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Last Night's Party!

by John Demille

A guy has an unexpected encounter at a fund raiser

Last night the craziest thing happened. I was at this fundraiser for some good cause I'm sure. I wasn't too interested with the going-ons around me. I didn't know anybody, and my friend who had dragged me into this shindig, had left with a desperate-looking chubby girl that he was sure to get lucky with.

Drink in hand, I wandered around trying find somebody interesting to strike up a conversation with. A couple of hours later and many drinks from the free bar, I had a pleasant buzz going on and still nobody to talk to.

That's not to say that I didn't start conversations. I did. Many of them. But for some reason, either my mood, or the drinks that I had consumed, nobody interested me. Quite a few ladies tried to prolong their boring conversations with me, but I didn't care and most of the time I just walked away.

My boredom lead me up the stairs in that joint to the next floor up which overlooked the big space where the party was held. The circular walkway was deserted as everybody was downstairs gabbing.

As I walked aimlessly, I reached a point where I saw a gorgeous set of legs, topped by a nicely curved ass of some woman leaning quite a bit forward on the stone banister. Her upper body was nearly horizontal. I approached closer to see who these fine body parts belonged to, but the side of her face was obscured by a huge column.

I made up my mind to go and start something with this woman, but I was stopped in my track by something odd that she did.

As I was looking towards her and walking slowly, her hand reached for her side and grabbed a hold of her short dress and pulled it up slowly. Bit by bit, the thin-looking garment inched its way up her thigh, first revealing that she wore garters and stockings. Something that I haven't seen on a live woman in a long time. I stopped to watch this hot vision, unsure of whether it was real or the booze in my system playing tricks on my brain.

However, the scene continued and soon enough the hem of her dress rested on her upthrust, pantyless ass!

I looked around to make sure that this show wasn't being played for an audience and sure enough, there was nobody around this hot looking piece of ass. Even my alcohol-addled brain could tell that this woman was playing some fantasy in her mind.

So, wanting to see more of this fantasy unfold, I came closer, but as silently as I could as not to spook her and ruin the atmosphere.

She stood still for a couple of minutes with her ass exposed in the air to some imaginative spectator, and then I saw her hand reach between her legs pushing her hanging dress up. I stood about ten feet away to her left, I couldn't see the details of what's between her legs, I saw only her profile. I could see her hand moving slightly up and down. She was rubbing her pussy!

With this, my cock started swelling. I was a witness to an interesting moment. I wondered if I should jump into this crazy situation and be a part of it or just a spectator.

The hand rubbed the pussy silently. The anonymous woman didn't make any sounds as she masturbated while watching the party goers down stairs. I watched for few minutes and as time passed, the hand moved faster. The front of the dress was moving like a flag in the wind, first it waved as in a gentle breeze but soon it whipped up and down as though in a hurricane.

The woman moved her legs apart, and I could hear the squishing sounds of her pussy lips over the music emanating from downstairs. Soon enough, her knees bent a little and I could see her ass cheeks clenching. She's cumming!

Hearing her strangled squeals, I saw some liquid shoot from between her legs onto the carpet beneath. My little exhibitionist was a squirter.

I couldn't help but move in closer. As I did, I could hear her better and I could hear some frustration in her moans. I don't know whether it's the booze or the realization of this the real situation that pushed me, but I knew that I must participate. For me and for her.

To keep this fantasy from breaking, I didn't say anything. I just approached silently and as I walked, I opened my fly and pulled my rampant dick out. She must have heard my zipper go down as she froze in place, and I could see her body stiffen. I paused a little, but she didn't change her position.

Making up my mind, I came behind her to find a breath taking view.

From behind, she had a gorgeous ass. Nicely rounded and slightly spread. I could see her ass hole, and below it a fine set of very aroused pussy lips. Lips that drooled a clear liquid that dripped from her.

She felt me behind her as her head turned slightly to the left as though she wanted to see me, but then straightened forward to keep looking ahead.

I wasn't sure what my next step should be. Without her consent, if I do anything it would be rape and the wrong move could land me in a heap of trouble. But, my anonymous woman made this easy for me. As I hesitated and looked at her gorgeous ass trying to decide what the best course of action should be, she arched her back down as far as she could opening her ass as much as possible in an erotic offering.

That was my clear signal.

I approached slowly, cock in hand. Without touching the woman in any other way, I swiped my drooling cock head across her pussy lips, picking up a bit of her abundant lubrication. With that touch, she lowered her back even more, impossibly so, and angled her pussy up to my cock and even exposing her erect clit to the touch of my swollen cock head.

I rubbed up and down some more and each time I reached the bottom and swiped across her clit, I could see her legs tremble. I kept my rubbing motion up and no more than thirty seconds later, she started her strangled moans again and her ass started clenching quite a bit. Thirty seconds after that, I was surprised to see her pussy open up just a tiny bit and clench strongly, and a small stream of clear liquid gushed out and coated my cock.

I couldn't help what I did after that. I pushed my cock into that welcoming pussy as far as I can and as fast I my body would move. I didn't stop until my cock touched her cervix and pushed it aside. I felt her push back against me, and her pussy spasms accelerated and squeezed me hard!

I grabbed hold of her hips and pulled as hard as I could to push myself into her as far as possible. Her pussy was very snug and surrounded me like a surgical glove. It felt like heaven in there.

My instinct took hold after that, and I soon was thrusting into her with long steady strokes that brought both of us much pleasure.

My anonymous partner came and came. At one point her knees buckled under her and I had to hold her up by the hips to continue. It must have been the alcohol that made me last that long as the situation was beyond erotic.

I pumped in and out of her for what felt like forever, savouring every bit of friction that her pussy put on my very hard cock. Soon, too soon, the pleasure reached an unbearable level, but it was my partner's unexpected hand reaching between her legs and fondling my balls that sent me over the edge and I lost my rhythm as I pumped my seed into her welcoming depth. It felt like a never-ending orgasm.

I was exhausted! I felt me knees weak so I held on to her and I slumped over her back. She didn't say a thing. She didn't even turn around. She just waited for me to finish.

Somehow, I knew that I shouldn't say much. Otherwise, I would ruin the whole thing.

I straightened up, but then bent down and whispered in her ear, "This has been the most erotic thing in my life. Thank you."

And I pulled out of her tight pussy.

I stepped back and observed her for a bit, taking in the slight gape in her pussy and the white liquid that oozed out of her and onto the carpet. And yet she didn't move.

I walked away from her and back downstairs without any other words spoken. Soon after, the party started thinning out and I walked outside, gave the valet my ticket and as I sat in my car, I saw that same dress walk out, draped on a gorgeous stranger who had her arm hooked around some handsome older guy's arm.

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