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Help's Reward

by Hammond

Caution: Story contain strong sexual elements

I was seventeen and still a virgin, and life sucked.

It was late and the movie had just let out. I had just started walking when I heard the sounds coming from beside the movie theater. I looked around the corner and my heart fell. It was my neighbors Olivia and her daughter Emily; they were surrounded by four men and it sounded like they were trying to rape them. I dialed 911, dropped the phone and ran towards them.

I kicked one guys between the legs from behind and he screamed and dropped cupping his crotch. The kick was so hard he immediately went into convulsions and start vomiting. When the other men turned, I realized they had knives. I looked around and grabbed a two by four out of the trash bin. I swung the board as I turned and felt the solid thunk as it slammed into the side of one guys head. I moved sideways so the other two would have to step over their buddy.

I slipped on some grease and they rushed me. I shoved the end of the board into the stomach of one of the men and he grabbed it as he fell back. The board tore from my hands as I felt a stabbing pain in my right shoulder. The other guy had stabbed me! I grabbed him and pulled him closer, while my other hand reached down and grabbed his balls.

He let out a piercing scream as I squeezed, twisted and yanked as hard as I could.

A sudden jolt of pain shot thru my back, making me scream as I twisted and fell away. The man that had yanked the board from me had hit me across the back with it. I fell to the ground and he started stomping on my ankles. The last thing I heard before I passed out was his scream.

I woke up in a strange place, the bed was narrow and it was bright. The ceiling was tiled and when I turned my head, I saw a plastic thing with tubes running out of it. Everything was kind of hazy as I realized the tubes ran into my arm. I tried to move and blacked out screaming. I woke to a darker room and my mom sitting beside the bed. As soon as I turned my head, mom was up and beside me, “Don’t try to move baby.”

I swallowed, “How bad is it?”

Mom smiled bravely, “Bad enough. You were stabbed in the shoulder and your other wrist was sprained badly. You have a broken ankle and ... the doctor said you bruised your spine. There’s some swelling and ... and you’re paralyzed from the waist down.”

I was stunned, mom put her hand on my arm, “The doctor said was temporary and everything will be fine.”

I stared at mom in shock as she put her hand on my chest, “It’s only temporary, calm down.”

I swallowed, “How long?”

Mom looked at the door as two men stood there, “The doctor said maybe a month.”

The two men turned out to be police. The four men were in custody and they needed my statement. Then there were doctors and finally my dad showed up. My doctor gave mom permission for me to go home. I would have to wear a back brace so I couldn’t move my spine. I would have to stay in bed as much as possible, my bed had to have special support. I wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom by myself, I couldn’t even clean myself.

I didn’t think things could get any worse when Olivia showed up with Emily. Dad had placed a sheet of plywood on my bed for support and they had added a four inch hard foam mattress to the top. I was only wearing a long tee shirt and had a sheet draped over me.

Mom was beside the bed when Olivia and Emily came in. Olivia came straight to me, “Jake, thank goodness you are still alive. We wanted to thank you for saving our lives. They were going to kill us.”

I was still a little fuzzy from the pain drugs and only smiled. Mom told Olivia all about my condition and what she was going to have to do to help me, which was very embarrassing. Olivia had smiled and asked mom if she and Emily could help. It might have been the drugs, but it didn’t seem like mom hesitated in accepting.

Because of the stab wound in my right shoulder, I couldn’t move my right arm very much. My left wrist had been sprained and was in a brace. My left lower leg was in a cast up to the knee and my right ankle was in a brace.

All that besides being in a body brace to keep my back immobile. Mom and Olivia had asked dad to bring both our large cushion chairs into the room and sat talking while Emily had shyly stood beside my bed. She had whispered, “Thanks Jake, those men were going to rape us.”

I looked at her and nodded. She leaned close, “I’ve only been with one boy and it hurt.”

I grunted as her young breasts touched my shoulder. “That usually only happens your first time.”

I think the drugs were affecting me, because I had said that a little louder than I meant to. I felt like I had to pee and turned my head to see mom and Olivia looking at me, “Mom? I ... I have to ... go pee.”

My face was red from embarrassment as mom only handed a red faced Emily a hospital bedpan. Emily looked from the bedpan to my face. I looked desperately at mom and she just went back to talking to Olivia. I looked back at Emily and swallowed, “You have to turn me onto my side carefully and ... put my penis inside the bedpan.”

Emily blushed deeper but she nodded. She set the bedpan down and carefully turned me. As soon as she touched my dick I started getting hard and blushed even more, mumbling, “I’m sorry Emily.”

Emily only smiled as if to herself, “I understand.”

It took a little longer to pee than I expected. When I finished, mom held a wash cloth up to Emily. Emily put the bedpan down and moved me onto my back. I groaned as she held the sheet up and began to wash my dick. I felt a presence beside me and looked up to see Olivia. She smiled at me, “Does that feel good?”

I blushed, “God yes!”

Emily finished a minute later and mom took the bedpan from her and left. She called Emily out a few minutes later and Olivia stood beside my bed. She rested her hand on my arm, “Jake, I really am grateful. From the way those men talked, they weren’t going to just let us go.”

I nodded and she bent to give me a kiss. She laughed, “I’ll have to give it some thought on how to thank you.”

I blushed, “That isn’t necessary.”

She grinned and ran her fingers through my hair. “I know it isn’t.”

I yawned as the pain meds finally got the better of me and before I knew it I was asleep. I woke to sunlight and by the angle knew it was afternoon. I could feel my bladder and turned my head to see Olivia sitting there. “Um, Olivia? Could you get my mom?”

She looked up from her book and set it aside, “Do you need something? Your mom went out for some things and I sent Emily with her.”

I blushed, “I need to ... pee again.”

She smiled and stood up, after carefully turning me onto my side she turned to pick up the bedpan. Just like with Emily as soon as she touched my dick, I got hard. Olivia looked a little surprised and as soon as I was done, she rolled me onto my back and pulled the sheet down. I couldn’t believe I was still hard after peeing and Olivia spent a minute just looking at my still hard dick.

She licked her lips and carefully started washing me. She smiled into my face as she continued to wash my body. “You know, you have a very nice size cock. Your balls are even large. In fact they look a little full.”

I was even redder in the face than before as she turned me on my side again so that she could wash my side and back. When she was finally done washing me, she hesitated and then reached out to give my cock a squeeze, “Yes, very nice.”

She left with the bedpan and wash cloth, only to return a few minutes later. She sat back in her chair and picked up her book, “Jake? Do you have a girlfriend?”

I shook my head wishing I could get comfortable, “No.”

She smiled at me, “Have you had sex with a girl?”

I blushed and shook my head again, “Girls my age aren’t exactly eager to have sex, even if they were, where would I take them where we could do it?”

Olivia laughed, “Most boys would be satisfied to do it just about anywhere.”

I shrugged and winched at the pain in my shoulder. “I’m greedy. I want to try everything and I would want to do it again and again and...”

Olivia laughed, “Most boys do.”

I had to grin, “Yeah, but they’re dumb. They only want to get off. I figured out for myself that if I get the girl off, then she might be more willing to do more. And I think I really want to...”

I blushed as I realized who I was talking to and what I had been about to say. Olivia looked at me, “What did you really want to do?”

I looked at her, I had already said everything else. “I want to taste her, you know go down on her.”

Olivia laughed and out of the corner of my eye I saw her rub her crotch. Olivia was smiling as she put her book down again. “When you think of your future wife or girlfriend, how do you want her to act?”

I hesitated, I turned my head to see her, “Promise not to laugh?”

She smiled and nodded as I lay back. “Well, I have thought about it. I think, I want a woman to be ... like a sex slave.”

Olivia smothered a laugh, “All men want that.”

I nodded, “Probably. I’ve thought about it though. Why does a man cheat?”

Olivia frowned, “That’s a good question.”

I nodded and closed my eyes as some of my pain returned, “I’ve thought about it. I think most men cheat because they think they aren’t getting enough sex. What if their wives were different? What if they got sex whenever they wanted and how they wanted. If they did everything with their wife, not just sex but talks and ... other things. If their wives satisfied them, would they still want to look elsewhere?”

It was quiet as Olivia shifted in her chair and then stood up beside the bed. She put her hand on my forehead, “You’re in pain?”

I nodded, “A little.”

She turned towards the door, “I’ll get something.”

I opened my eyes and winced, “Wait!”

Olivia came back to the bed, “Yes.”

I cleared my throat, “Would you just wait? Those meds make everything go fuzzy.”

She smiled and nodded, “And you don’t like that.”

I slowly shook my head, “No.”

She grinned, “Okay, I’ll distract you then. You want your girlfriend to be a sex slave and you want to go down on her. Do you want her to go down on you?”

I closed my eyes with a smile, “I’m not sure. Some guys say they like that stuff, but I don’t know if I would like that.”

Olivia laughed and sat back in her chair, “Okay, so light on the blow jobs. What about anal?”

I blushed again, “Actually, I wouldn’t mind trying that, but I wouldn’t what to hurt the girl.”

Olivia laughed again, “There are ways to help a girl so that it doesn’t hurt.”

I opened my eyes and looked at Olivia, “How would I do that?”

Olivia grinned, “First you start her on daily enemas and then you have her wear an anal plug. You would need her to get used to a bigger size for you. Most importantly, you use lube when you have sex.”

I thought about it and sighed, “It would have to wait until I’m older. I can’t buy an anal plug.”

Olivia grinned, “How often would you use your girlfriend?”

I smiled almost to myself as I fought the pain in my back, “Well, I used to masturbate anywhere from six to a dozen times a day.”

Olivia cleared her throat, “You masturbate twelve times in a day?”

I nodded, “Sometimes. It isn’t all at once. More like spread out through a whole day. It depends on if I have school or something.”

Olivia giggled, “My husband is going to love your ideas.”

I smiled and finally groaned, “Maybe a pain pill would be a good idea.”

Olivia stood and left, she was back almost immediately and helped me swallow the pill. It didn’t take long to start working and then I fell asleep. I woke and thought I was still in a dream. Someone was lightly stroking my cock.

My head was to the side and I opened my eyes slightly to see mom and Olivia sitting in their chairs talking quietly. Emily had her hand under the sheet and was firmly stroking my cock. She froze when I turned my head slowly, everything was still all fuzzy. “This is a nice dream.”

Emily smiled, “Do you like it?”

I nodded and Olivia murmured, “He thinks he’s dreaming.”

Olivia turned to Emily, “Climb up on the bed and let him taste your pussy.”

Emily blushed and then let my cock go. I watched as she reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. The next thing I knew, mom was pulling the sheet off me and helping Emily up onto the bed next to my shoulders. Olivia came around the bed as Emily swung her leg over my head.

Emily placed her knee by my head on that side and mom helped her move up and carefully place the other one. I was looking up under Emily’s skirt at her young fuzzy pussy and murmured, “That looks good.”

I kind of heard giggling as Emily carefully lowered her pussy and as soon as it was close enough I licked through her slit and heard her moan, “oh god momma!”

I didn’t hear much after that, her legs were on each side of my head as she settled onto my face. This was a dream and I couldn’t get enough, my only problem was I couldn’t use my hands. Emily began rocking her hips back and forth, making her pussy slide over my mouth as I licked her. I finally managed to capture her clit and sucked on it as I wiggled my tongue.

Emily started shuddering and shaking. She didn’t stop as she squirted cum in my face and jerked three or four times real hard. She seemed to just relax and then mom and Olivia were helping her off me. Olivia was grinning as she leaned over me, “Well how did she taste?”

I smiled sleepily, “great. Just like I dreamed she would.”

I closed my eyes as I felt a wash clothe on my face. I woke up with my head turned to the side and saw mom and dad sitting in the chairs. Dad smiled at me and stood up, “I was wondering if you would ever wake up.”

Mom left and dad carefully lifted me out of bed. I really felt bad about this part. Dad said we had to do it every night. He would carry me into the bathroom so that I could shit. When I was back in bed, mom came in and dad left. Mom was the one to clean me with a wash cloth. I couldn’t help the tears of frustration and shame I felt, but mom didn’t say anything.

Mom fed me dinner and sat with me through the evening. I woke to light coming in the window and quiet voices in the room. I didn’t feel any pain until I tried to shift my body and gasped. Olivia and Emily were both beside the bed in a second. I smiled weakly, “Hi.”

Emily was blushing but Olivia put her hand on my forehead, “In pain again?”

I nodded, “I just have to remember not to move my body.”

She smiled, “Do you want a pill or are you going to tough it out for a while.”

I smiled wryly, “I’ll tough it out. Those pills make me fuzzy and I have strange dreams.”

Olivia grinned and caressed my face, “It wasn’t a dream Jake.”

I looked at a blushing Emily and back to Olivia, “I wasn’t dreaming?”

Olivia shook her head, smiling. I stared at Emily, “You really taste like that?”

Emily nodded her face bright red. I smiled and closed my eyes as I laid my head back, “I liked it.”

Emily bent and kissed my cheek. I opened my eyes to look at her and she smiled, “Momma said I can be your girlfriend if you want.”

I looked from her to Olivia. Olivia smiled and turned her daughter slightly. She bent Emily and spread her butt, “I bought her an anal plug. It will take a few days for her to get used to it.”

I smiled as I put my head back on the pillow, “She has a nice butt.”

Emily giggled and Olivia laughed. Olivia caressed my face, “Your mom’s taking a nap and your dad’s at work.”

I nodded, “I need to pee.”

Olivia grinned and turned to sit in her chair while Emily turned me on my side. Olivia laughed suddenly, “I was right by the way. My husband loved your ideas.”

I smiled and when I was done peeing, Emily put me on my back and pulled the sheet down to wash me. I smiled at her, “Maybe your mom could buy some toys for you.”

Emily blushed and then laughed. She wrapped her hand around my cock, “This monster isn’t enough?”

I shuddered and pain racked my body. Olivia was suddenly there as I stopped gasping. I looked at Emily, “That was a first, pleasure and pain.”

Olivia laughed and Emily’s worried look changed to a smile. Olivia turned towards the door, “I’ll go get a pain pill.”

Emily ran her hands across my chest, “What kind of toys?”

I looked up from her hand, “Well, since I can’t use my hands or anything else...”

Emily giggled and bent to kiss me, “Tell me.”

I told her about remote toys I had read about and she giggled as her mother came in. It didn’t take long for the pill to start working and things got fuzzy as mom came in. It was a several hours later that I came out of a daze to a kiss. I smiled as Emily pulled back, “That was nice.”

She smiled and held up two small remotes. She put one in my hand and walked around the bed to put the one in my other hand. She walked to one of the chairs and sat and then I saw mom smiling from the other chair. After Emily had sat back, she grinned, “Okay, let’s try it.”

I was a little red faced, but felt the remotes and pressed the buttons. Emily shivered, “Oh my.”

Mom laughed, “Good?”

Emily nodded as she blushed, “Yes. I could get used to this.”

Mom laughed again as Emily shivered. I was grinning, “Tell me if you cum.”

Emily laughed as she closed her legs in a spasm and then opened them wide, “God!”

Olivia came into the room, “You didn’t wait.”

Mom laughed as Emily shook her head and shuddered hard, “Jake, I’m...”

Olivia started laughing as Emily grunted and started shaking. I watched fascinated at the sight of Emily shuddering and shaking while she had an orgasm. I pressed the buttons again and she shivered one last time and then sighed. I smiled as she slowly relaxed and then opened her eyes to smile at me.

Olivia and mom stood her up and turned her around. When they bent her over, I could see the hard rigid panties they pulled down. They looked wet, the egg they slowly pulled out of her made her moan.

They turned Emily to face me and pulled my sheet down and off. My cock was hard and drooling as mom moved around the bed. Olivia started helping Emily onto the bed, only this time over my waist. I could only stare as they held my cock up and guided it to her wet pussy.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. Emily slowly sat, my cock slid into her warm, tight pussy and I held still, afraid to move, but wanting to so bad. Emily shivered, “Oh god mom.”

I smiled as she settled on my groin. “You feel so good, but I’m afraid to move.”

Emily lifted her chin and then slowly lay on my chest. That was when dad came in, “What...”

Mom and Olivia both looked at the door, their faces red. Emily just froze and held onto me. I turned my head and almost laughed at dad’s expression. I smiled, “They’re helping with my therapy.”

Dad snorted and then laughed as he walked to one of the chairs. “I thought your mother has been awfully horny lately.”

I smiled and turned my head to Emily, “I am going to try to move slowly.”

Mom and Olivia were suddenly looking at me. Mom opened her mouth, but I shook my head. Emily held still as I concentrated and slowly push up with my hips. I couldn’t go very far because of the back brace. I did feel a little pain but it was worth the feelings on my cock.

My smiled widened as I relaxed and Emily giggled and then mom and Olivia both laughed. I did it again and relaxed with a sigh and a shiver. The third time I relaxed and closed my eyes. Emily caressed my face, “Stop. Rest and I’ll do it.”

I opened my eyes and she smiled before slowly moving. Dad stood up and stepped up beside me. “Hold still and let her do it Jake, don’t push.”

I nodded, not really listening as the wonderful feeling of Emily’s pussy on my cock became the center of my world. She pulled forward until I was almost out of her and slowly pushed back until I was deep inside her. I groaned after a minute as I felt the tightening in my balls, “I ... Emily?”

Emily kissed me, pushed her tongue in my mouth and then she sat back. My cock throbbed and jerked and then it gushed as I peed thick gobs of cum deep inside her. Emily shivered and shuddered but she kept watching me as I went from peeing cum into her, to pumping strong gushes and then a few spurts. I shook my head and she grinned, “That felt awesome.”

I laughed, “Yeah, it did.”

I looked at dad, “If it feels this good, why aren’t you and mom doing it all the time?”

He grinned and looked at mom, “I think we are going to start doing it a lot more.”

Mom blushed and then laughed, “Help us get Emily off and you can start right now.”

Dad laughed as he just reached up and lifted her off me. Emily and I both groaned as my cock slipped out of her. Olivia grinned and squeezed my arm, “Thank you Jake.”

I smiled as I slowly relaxed, “you’re welcome.”

She looked at Emily, “Emily can sit with you and help you. I need to go home and ... take care of her father.”

I grinned as I looked at Emily, “To service him like a good sex slave?”

Olivia laughed as she turned to walk to the door, “Yes.”

Dad looked from her to my grinning mom and she pulled on his arm, “Come on. I’ll explain while I service you too.”

Dad grinned as he let her pull him out of the room. Emily moved back beside the bed and reached out to caress me. “Whenever you want, however you want.”

I smiled at her, “You just wait until I can move.”

She grinned, “I was talking to your mom about getting a bigger bed.”

I grinned, “Not too big.”

She laughed and started stroking my cock. She looked down at it and then back at my face, “Mom said you didn’t like blow jobs but ... can I try?”

I smiled, “Since I’m helpless and can’t stop you...”

She laughed again and moved down the bed slightly. I looked down my body as she leaned over and licked my cummy cock. She looked at me with a grin, “We taste good.”

I grinned and watched as she went back to licking my cock. When I shivered though, she looked up quickly. I gritted my teeth as the pain slowly left. She moved back to kiss me, “Maybe I should wait to do that.”

I grinned, “Next time give me my muscle relaxants first.”

She grinned, “I don’t want all your muscles relaxed.”

I laughed, “Good luck getting that one to relax.”

She laughed and glanced back at her toys, “can I use my toys?”

I nodded and watched as she put the egg back in and then the panties. She looked at me when she had them in place and I remembered I had the remotes. I grinned, “You should sit down.”

She laughed, “If your bed was bigger I could lay beside you.”

I pushed the on buttons as she sat back and smiled as she shivered before closing her eyes. Her body kept shuddering and she kept opening and closing her legs. Finally she looked at me, “Turn them off.”

I did what she asked and she slowly removed the toys before standing and moving to me. Her eyes were bright as she climbed onto the bed carefully. She bit her lip and straddled my waist before putting my cock back into her pussy. She shivered as my cock slid into her cummy pussy. She looked into my face, “Just lay there and relax.”

I grinned, “Yeah, relax, right.”

She grinned and started rocking back and forth, fucking my cock. She shivered and shook but didn’t stop or take her eyes off my face. I knew when she came. She would jerk and shudder as her pussy milked my cock and she would smile when it ended. She came six times before I knew I was going to cum. She grinned, “Your cock is getting bigger.”

I groaned and started spurting jets of cum as she push down so I would cum deep inside her. When I finished cumming she carefully lay on me and gave me a kiss. She slowly lifted her hips, letting my cock slip out of her. She was careful moving off me and off the bed.

She leaned over and started licking my cock. I shivered but not really hard and she grinned when she looked up at me. When she had licked my cock and groin clean, she kissed my cheek, “I really like the way we taste.”

I grinned and it was only a few minutes before I fell asleep. I woke to mom, she was sitting in her chair in a sheer night gown. I grinned, “Dad sleeping?”

She smiled, “And very satisfied.”

I smiled and mom brought me dinner. After dinner dad came in and carried me to the bathroom. This time I made him take my brace off and I wiped and cleaned myself. He still had to carry me back to bed but strangely I felt better than ever. Dad sat with me and we talked for several hours, mostly about my idea of a man’s wife or girlfriend being a sex slave.

Dad left to go to bed and I lay there alone for a while until Emily slipped in. She dropped her robe and came around the bed. She climbed under my covers and snuggled up against me. She was a little surprised when I caressed her with my left hand but smiled as she put her head on my chest. I woke to dad standing beside the bed, “Don’t over do it Jake. Do you know what I mean?”

I nodded as Emily shifted in her sleep. I gently held her against me and closed my eyes again. I woke to the warm wet feeling of Emily’s pussy sliding slowly down my cock. I looked up to see her eyes closed but she looked like she was enjoying herself. I relaxed and let her rock back and forth, fucking my cock with short strokes.

It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and shaking as she slowly lay down on my chest. When she caught her breath and opened her eyes to see me smiling, she grinned and sat up again. She started fucking me and kept her eyes on me. It was another few minute before she paused and blinked before continuing.

She was fucking me erratically and breathing harder. When she pushed down and gasped before starting to convulse I went over the edge and grunted as I started spewing cum. I pumped load after load of cum while Emily held her hips down so I could spurt cum deep inside her. By the time I was finished we were both shaking and shuddering.

Emily finally sighed and carefully moved up so that my cock pulled out of her. I groaned, “Just wait until I’m better. I’m going to tie you to the bed and just keep my cock inside you until it goes soft.”

There was giggling and I turned my head to see Olivia and mom in the doorway. Emily guided my cock back to her cummy hole and sat back, “Well, if you feel that way.”

She carefully lay forward on my chest. I put my one good arm around her and sighed as I felt her tight pussy milking my cock. Mom and Olivia came in and sat down. I grinned, “Well, how are you doing with the sex slave thing?”

They laughed and Olivia rubbed her pussy, “My husband loves the idea. After I take care of him he doesn’t bother me as much either.”

Mom laughed, “John is the same way. Let him empty his cum and he stops bothering me and is more ... affectionate.”

Emily giggled as my cock twitched and jerked inside her. She gave me a quick kiss and looked at our mothers. “I think it will take a lot more to empty Jake.”

They both laughed as my face reddened. Mom stood up and walked to the bed while Emily blushed. Mom felt my head and then smiled, “Do you hurt?”

I shook my head, but slowly lifted my right arm to put it around Emily. She was watching me as I smiled, “You feel better this way.”

She grinned and snuggled down onto me. “I like you holding me.”

I felt mom’s hand a second later as she caressed my balls and then the base of my cock. Mom laughed and looked at Olivia, “His balls are still full.”

Olivia laughed as both Emily and I blushed. Emily lifted her head, “I’m pacing it so he lasts all day.”

That only made mom and Olivia laugh again before they headed out the door. Emily sighed and her hips began humping down again. I smiled as I looked into her closed eyes, “Ready for more?”

She nodded and sat up putting her hands back on my chest. She didn’t rock though, she slid back and forth on my body. I gasped at the same time she did. When she slid forward she pulled me almost out of her slimy pussy and rubbed her sensitive clit along my body. When she slid back my cock pushed into her tight pussy and she groaned. She got into a steady rhythm that started getting faster as she began breathing harder.

Before long Emily was panting and shuddering as her pussy spasmed and milked my cock. She was actually lifting up as she fucked back onto my cock and I careful reached up for her breasts. When I tugged on the nipples Emily jerked and then had a jerky seizure as her pussy squeezed my cock. She looked at me with a big grin as she shuddered and shook, “Oh my god yes!”

I closed my eyes and groaned as I began pumping spurts of cum up into her. I felt her body continue to shudder and shake as I filled her and my sperm began leaking back out onto me. When I stopped cumming my cock was still throbbing and Emily was still shivering. She finally sighed and relaxed onto my chest, “That felt really good.”

Emily lifted up, letting my cock slip out of her. She kissed me, “I need to pee.”

I grinned and rubbed her butt. “Put your toys in when you come back.”

She grinned and carefully moved off me. I watched her walk out and sighed as I relaxed.

It took me two weeks to recover enough to remove the back brace. Another two weeks of doing ... therapy with Emily and I was back to normal.

Almost every night I went to sleep holding Emily with my cock stuffed into her pussy. We were married five years later and our daughter was born nine months after that. Emily continued to be my loving sex slave and we seem to have more time for the romantic side of our relationship.

Mom and Olivia both embraced the idea and have never been sorry they did.