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by bobsmith

Caution: This story contains strong Interracial Elements of sex between a black male and a white teen

They were one of few black families in the area, but they seemed to get by just fine as the neighbours took a modern attitude toward them. It made it easier for Davis since he lived alone with his son James after his wife had left him. If only the neighbourhood knew about this little misadventure that started when he let his son talk him into having a garage sale. He hated garage sales, he never went to them, and this was the first and last time he ever wanted to hold one. The agreement was that he would help his son get everything together, put out the signs, etc., but he would not have to play nice with the people who came to pick over their trash and treasures. Things were going according to plan on that Saturday morning, until about 11 a.m. By then, most of the early birds had come and gone, and things were a little slow, so he was surprised when James came into the house and asked for his help.

His son told him that there was a young lady outside who needed some help. She wanted to buy one of the bicycles they had for sale, but it was not in perfect condition and she was worried it wouldn't make the ride home.

Davis went out to the garage where he first saw Lisa, not knowing that his life had just changed. His first view of her was from behind as she was bending over looking through a box of miscellany. Since it was a warm day, she was wearing a tank top and some tight white shorts, and he could see that she had a very cute bottom, and some nice, trim legs. When she straightened up and turned around, he saw that she was probably in that hard-to-define middle teens group, perhaps somewhere between 16 and 18. She wasn't the prettiest girl around, but certainly qualified as "cute", especially with her long black hair in a pony tail. And, like most young girls, she had a smile that was both delightful and somewhat of a turn-on.

After introducing each other, she explained her situation and that she was not really that far away. Davis agreed to take her and her new bike in his minivan back to her home. It was only about a five minute drive to her house, but during that time he discovered that she lived with her divorced mother, and her older brother had just joined the Marines. She was one of those people that you just have to like even after only being around them for a few minutes.

By the time they got to her home, he was feeling a little guilty. He knew the bike she had bought really needed to have the brakes adjusted. Davis asked if there was anyone at home that could do that, but she said that since her brother had left, it was just her mom and herself. Now he really felt bad, so he volunteered to fix the brakes for her.

He removed it from the minivan, and she led him around the side of the house to the back porch. She went inside and came back with a little toolbox. "All of my dad's tools that he didn't take with him," she said. Davis dug around in the toolbox, and found just what he needed. While he was working on the brakes, she kept rattling on about how hard she and her mom were having it. She said the reason she needed the bike was to help her try and find a job in the neighborhood to help out.

Davis finished the quick adjustment, and while he was testing the brakes, she said something that caught him off guard. "Do you know what I have been doing to make money?" she asked with a giggle.

He said he didn't, expecting her to tell him about a babysitting job or something like that. Instead, she said "I blow guys. I started out with some boys from school, but now I do mostly older guys. Especially the ones in the neighbourhood."

Davis wasn't sure how to answer that, so he tried to just ignore it, pretending he imagined it. "Okay, I think the bike is ready, and I need to get home now, Lisa." He was hoping that if she thought he didn't hear her, she would drop it.

But it wasn't going to be that easy. "Want one?" she said, as she pulled away the straps of her tank top, revealing a pair of bra-clad A-size breasts. "We could do it now, my mom won't be home for a couple of hours. Upstairs in my bedroom. I'm really good at it."

His conscience was screaming at him. She was obviously way too young for him to be fooling around with, but he hadn't been dating since the divorce and she sure looked quite adorable standing there smiling coyly at him. Finally, he managed to whisper, "Pull up your shirt, someone will see and we'll be in trouble."

She frowned back at him, "You don't think I'm cute?"

"Well, yes, of course. You're very cute, but just pull up your top," he said reaching out and doing it himself.

Lisa just went ahead and pulled her shirt down even lower, insistent on the attention. "I'll keep pulling it down until you come inside. Besides, you'll be in more trouble than I will if someone sees us now."

"Fine," he said, submitting to her blackmail, and followed her indoors. Davis pretended he was coming inside only to steer clear of prying eyes. His big head knew that this was an absolutely crazy thing to do, but my small head was doing the driving.

As soon as he closed the patio door behind him, he stopped and they just stood there in the kitchen. She had discarded her shirt on the way in. "Well, do you want to do it right here? I'd hate to kneel on this hard floor."

"We're not doing that. Stop talking that way."

"Then why'd you come inside?"

"So the neighbours wouldn't see."

"So the neighbours wouldn't see me sucking you off, you mean?"

"Lisa, you know what I mean."

"I do," she said turning her back to hime and removing her bra. She called my bluff. "I think I'll go upstairs." She disappeared down the hall through which a few seconds later a small pair of shorts came out and landed limp on the floor, no longer animated by her legs. Next came the sound of her feet taking her upstairs.

Hesitating for a moment, he contemplated his situation, but it was only for a moment. Davis followed past the shorts on the floor and around the corner, and at the top of the stairs were a pair of panties. She was nowhere to be seen in the hallway, but only one of the doors on the floor was slightly ajar. Entering that room, he could see by the d�cor that it belonged to her, "Lisa, this has gone far enough."

The door closed behind him where she was hiding. "Exactly. Because this is where we're going to do it."

Turning around, Lisa stood as naked as the day she was born, with the exception that she had developed the cutest teenage body a guy only ever dreams of seeing in person no matter what age he is. "Lisa, this ends now." he swallowed at his own defiance. "Put on some clothes."

She pouted and strutted past him to the closet, brushing the front of my shorts as she did so. "If you say so." Lisa opened the closet and pretended to be looking for something to wear. With her hands on her hips, her back was to him as was her fantastic little butt. "I know what I can wear," she said suddenly bending over to the closet floor. By instinct, his eyes locked on to the pussy that appeared between her cheeks. The sparse pubic hair and neatly tucked away lips caused him to groan, which he was sure she heard but didn't acknowledge. "Got 'em!" she proclaimed, pulling out and donning a pair of white high heel boots. She turned back around, looking a few inches taller and much sexier, which was not helping his sense of responsibility. "There, I put something on. Like 'em?"

"Ye-," he almost slipped, "Lisa, cover yourself up."

"Why don't you just look away, then?" She stuck out her chest as she said it, and he didn't have an answer for her. At least not a moral answer to give. "$25," she said again. "That's a bargain."

It was, but Davis just stood there in silence.

"Hmph, I usually have the other guys finished off by now. I never take off my clothes for the guys either, but I did cause I figured you were the shy kind," Lisa sighed and sat on a swivel chair by her desk. Not long ago she was just a kid buying a cheap bike, now she was naked and insisting she perform sexual acts on him.

"So, are you going to do something? Sit on the bed? Take your pants off? Get the money out? Actually, you should get the money out first." Lisa sat in her gorgeous nudity just staring at him. Lifting a leg over the arm of the chair, she spread herself and bit her bottom lip. "I've never seen a black guy before. I hear they're all big. That's probably a lie, because there have got to be small black guys too. But you can never tell unless you just see it. Yeah, black guys are probably just average. Which means you'd be average too. That's too bad," she sounded disappointed. Getting off the chair and concealing her charms, she returned to the closet, looking for something to put on.

"I'm not average," Davis managed, finding himself struggling to prolong the situation instead of ending it.

"Yeah, so what," she seemed nonplussed, "like below average?"

"Above." His mind had basically lost this battle.

"Show me then. Oh, I almost forgot I had this blouse!"

He can't believe he had said it, "I'll show you, but that's all."

Lisa turned only her head with a look on her face like she didn't think he'd do it.

Again he hesitated, and she started to look annoyed and returned her attention to the closet. He manned up, undid his shorts and lowered them to his knees, exposing myself in his half-excited state. She heard the shuffling and turned to face him. Davis could tell for a moment from her expression that she was pleasantly surprised.

"Well, looks like you're just a bit ... excited. But apparently you'd rather just do nothing about it. Tell you what," she stepped toward him, "$20 for your first time." Lisa was only arms length away from him, checking out the new guest, who made the distance between them about eight inches shorter. "I could charge you way more because I know I'm worth it," she winked. "But all guys get the same deal, except you for today."

"Which guys?"

"Like it really matters, but ones in the neighbourhood. Some married, some single. Guess they're wives just can't or won't do what I do. One lives right next door to you. Mr. Jenkins is real nice to me, so I'm real nice to him right back."

"Mr. Jenkins!" he couldn't believe it. "But he's a senior!"

"And he's so sweet and cute."

Admittedly, the thought of young Lisa and old Jenkins together actually turned him on. "You screw that old man?"

"No! I never fuck 'em, only blow 'em. They always ask to though. Sometimes it gets annoying. So anyway," her hand reached out and hovered beside him erection, "what's it gonna be?"

"I could get into a lot of trouble."

Lisa then shocked him by grabbing the shaft and holding tight, "But that's probably not what you're thinking about that right at this moment. Boy, I can't even get my hand around the whole thing. Sit down on the bed." She pretty much guided him there herself using her new joystick. It felt strange and good to him at the same time. When he was sitting, she started caressing him with both hands, cupping his balls, and bringing her cute little face close to him. "You're not resisting anymore." He wasn't. She stopped and backed up, "$20."

"I-It's in my wallet," he said, indicating his shorts which had fallen down around his ankles.

Kneeling, she removed the shorts, took the wallet from the pocket, and claimed a twenty-dollar bill. His erection pointed rigidly at her face where she knelt. "There's a few more bills in here. You're going to want to save those. You know, for next time."

"This is just a one-time thing, Lisa."

She ignored my attempts at civility as she tied her hair out of the way with a tie-back that she kept on her wrist. "Sure it is," she leaned forward and gave a quick kiss to the head. "They always call me back." She called his bluff again. It took everything he had to stop from grabbing her head and burying himself in her throat.

Lisa replaced the wallet and tucked the bill into the top of her boot. "Now where were we?" Her hands returned to where they were most wanted, so small and so soft.

Her pretty young face was inches from his black cock, her mouth partially open and a small smile played on her lips as she looked up at him. She obviously was enjoying seeing him in such a state of confusion and arousal that he could no longer fight the lustful feelings he was experiencing.

She ran her tongue across her lips, smiled up at him and took the entire head of the throbbing shaft into her mouth. He immediately gasped at the contact of this little girl's lips as they stretched to accommodate. Lisa clasped her hands on his thighs and sucked expertly on the head of his cock. At the same time, she moaned, as if this was her greatest enjoyment. The youngster undoubtedly liked to suck cock, and it was obvious that she'd had a lot of experience. There must have been a lot of happy, and perhaps broke, men in the neighbourhood.

"Mmmmmm," Davis sighed with pleasure as she worked her magic with her small mouth, sucking him with as much passion as he had ever felt from any girl.

As his excitement mounted, Lisa worked his cock deeper and deeper into her hot mouth, pulling back, twirling her tongue around the head, and every now and then licking his balls. At the same time, he felt her hands move up his thighs and slide around to his ass cheeks where they rubbed, fondled, and squeezed. It was hard to believe that she was such an expert at such a young age. By then he was moaning from excitement and she was moaning from pleasure.

"Gaaaaaah," he gasped as she slid her mouth all the way off his engorged manhood, moving her hands back in front and petting his cock, squeezing gently the balls, switching hands and then teasingly stroking over the totally saturated shaft, driving him nuts with her hands, smiling up at him, apparently pleased to see that she had a man three times her age in such pleasurable agony, moaning about his cock.

Teasingly, she pulled her mouth completely off and he never felt so sexually in need. Once again she took his cock back into her mouth, and once again he gasped. The teenager had him in a state he never knew existed. With his head filled with lust, Davis was raising his hips eagerly up to push his dick as far into her mouth as he could.

He started to cum and felt as if he was going to pass out with pleasure. It erupted in the back of the youngster's throat and her mouth stayed planted on him as she eagerly swallowed the first blast. She could barely have had time to swallow it all before he shot another load into her not-so-innocent teenage mouth. Little Lisa moaned as he continued cumming and she kept swallowing each dose his cock fed her.

When things settled down below, she looked up at him, gave a few swirls with her tongue and pulled off of him with tight lips like she was getting the last bit off a popsicle. His cock was completely clean except for her saliva. She smiled, slapped his thighs and said without much ado, "Wasn't that worth the $20?"

Davis didn't respond as he moved to dress himself.

"Hmm, just imagine what $100 would get," she said winking at him.

"Lisa... ," he began to protest though he couldn't help imagining.

"Just kidding. That isn't on the menu, remember? Just blowjobs. Next time it's $25 though."

"Lisa," he protested again zipping up my shorts, "There won't be a next time." Davis hoped he was lying.

"That's what they all say, big guy. But that's not what they do. Even if you don't want it again," she said pointing at my face, "I'm sure someone else will be asking," this time pointing downward. Then she walked to her desk, wrote something down and handed it to him.

"What's this?"

"What does it look like?"

"A phone number."

"Yeah, my phone number, genius. Text me the next time you feel the need. It's not like you need to take me to dinner and pretend you're listening to what I have to say to maybe get a chance at a little action. You call, we meet, I do you-know-what."

The two sides of his brain still struggled with the answer he should have given and the answer he wanted to give, but ended up in a stalemate by not saying anything.

She looked at the time. "Guess you better get going now. I've got ... more work to do. Thanks for the bike!"

Speechless, he left the house of the naked teenage minx and got in his car. He sat there before starting it for a minute thinking about what happened and how much trouble he could get in if anyone found out. While he was feeling guilty, Lisa passed in front of him on her new bike waving at him and headed up the street. Davis followed her in his minivan at a good distance for a few blocks until she turned into a house down the side path to the back yard. That's when he noticed someone he knew named Nick, a man about his age, had been sitting on the front porch. He said nothing to her and pretended not to notice when she passed him, but instead got up and entered the house through the front door.

His heart began beating fast so he got out his phone and put in her number to text her.

What are you doing at this house? Even though he knew the answer already.

A few seconds later, her response. following me? lol. i told you i had to work. ttyl. let me know! ;)

Davis thought of phoning the police, but there was the analogy of the pot calling the kettle black, and how would he even explain how he knew what was happening? All he could do was drive home.

When his son asked why he took so long, he did his best not to lie and said only that the bike needed some work before he could feel better about giving it to her. He didn't tell him what else he was giving her, especially after James asked his Dad his next question.

"Did she say anything about me?" James asked shyly.

This time he felt lying was the best policy. His son was socially awkward, didn't know a lot of girls, overweight and obviously had a crush on this little troublemaker. "Lisa said you were very polite," he replied, while she hadn't mentioned him at all, but it seemed to bring a smile to his face.