healthy now, ready for a chance at a new beginning. Life was looking fresh again. The sun was bright, the air was clean. I was finally whole without him. I had loved him so deeply. It had been unnatural, unsettling, and uncontrolled. Now I could find the paper and pen before me through the fog. I could see the vision and the words. I was writing again.

Looking back, I realized the bad times were barely lingering, whereas the good times were painted like a portrait in my mind. But a portrait painted by a clown, not an artist. All that time, what did we talk about? I remembered the drinking, the parties, his friends, the football games. All of it was one big celebration. We laughed, we had sex, and we laughed some more. I could not single out one time we had a serious conversation other than an in-depth analysis of his team's fortunes on the field.

Paul left me the night my sister was tragically killed in a car accident.

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