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My Cousin

by Anon

Karen. My cousin. Sweet flesh of my flesh. She has entered my dreams so often, I smell her in the soft folds of her slips and the humid little panties I snatch from her laundry. She is beautiful in a way that defies my understanding. Desirable and magnetic beyond my will to resist her. Tiny and bright like a bird.

I've watched her, through half closed eyes, move naked through a morning bedroom. A little boy with an itchy bone struggling against a starched cotton sheet. I've watched as she dressed in the grey, dim, morning light. The entire spectacle. Her lush, heart-shaped ass packed into a tight white panties. Dark nylons slipped over a pointed toe and soothed up a slim calf. Flesh peeking from lace. The dark of her nipples huge in a straining bra.

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Posted on: 2011-02-17
Posted In: Incest
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