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Randevous Gone Wrong

by neff

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of interracial sex between an unknown intruder and a white wife.

Jennie Marie Jenkins almost seemed to have a long-distance relationship with her husband. Things had not always been that way, but they had become addicted to their cell phones. They both spent time away from each other for long times because of their work. They could communicate easily through text messaging.

She had married a man who was quite a bit older than herself. She was about twenty five and he was almost fifty at the time. Things were pretty good for a while. They had been pretty inexperienced when they married. Her husband, Joe was a bit of an introvert and geek who buried himself in his work.

Joe was a good provider. He made good money as a professor at the local college. He also made a good deal of money on the side as a motivational speaker. Jenny did not care for his time away from home, but it was a trade-off. Less time together, but more income for things they both enjoyed.

As Joe got older, it became more and more difficult for him to get aroused. Jenny didn't care for sex that much, but took it as a personal affront that he was not that interested. She felt a little guilty that it was getting difficult for him to get aroused. She tried hard to be accommodating to him. If he wanted her to dress a little sexier, she was a little reluctant, but would try to accommodate him if it wasn't too outrageous. Lately, it was getting a little more outrageous. Whatever he asked for generally got him going for several months.

He would bring home a shorter dress from Forever Twenty One for her to try on. Sometimes he would go to her with the store and suggest something outrageous from the display window on the Mannequins. Jenny would try to mask her reluctance and buy it as long as she just wore it around the house.

Lately, he was asking her to wear some of the dresses when they went out to eat. She was getting very reluctant to dress that way in public, but her daughter, Marie, thought she was being ridiculous for objecting. Jenny and her fourteen-year-old daughter could easily pass for sisters. Marie was developed beyond her years, and Jenny had been a late bloomer.

With her daughter's enthusiastic encouragement, Jenny gradually managed to mask some of her reluctance. Joe began to use his cell phone text messaging a little more. Some of his messages were getting a little more suggestive.

One day he was going to be late coming home from work. He suggested meeting her at a restaurant. He had asked her to wear the dark silk dress they had just bought, and leave off the panties and bra. Jenny was shocked and embarrassed, but felt she needed to try and humor her husband. She had promised to obey, for better or worse. This seemed to be worse than better, but hopefully it would make it better.

Jenny was reluctant, but dressed as ordered. Joe had cut off a couple of the buttons on the lower part of the dress. The long dark silk dress only hit her about mid thigh anyway, so there was not much room for modesty when she sat down.

Jenny put on the dark suede boots that zipped up the side and hit her just below the knees. The whole dress fit like a glove. It wasn't "tight" in the sense that it had horizontal stretch marks. It fit with no wrinkles and accented every curve she had. As long as they sat in a low-lit intimate corner away from traffic, they would be O.K. She put on a dark, long sleeved sweater so the dress would be less revealing.

Jenny got into "Burt," her 1970 Volkswagen beetle. She drove to the garment district to meet him at "Gabriella's. It was a small intimate restaurant they had been to once before. Jenny liked it, because they had been given an alcove near the back.

Jenny parked in front and the valet came around to take the keys. He was not too gentlemanly as he opened the door to help her out. Instead of discretely looking her in the eyes, he almost gasped as she swung her long uncovered legs out of the cramped little car. Her dress had ridden up to a ridiculous height in order to drive the car with the manual transmission.

There was no real lady-like way to modestly get out of the driver's seat.

Jenny embarrassingly tried to hold her right hand with her purse over her lap as she tried to cover herself as he chauvinistically pulled her up with her left hand. She tried to put her right hand between them as he brought her up against him. "There you go, Miss." He said grinning as he pulled her upright.

He filled out her receipt and took her keys.

Jenny texted her husband that she was there, and tried to see if he was waiting or running late. "I've got the only table they have." He said. Jenny walked in and told the hostess she was with the Joe Jenkins party. The hostess guided her over to a glass table right next to the window. The window went across the entire front of the restaurant and was up about four feet above the outside grade.

Jenny was embarrassed enough to be wearing the short dress. She was not prepared to be exhibited by sitting in front of the huge picture window. Her face turned red as she watched the occasional couple walk by in front of the restaurant. Things got worse when a couple of men came up grinning at Joe. "Honey, we had a couple of out of town guests that I have invited to have supper with us. I'd like to introduce you to Mike and Jason. Mike and Jason, this is my beautiful wife; Jenny.

Jenny did not hear much of the conversation that night. She was too pre-occupied trying to keep her dress together. No matter how good she was at keeping the sides from gapping, the people outside still got a good view up her dress from the lower angle. The fact that she was not wearing any panties made her concentration on her dinner impossible.

Mike and Jason tried to appear discrete, but there is no way that they could completely ignore the scene in front of them.

After supper, Jenny was glad to extract herself from the situation and get home. Joe was so horny by the time he got home; he couldn't seem to contain himself for several months after that. Jenny had to reluctantly admit to herself that perhaps the ordeal hadn't been that bad if it excited her husband as much as it did.

Because of his work, she had learned to adjust her schedule. She had begun taking college classes again; Photography, Watercolor Painting, Gardening and whatever else her friends suggested over the years. She had become more and more adept with her computer. She had learned to do a lot more with it now.

She had her own email account and browsed the internet with it quite a bit. She had heard one of her friends talk about being fascinated with It was a website where you could find partners to express and explore different sexual fantasies and ideas. She had begun a tentative exploring with the models on Poser 9. Poser was a 3D website.

You could get a 3D model and clothe it in different costumes. You could animate it to do different things.

She had passed on what she had found to Joe, thinking he would be outraged with the website. To her surprise, he seemed intrigued with it. He also began learning the same program. They began emailing each other with different ideas for stories and situations to put the models in. All this seemed to excite him and get him going for a few months.

She had been a stay at home mom ever since their fourteen-year-old daughter, Marie, had been born. They lived in the most exclusive area of town in a mansion that her husband had inherited. Jenny was concerned that if anybody found out what they were doing, it would be humiliating to their family. Never-the-less, her social life had been so boring, she was ready to scream. She longed for the attention she was used to in high school and college.

Jennifer was still spectacular-looking, but you couldn't tell by the way he had made her dress in the past. She was intrigued by the change in his interest. He had ordered her to wear certain things when they skyped each other. He was getting more and more aggressive the more they talked.

Un-known to Jenny, Sam, the valet who had parked her car at Gabriella's, was a computer wizard who lived in an apartment complex across the street.

Jenny and her husband were not computer literate enough to know much about internet security or passwords. When they got their computers, her husband had gone to the local Best Buy and got the stuff. The computers came with internet cards, and they fumbled their way through getting a wireless router to work so they did not have to be connected to use the internet.

She did not know that Sam had been monitoring all the communication between herself and Joe. Sam could see the suggestive outfits Joe had coerced her into wearing. Joe had gotten more and more suggestive to Jennifer.

Sam had parked her car several times when Jenny had met her husband at the restaurant when she had worn her suggestive outfits, and Sam was getting jealous. Sam was aware that Joe was going to be out of town on a business trip for a week or so. He texted Jenny on her computer (pretending to be her husband).

"The trip was cut short. I will be in town Friday night. Let's do something different." They had a rural farmhouse about an hour outside of town that they would go to on the weekends about once a month to cut grass, plant flowers and take care of the property.

He ran a 3D animation of what his next fantasy was. He set up an animation of Jenny, sitting naked in the center of a deserted barn. She was blindfolded and handcuffed. He was going to massage her with oils and perfume and use his mouth on her.

At first, Jenny was shocked and outraged. After she had a few hours to think about it, she reluctantly decided to accommodate him. Their incident at the restaurant had seemed to excite him for a long time. Sam, pretending to be Joe said he was questioning her commitment to him. If she wouldn't do it, she had no spirit of adventure.

Jenny did not want to do it, but reasoned that it was arousing him more regularly and she had to accommodate him as part of her wifely obligation. She made him promise it would be just that one time, and he would not pressure her anymore after that. Joe (Sam) agreed.

Sam had already asked her to shave her vagina completely before one of their previous trips to Gabrielle's. He told her to go to a tattoo parlor and get her labia pierced so that she could have two tiny silver padlocks that he sent her inserted. He had the keys. That was his assurance that she would be faithful only to him. The old man was getting harder and harder to accommodate. If he ever told any of his friends, she would die. Since all of this was strictly between them, Jenny reluctantly went along with it.

Jenny was embarrassed, but did as told. On the day they had agreed upon, a package arrived. There were a number of clothes and directions in the box. The instruction started out by saying that she was to wear only what was in the box.

Jenny was embarrassed by his request for her to be naked for the ordeal. She put on the high-heel chocolate colored boots that went to just below her knees. She zipped them up. She put on the newest dress, which was a button-front dress that fit like a glove. The front was snug and cut so low that the front stopped just below her nipples. The cloth was cut and reinforced so that it had the support of a bra. There were Velcro tabs at the shoulders that joined the front to the back. There was a very short lacy and sleeveless bolero that had two of the oriental-styled buttons that were little black balls that slipped through a lacy tie. The dark silk dress hit her at mid thigh but was missing the two lower buttons. As long as she stood, nothing showed.

Jenny knew the way and left, as instructed just after dark. She drove the familiar route and was there in a short time.

Jenny pulled into the drive of the familiar, unpainted farmhouse. She pulled into the drive and stopped just short of the tobacco barn near the back of the compound. The slats for tobacco drying were out, and she could see a certain amount of light inside. Jenny left the keys in the car and took her purse with her.

Once inside, Jenny got adjusted to the dim light. The barn was a two story building with a 45° roof pitch. The telephone-pole type columns were about fifteen feet apart. The perimeter on all four sides had been milking stalls, where the cows stuck their heads between a couple of vertical posts. Somebody else came by and locked them in so they could be milked while they fed on alfalfa. The center part was well over forty feet high. This was the area that had normally been filled with hay bales. Bales were tossed down each day and broken so the cows could eat. Through the winter, the pile of bales would diminish until they were gone by spring.

The barn had not been used recently. The hay storage area had been cleaned. The whole barn had been cleaned, but there was still the faint aroma of alfalfa that could not be removed from the 200 year old barn. Jenny could see where the beams and columns had been notched at each connection and secured by hand hewn wood pegs.

In the center of the barn was one oak captain's chair. Several small spotlights were centered on it. In the center of the chair was a pair of handcuffs. Draped over the back of the chair was a white silk scarf about 36"square.

In front of the chair, were several bales of hay arranged in a square. On top of the bales, was a thin king-sized mattress covered with black silk sheets. On each side of the "bed" were a series of bales of hay covered with white linen sheets. They were arranged like there was going to be an audience of six or eight people. "Was this an accident, coincidence, or a sign of things to come?" Jenny shuddered.

Jennifer didn't know whether to be panic stricken or aroused. This was clearly the most explosive situation she had been in since she had played spin the bottle when she was fourteen.

Jenny sat down in the oak chair. It was much lower than most chairs she was used to. Instead of her legs dangling from the chair and not quite meeting the floor, she crossed her legs and they sloped at almost a 45° angle as her long high heeled boots seemed to drag on the ground.

Jenny picked up the handcuffs and scarf. She sat in the low oak chair, thinking about what she was doing. She still was in the position to back out. Instead of following orders, she toyed with the handcuffs.

She set the handcuffs in her lap and adjusted the silk scarf as a blindfold. She folded it to about three inches wide and tied the ends in a knot at the back of her head. "You better get her soon. I don't like being in this position." She thought to herself.

With deep reluctance, she put her hands behind her and snapped the handcuffs shut. She waited. He had been watching her from the second level. After what seemed like hours, he lowered himself down the ladder and walked up behind her.

Joe ... Is that you? Joe ... I did what you said. Jenny waited, hoping for something romantic or exciting to happen. She was hoping for some comforting words to relax her. She could feel the presence of somebody and was hoping to hell it was Joe.

She felt some movement. Somebody had tied a rope from the handcuffs binding her hands to the rungs at the bottom of her chair. With her hands cuffed behind her and tethered to the bottom of the chair she could not stand. Although she was alarmed, she had been prepared for this much. When Joe did not respond with some kind of comforting voice, she became more alarmed.

Soon Jenny felt some hands on her back. The hands were huge and rough. Was this Joe? She didn't remember his hands before. Jenny tingled all over. The hands moved to her neck. They massaged her neck and then her shoulders. It was comforting. She hadn't had a massage in years. It was also menacingly alarming. She had not heard any words of comfort and certainly nothing to assure her it was Joe. Slowly, Jenny began to realize why she was alarmed. The hands were much larger and coarser than her husband's. They were much colder. They were much stronger.

The uncertainty sent shivers through her. She felt the fingers move to the pin holding up her bun. The pin was removed. Jenny's long reddish brown French braid unrolled down her neck, back and almost to her cuffed hands. There was more massaging her neck.

Next, the massive hands moved to her shoulders. The hands unbuttoned Jenny's Bolero Jacket. The cool wind that drifted through the drafty barn reminded Jenny that her long-stemmed pink nipples were exposed. The jacket was pulled back over her shoulders and rested against the back of her chair.The hands separated the Velcro tabs that kept the front and back portions of her dress top together. The back portion dropped down where it was pinned between her arms and sides.

By now, Jenny was pretty sure this was not her husband. "Who is this? You are not my husband. Where is he? How did you know I would be here?" Jenny's lips were trembling in embarrassment and humiliation now. She tried not to panic. She was not in a position to do anything except argue her way out and maybe plead for mercy.

Jenny's eyes began to water as she felt the rest of the buttons of her dress being opened. Jenny moaned in embarrassment. "P ... p ... p ... please let me go. T ... t ... this ... isn't the way it was supposed to be. My husband will be here any minute. You can't do this." She mewed.

The stranger's hands opened her dress. The cool air reminded her he could see.

To Jenny's horror, she could hear footsteps. She could hear more people arriving. They were trying to keep as quiet as possible, but she could hear them as they sat in the fresh hay. She could smell the fresh after-shave. She could hear the breathing.

She could feel another set of hands on her neck and back; massaging her back and shoulders. She could feel the original hands pressing against her knees; forcing them apart. Jenny groaned as she felt the stubble against her labia. "Oh, God, no ... please ... please ... no ... I'm begging you. My husband will be here any minute." She moaned in humiliation.

Jenny could tell that the tormenter in front of her was a monster. She could tell by the length of his fingers. The tongue snaking into her felt like a python; snaking in and out, looking for something and then finding the correct path. It lathered her insides. It widened and narrowed, snaking behind and around her clitoris, pulling it up and side to side.

Jenny was revolted at the treatment, but could not control her body. The rough tongue was acting like an 8" dildo that could snake in and out; and flutter from side to side and change its girth. She was totally humiliated when her body shuddered. It was against her will.

The crowd clapped and cheered. Jenny sobbed knowing now that there were indeed several spectators. "Who were they? Did she know them? Did they know her?" Jenny was devastated.

"Please let me go. I'm begging you. You have humiliated me beyond words. Have you no decency?" she sobbed.

Jenny could not see, but was aware that a large shadow in front of her was blocking out the light. There had to be somebody very big in front of her. She could hear him adjusting his clothes. She heard the telltale signs. She heard the belt unbuckle; the snap behind it opened. The sound of the zipper opening sent chills of terror down her back. "Ohhhh ... Goddddd ... please ... no ... no ... please don't do this she sobbed. She didn't really know exactly what they were going to do, but knew it was going to be terrible.

Jenny could hear the jeans slide down. She could feel the shadow moving. The heat ... the smell ... the ominous smell. It was something she was not around often, but knew instantly what it was. Then she felt the heat. She recognized the smell and heat. Then she felt it.

Jenny felt the hot, throbbing slab of meat against her lips. It had a slick film that made her gag because she knew what it was. It had been a long time. It had never been that warm. It had never felt that big.

Jenny remembered one time when she had been working in a restaurant. The cook had been making fresh bread. He had made about fifteen or twenty pounds of fresh bread dough and cut it into several balls to put in individual bread pans. He had rolled a one pound ball into a tube; about three inches in diameter and about a foot long.

He told Jenny to close her eyes and put one hand behind her with her palm open. All the other waitresses were standing there watching. When she had her hand open, he softly dropped the roll of fresh bread dough in her hand. The yeast had caused the dough to rise and heat. It was very warm and soft. Jenny had jumped ahead and screamed, thinking the worst.

The girls all screamed in laughter, knowing what Jenny had imagined.

That was how she felt now; only she knew this was not a twelve inch of freshly kneaded bread dough against her lips. Jenny fought her humiliation and urges to gag as she turned her head to her right. She felt the slime track along the side of her cheek. She couldn't get away from it. It was alive. She couldn't escape it. It raised itself. The bottom of the pulsing hot shaft followed her and pressed against her lips again. It had all night, and she was bound with few options.

Jenny pulled her head straight back. That left her mouth pointed straight up in the air. The thing seemed to weigh ten pounds as it rested itself on top of her clenched lips. Jenny groaned in agony and humiliation, knowing how she looked to the people she had heard clap a minute or so ago.

She continued to turn and thrash in a desperate attempt to keep the persistent throbbing roll of bread dough off of her lips. It stopped moving. She felt the two hands that were resting on her neck slide down to her breasts. She felt the thumb and forefinger of each hand grab her long pink nipples. The pressure started out softly and became more intense until she screamed. "OK, OK ... I have no choice. Please stop. I ... I ... I'll d ... d ... do ... do it." She whispered feebly.

The throbbing creature pulsing against her left cheek moved again. It centered itself in front of her. She could tell it was about a quarter of an inch from her lips. Her tears flowed down her cheeks, knowing what she had to do. Her lips quivered as her tongue reluctantly emerged to lubricate her lips. It was an involuntary and subconscious reaction. She would never have knowingly licked her lips in anticipation of wrapping them around a cock the girth of her forearm.

Beneath the blindfold, Jenny was squeezing her eyes shut for all she was worth. Somehow, she must have thought this would shut out what was happening. She wanted to resist, but could feel the pressure on her nipples building.

"Oh ... Goddddd ... this is it." Her mind screamed as she felt the hot wet tissue against her lips. With no options, Jenny reluctantly leaned forward. She softened her lips and tried to keep her teeth clenched as the pulsing creature rubbed itself back and forth the entire width of her lips; as though searching for some mysterious opening it could not find.

Jenny's lips trembled as she softened her jaw muscles and allowed her teeth to part. The hot, pulsing phallus seemed to sway like a cobra, searching back and forth for that opening; looking for enough of a crack to force its way in.

Jenny's fight had been twisted out of her. Her nipples had felt like they had been ripped off. She was done fighting. She slackened her jaw in a mutual sign of resignation or surrender to the phalanx in front of her.

Like a snake that had found its lair, the black salamander slithered forward and started to disappear past her lips.Like a submarine starting to dive, the tip slowly disappeared. The rest of the dark, wet hull followed as her cheeks widened to take the incredible girth. Her lips trembled and her upper lip seemed to curl up in indignation as her mind screamed for a way out. Her tongue struggled to find a place to anchor itself in an effort to keep from being shoved down her throat.

Despite the threat of having her nipples torn from her, she pulled back. She turned her head to break the strands of spittle and semen that joined them. "Please give me a chance to get my breath. Please give me some time to get used to this. This is so new for me. I ... I ... I'll get through this. Just give me some more time; please... " Jenny sobbed.

There was no new twisting of her nipples. The hands on her shoulders softened. She could feel them massaging the back and sides of her neck. The hands in her hair moved and caressed the sides of her cheeks. Jenny took several deep breaths until her sobbing subsided. Her mind raced to figure out how she had gotten into this predicament, but still didn't understand. She knew that there were two of them; one behind her, massaging her neck, trying to sooth her panic, and the tormenter in front of her, holding her head pointed at this gigantic phallus.

Trying to force herself to make the best of the situation, she tried to make an effort to avoid getting her nipples torn from her again. Jenny leaned forward. She turned her head. She opened her mouth and placed her open mouth against the side of his shaft. She used her tongue to flick back and forth and lather the side of him. She continued moving her head from one side to the other to stimulate the parts of his shaft she knew she could not get into her mouth. "Maybe I can get him off this way without putting this much of it in my mouth." She thought.

Jenny used her nose to nudge it up. She turned her head to use her nose to caress the bottom of his shaft. Like a giraffe using its nimble lips to pick off the highest leaves of a tree, she managed to pull the loose foreskin just behind the crown into her lips. She levered the gathered folds between her teeth and pulled. She tugged the loose skin out beyond the length of the tip. The pain inflicted by her teeth was balanced by the stimulation it brought. It was a pain that the owner was not willing to give up. The stimulation caused even more lengthening of the pulsing, throbbing tube than she thought possible. Her licking, biting and pulling had lengthened him to the point that there was no more slack in the tissue she had been pulling on.

Jenny was out of options as she felt the hands in her hair pulling her forward again. In resignation she parted her lips to the unseen phalanx. She rolled her lips away, not trying to cover her teeth. Her lips quivered. Her cheeks stretched as he entered. The muscles in her neck twitched in nervousness as her mouth filled. Her tongue changed from trying to make room; to tightening and constricting to avoid the invasion. She was torn between trying to accept him and trying to keep it from gagging her.

The monster invading her and the hands in her hair seemed to understand there was only so much room. It stopped its penetration a few inches past the crown. The invading animal seemed to find comfort in the warmth and moistness of the humiliated woman's sanctuary. Jenny softened her lips to rest against the enormous girth filling her. Her tongue relaxed against the monster pressing down against it. They could both feel the pulse of each other and held their position for some time.

Jenny seemed to achieve some psychological reprieve that the invasion had stopped. The dark skinned cobra seemed to relish the warmth of its new sanctuary.

Jenny's mind seemed to race in terror again as she felt the invader pull back. Like an anaconda, it inched itself back slowly. "Was it leaving, or was it just repositioning itself like a battering ram to push itself further in?" Jenny turned and twisted her head from side to side, using her cheeks to squeeze the sides in a feeble attempt to hold their positions.

She now knew that this was both an attempt to get deeper into her and to increase stimulation. She tried to squeeze him with her lips and tongue, hoping that would be enough. She tried to kiss the tip as it pulled out. She extended her tongue, desperately searching for the retreating purple helmeted black adder.

She didn't have to wait. She didn't have to search. The slimy tip had barely separated itself when it changed direction. Her outstretched tongue that felt it just leave, felt it return; bigger, hotter and wetter than when it had just left.

It was like a receding tidal wave. The wave that crashes and leaves is not as big as the new one coming back. It is even worse because the last one has left a message of what is to come. Jenny pursed her lips in anticipation of the onslaught she knew was approaching. She turned her head from side to side; trying to use her cheeks and tongue to slow the tide filling her.

Like a pearl diver, she tried to time her last deep breath before he filled her. Jenny fought to stay conscious as the invasion seemed to test her limits. How much of his girth could she take? How much of his length could she take?

Jenny was humiliated, knowing that the people who might not be able to completely see what was going on could easily tell what was happening by the gulping and gagging sounds of the air escaping and sucking back into her mouth announcing what was going on.

Although she was blindfolded, she could sense the surrounding light disappearing. She could tell by the change of light and smell that the crowd had gathered closer to see what was going on. She could feel the flashes of light from the cell phone cameras. The tears flowing out of the bottom of her blindfold looked like drops from a leaky roof spilling into the buckets placed along the floor to contain them.

To her horror and to her relief, Jenny sensed the end. She felt the hands in her hair in a death grip, almost crushing her skull. He heard him groan as the muscle in her mouth throbbed and jumped. Her tongue could feel the canal along the bottom of his shaft throb and widen. She felt the first blast of ectoplasm hit the back of her throat as the black phallus was pulled out and her blindfold was pulled off.

"Keep your mouth open; wider; stick out your tongue; wider." She heard her tormenter grunt. The hands in her hair pulled her head back so her nose pointed straight up. With her mouth as wide as she could get it, and her tongue as far out and wide as she could hold it, the purple helmeted black adder rested its chin against it as it continued to fire. One blast went over her eyes and into her hair. The next one landed in her eyes. The diminishing gushes continued their vomiting into her nose before settling into her mouth.

It was absolute humiliation. It was absolute shame. It was absolute relief to know that the ordeal was over; or was it? Somebody had stuck a monster tongue into her vagina and caused her to erupt against every effort by her against it. She had sucked the semen dry out of this tree trunk in her mouth. Semen drenched her face. Jenny refused to open her eyes even though the blindfold had been removed. She was still trying to blot out the entire incident. Could she still pretend in her mind this had not happened if she didn't open her eyes?

Somebody had picked up her dress and began to wipe the semen from her eyes so she could see if she wanted. She refused to open them. She could sense the crowd leaving. She did not want to know if there was anybody she knew.

She felt something being placed in her right hand. It was a key. Somebody had placed the handcuff key in her hand.

"Wait a few minutes. Then you can leave." She heard the voice in front of her say.

Jenny was past trying to reason. She was past being defiant. She was past retribution. She just wanted it to end.

When she felt she had heard the last car leave, Jenny opened her eyes. She was alone, naked and still handcuffed to the chair in the middle of the barn with several soft spotlights still focused on her. The white linen cloths that had covered the square hay bales were wrinkled and in disarray. No matter how tight she had squeezed her eyes, there was no avoiding the fact that others had been there.

Jenny was able to use the key to free herself. She put the ruined dress back on and buttoned what she could, but in her state of despair and humiliation, the buttons clearly weren't in the right holes. Jenny picked up her purse and took her keys out. "Where was her husband?" she wondered. Was he going to rescue her, or was he somehow part of this?"

Jenny struggled to stand and walk to her car. She sat in her car for a while to calm herself. She drove home slowly. Should she tell her husband? Should she and her husband try to find out what had happened or should she just keep quiet, and avoid upsetting him about something they could ruin their marriage?

Jenny drove, with her purse sitting beside her and not knowing that it had a tracking device that could follow her and listen to all of her conversations. But that, as they say, ... is another story.