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Morning After

by John Demille

A guy picks up a nurse at a bar and she takes him home. He wakes up to a surprise the morning after

We met in a bar where we danced the whole evening. She was a nurse from the nearby hospital and wanted to relax after a hard day's work. When she asked me back to her house I agreed, of course. The sex we had was good but not fantastic. After, we fell asleep in each other's arms.

When I woke up I could feel her naked body spooning against my back. As I stirred, I felt her arm around me and her hand grasping my morning erection. Turning around, I laughed and said, "good morning."

She squeezed my cock, leaned over me and gave me a sexy wet kiss. Her tongue explored my mouth, and her hand stroked my cock. For a moment, I wondered why she hadn't been as forward and sexy last night. Perhaps she is a morning person or maybe was too tired after work and a long evening. I returned the kiss and probed her mouth with my tongue.

She crawled over me and pressed her naked body against mine. My cock lay between her thighs which she pressed hard against me; she was much hotter this morning than she was yesterday. She was already good last night, but now she was red hot. I broke the kiss and moved my mouth to her soft breasts which I had so liked yesterday. They weren't there!

"My God!" I cried opening my eyes for the first time and saw what I had found so sexy. She had not lost her wonderful full breasts because she wasn't there. Instead, there was this young girl whose breasts wouldn't fill an A sized bra. I leaped out of the bed and stared at this enchanting young woman of about fifteen or sixteen years. Naked as the day she was born, she lay in the bed looking at me.

I suddenly realized that I too was naked, and she was looking at my hard cock.

"Come back to bed" she said, speaking for the first time. "I want to play some more."

"Who are you?" I asked haltingly.

I was trembling like a leaf, what if someone came in and saw me standing naked in front of this girl with a stiff cock. It would be difficult to explain. My cock already wilting.

"There is no-one here." She said, as though she could read my mind. "Mom left for work half an hour ago. She said I should wake you. I'm Petra."

She leaned forward and grasped my wilting cock and dragged me to the bed.

"How old are you Petra?" I asked as my cock stiffened again in her hand. I looked at her tiny hand surrounding my throbbing hard on as she replied.

"I'll be sixteen next month."

Her breasts were small with small, hard, pointed nipples. Her hips were nicely rounded and her bum was rounded and cute. As I gazed at her naked body it reminded me how hot and sexy I had thought she was I still believed she was her mother, hotter than her mother had been the previous night. I began to wonder about the possibilities.

"What time does your mother come home? Is there anyone else here?"

"My mother returns at half past four, and nobody else is here or is coming. Come back to bed!" she said tugged my cock coaxing me to the bed.

Since I passed thirty, I often had fantasies about teens but had never yet fulfilled any of them for understandable reasons. Now this naked hotty was dragging me by my cock and begging me to climb into bed with her.

Slowly, I laid down next to her. She immediately kissed me and forced her hungry tongue into my mouth.

I explored her tight, unbelievably sexy body. Her skin was soft and smooth. She responded to my touch with gentle sighs as my hand caressed her body. She reciprocated with feathery touches on mine. When my hand touched her tummy, her stomach muscles twitched slightly. As my hand approached her generously-haired pussy, and she put her arms around my neck and pulled me tightly against her. I fondled her tender cunt lips and touched her prominent clitoris.

She pushed her hips against my hand and squeezed my cock harder. I had never been so turned on. This young thing was exciting me more than any other women in my whole life. I shifted my mouth to her small breasts and let my tongue dance over her hard nipples. The result of my finger on her slit and my mouth on her breasts was a loud and heavy moan as she shoved her hips savagely hard against my hand.

"AAAHHHH!" she cried as she reached her first orgasm. I worked my finger further into her wet cunt, and her orgasm became stronger.

As her first orgasm was subsiding, she deftly swung her body around and opened her mouth and engulfed a good portion of my rock hard cock. As she closed her mouth around my cock, her orgasm renewed and her body went into more convulsions. This girl has some pleasant oral tendencies.

The combination of her tongue sliding over the head of my cock and the visual effect of seeing her orgasm some more by sucking my cock pushed my excitement to a fever pitch. Her body squirmed in ecstasy, and her tongue brought me to an uncontrollable climax. I felt my cock contract pulsing my cum into her hungry mouth.

Every spasm shot a jet of cum into Petra's mouth and pushed a wave of pure bliss through my body.

She sucked hard, milking every drop out of me and swallowing it as fast as she could. Letting go of my cock she straightened up, and she passed her tongue around her lips seeking any escaping bit of cum. The sight of her seeking my cum caused a final jet to shoot out of my cock and strike her left cheek, where she swiped it into her mouth with her finger.

"That was fun!" she said smiling.

"Sure was." I concurred.

"Mom made coffee before she left, come into the kitchen and I will make breakfast." She said as she climbed out of the bed.

As I reached for my underpants, she said, "You don't need to dress, we can have breakfast nude; no-one can see into the kitchen."

Her sweet tight and round ass disappeared around the corner as she went through the kitchen door. I stood and followed her.

When I joined her she had already picked up the coffee pot and was standing on tip toe to get the cups from the shelf.

"My God! She is the most wanton girl I have ever seen." I thought to myself.

"I can't reach the cups, could you give me a hand?" she asked.

I stood next to her and fetched the cups and when I gave them to her it struck me how short she really was; she couldn't be more than 4'10". She put the cups and the coffee on the table, and I put my arm around her.

She responded by snuggling up against my bare body. The feel of her soft warm skin brought my cock instantly back to life.

"Ooohhh." she cooed "It's good to see it back." And putting her hand on my hardening cock she bent down and kissed it on the head.

"That we can deal with later. Let's have breakfast." I said, caressing her smooth ass.

She poured the coffee while always keeping one eye on my stiff cock that jutted up like a flagpole. While we were eating, she began to talk.

"When I was little, my bed was in the same room as my parents'. Sometimes I would watch them while pretending to sleep. One night they were naked which was nothing new to me, but dad was sucking on mom's breasts, and she had his cock in her hand, it did not look like usual but was big and hard. Dad turned round and put his mouth on mom's pussy and she took his cock in her mouth. I thought that this must be a special sort of kiss just for parents. Dad's cock was sticking up and out just like yours is now. He took it in his hand and placed it against her pussy, I could not believe my eyes when he thrust it inside her cunt and pumped it in and out, faster and faster.

"'Fuck me' said mom and both of them began to moan more loudly until dad suddenly braced himself then thrust one last time into mom's cunt. Both moaned a few more times before settling down to sleep.

"When I was eight, dad split the room into two halves, separated by a partition with a door. I was cut off so I had to watch through a crack. Mom and Dad relaxed now that they thought I could no longer see them, and it made it easier for me to watch them. I became an expert at bringing myself off!

"Right about when I reached fourteen, one morning when I woke up and wanted to go through my parents' room for a bath I saw my dad as he was still asleep in bed and the bedclothes had slipped off him so I could see he was naked. Although he was asleep his penis was somewhat erect, I had him!

"I had still not seen it up close and I was fascinated by it. I sat down next to him on the bed and gently touched it. It felt soft and warm, I played with it a little and dad's breathing became faster, whenever I looked at him his eyes were still shut, so I carried on.

"His cock no longer lay to his side, but stood upright and was becoming longer and thicker, I rested my head in dad's lap and watched his cock. It was now as big as when mom was playing with it, and it was becoming even bigger! I held it in different places squeezing it all the time.

"I put my fingers on his cock head and immediately began to vigorously run my hand up and down his cock like I had seen mom do. White stuff sprayed out of the little hole at the end. Some hit me in the face, some in my hair, and some ended up in my mouth. After I stopped pulling his cock, it became small again.

"My dad still appeared to be sound asleep so I went to have my bath. The whole time I was having my bath, I thought about the white stuff that I could still taste in my mouth. When dad woke up an hour later neither of us said a word.

"After that morning, I often played with my dad's cock and also placed my mouth on his glans so that his cum didn't shoot all over the bed and also because I liked its taste. I had a suspicion that dad was only pretending to be asleep for on occasions his cock was already stiff when I sat on the bed.

"One morning, when I was playing with his cock I looked in the mirror on the wall and saw that his eyes were open, I continued playing with his cock and then said `Dad you awake, I can see you, you're only pretending to be asleep'.

"He said nothing but began to caress my back, I looked at him and put my arm round him. His hands rested on my body, then he said `little one I did not want you to notice how much I liked what you were doing. Fathers must not have sex with their children and so I pretended to be asleep.'

"I told him that I always used to watch him with mom, and I liked sucking his cock. I gave him a kiss and said; `I love you dad'. He replied; `Petra, that is not the proper kiss for a girl who truly loves her father' and he gave me a kiss on my lips and stuck his tongue in my mouth. It felt wonderful.

"He caressed my whole body and found my clitoris and stroked it gently. On that morning he licked my pussy, and taught me how to correctly take his cock in my mouth and to suck it, and to swallow his cum. During the following months Dad and I often licked and sucked each and we both loved it. Once I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he told me that we shouldn't go that far.

"During that period, mom and dad began quarrelling more often and then they split up. After the separation mom started to meet other men and I watched her having sex with many of them, but I never tried to start anything with anybody until this morning.

"How is the coffee, do you want some more?"

My cock was throbbing as I was listening to her story, she was making me hot. Her smooth body, small tits and her firm round ass attracted me more than any adult women.

"Do you want to see my room?" She asked me.

"Of course," I replied and followed her sweet ass through the house. When she opened the door to her room I saw a child's room, which was odd. The bed was small and low.

"Do want to fuck me here or in mom's big bed?" she asked me in her blunt manner.


She grabbed my cock she placed it up against her mouth as she sat down on the bed. Her lips wrapped around it, and her tongue caressed the underside.

It was at that moment that I realized that there was no going back. I had to have this girl, now. My hands stroked her tiny breasts, and I looked down her. My cock had never been so hard as this. The sight of it stuck in Petra's little mouth was the hottest thing I had ever seen. Her lips stretched around my stiff pole, and her cheeks were drawn together as she sucked on my glans.

As I lay down on the bed, her mouth followed my movements never once losing contact with my cock. My hands slid gently over her small body; her taut round bum fit in only one hand and her hairy pussy felt so soft and wet. She sensed my approaching orgasm and took her mouth from my cock leaving it waving stiffly up in the air.

I moved my mouth to a small nipple, feeling it harden as I sucked on it while I worked my finger into her narrow vagina. She was so tight that I wondered if I would be able to get my cock into her, but then my finger started to move more freely as her juices started to flow.

I put my mouth down to her cunt and gently licked her swollen lips up and down. The taste and smell of her were different to her mother and were nearly driving me out of my mind. Her clitoris was now swollen, and erect and she was breathing heavily and panting. She too was very aroused and enjoying every moment of her passion.

I lay down on top of her and her small body seemed so tiny beneath me.

"No, that's no good, if I lie like that she'll be crushed." I thought to myself.

So I pulled her onto the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide. Now I had easy access to both her holes. I kneeled on the floor in front of her, and my cock was almost the same height as her hairy pussy. I placed my hands on her hips, and I lifted her slightly so her pussy was the same height as my cock.

When my cock-head touched her narrow slit, a rush of lust overcame me. I pushed my cock forwards, and her cunt lips began to part.

"Stick it right up me!" She cried begging. "I want to feel you inside me. Fuck me, now!"

This girl is nicely vocal. None of my teenage adventures ever had been this vocal or exciting to say the least.

I pushed harder, and I felt her maidenhood tear, and she uttered a short painful cry. My cock moved farther and my cock head disappeared between her cunt lips.

"Fuck me!" she cried again, "stick it right up me."

I pushed my cock harder, and my cock disappeared completely into her cunt. This is the first time that I was thankful that I wasn't large. Soon enough my pubic hair intermingled with hers.

Deep inside her my cock hit bottom and I knew I was completely inside as the head nudged her cervix. I slowly pulled my cock free from her.

"Stick it back in again!" she begged me. That was exactly what I had in mind!

Her warm pussy squeezed tightly against my hard cock holding it firm. Like a warm wet glove. I looked at her face and saw the passion in her eyes. Her nipples were now big and hard and her stomach trembled each time my cock entered her. Her cunt milked my cock again and again as I thrust into her. "OOOHHHHHOOO" she groaned as she began to move her little bum up to meet me so hard that I could no longer keep hold of her hips and dropped my hands to the bed.

My cock slipped out of her tight cunt with a "plop".

"Shit" she cried and grabbed my throbbing cock and forced it back into her itching wet pussy. "Now get on with fucking me."

I laid down on top of her and thrusted my cock back into her throbbing cunt.

"Get on top of me." I said and seized her hips and turned us over so that she was now sitting on top of me.

She repositioned herself, then squatted above me. She raised her thighs and let them fall again onto my stiff cock forcing it deep inside her tight pussy and holding it in a tight grip as she rose and fell again and again onto me.

She had one orgasm after another as she savagely ground her hips down on me, the narrow walls of her pussy holding tight to my cock. I wanted it to continue forever, but I could no longer resist her tight throbbing cunt, and my cock trembled and tensed before the explosion. She thrusted even more savagely onto me as my whole body shook and my hot cum squirted out of my shaft and up into her fuck hole.

"Oh Yes!" she moaned. "I can feel you shooting inside me. Fill me with your cum."

My sperm sprayed out of my cock buried deep inside her, and with that shot we both exploded in a gigantic orgasm.

Her head rested on my chest and my softening cock still inside her.

"Wow! That was fantastic" she said. "I hope you go out with mom again. Especially when she has to work in the morning." She said with a grin.

"I will try my best." I replied. "Next time I can tell you how my girlfriend Emanuelle once slept the night here, and I showed her how to make dad's cock cum, or how he stuck his finger up my ass. That was fun!"

My cock was becoming stiff again in her pussy.