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Help's Reward

by Hammond

I was seventeen and still a virgin, and life sucked.

It was late and the movie had just let out. I had just started walking when I heard the sounds coming from beside the movie theater. I looked around the corner and my heart fell. It was my neighbors Olivia and her daughter Emily; they were surrounded by four men and it sounded like they were trying to rape them. I dialed 911, dropped the phone and ran towards them.

I kicked one guys between the legs from behind and he screamed and dropped cupping his crotch. The kick was so hard he immediately went into convulsions and start vomiting. When the other men turned, I realized they had knives. I looked around and grabbed a two by four out of the trash bin. I swung the board as I turned and felt the solid thunk as it slammed into the side of one guys head. I moved sideways so the other two would have to step over their buddy.

I slipped on some grease and they rushed me. I shoved the end of the board into the stomach of one of the men and he grabbed it as he fell back. The board tore from my hands as I felt a stabbing pain in my right shoulder. The other guy had stabbed me! I grabbed him and pulled him closer, while my other hand reached down and grabbed his balls.

He let out a piercing scream as I squeezed, twisted and yanked as hard as I could.

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