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Mall Guard

by Anon

James was a security guard at the mall. At 24 years old, it wasn't the best job, but it was good enough to pay the bills while he went to the local community college. He enjoyed his work, and liked to meet different people. His bosses had no idea that inside he was really a pervert, wanting to peek at teenage girls in the dressing rooms. But being scared of getting caught, he never fulfilled his fantasies while at work. But, if he did see a cute one, he would follow her around while she shopped, undressing her with his eyes, and then think about her as he masturbated after returning home at the end of the day.

One day, he saw a teen getting dropped off by her mom in front of the mall. He thought she was awfully cute. She was about 18, but she looked even older physically. When she smiled she showed a mouth full of braces, which made her look somewhat younger in the face. She wore tight blue jeans, and a very tight t-shirt. Her chest was small, but her t-shirt allowed him an excellent view of every bulge her breasts created. He could even see the outline of her bra when he stood behind her.

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