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Darla's Video Camera

by Anon

Caution: This story contains strong elements of incest sex between brother and sister

Having a sexual relationship with family members can get started in just about any variety of situations, some because one or more member has the definite hots for the other, and some because of circumstances that arise almost out of nowhere. Mine arose simply because of my sister, and what she did with her birthday present.

Darla got a small, hand-held video camera for her birthday. It was pretty neat, and she went around videotaping everyone in the house. I didn't know that she had videotaped herself, too, and what she was doing while she taped herself.

"Come on, Gary, let me show you my tape," she said.

"I've seen your tapes all day," I said. Mom and Dad had gone to bed, and it was late, and I was tired. It was past midnight.

"No, you haven't seen this one. I guarantee, you'll like it."

I followed her to her room, where she hooked up the small camera to her TV set.

The tape began in her room, with her just standing there smiling. She sat next to me on her bed, and then she nudged me. "Here's the good part, Gary."

She was laying on the bed, her legs spread, her fingers moving up and down her pussy lips. I could feel my cock suddenly grow, and I knew that my face was getting red. The room suddenly felt stuffy.

She writhed around on the bed, rubbing her pussy, lifting her skirt higher and higher. Then, the tape showed a close-up of her red, swollen pussy lips. Her fingers moved to her cunt, and she pulled her lips apart, rubbing her clitoris.

"Do you like that, Gary?"

I didn't know what to say. "Yeah," I said. My voice was choked.

I squirmed, trying to adjust my hard-on in my pants. I had never imagined that my sister looked so good. I mean I knew that she had a nice body and all, but to see it on display like this was giving me all sorts of ideas.

She reached over and put her hand in my lap. Pressing downward, and looked at me. She pulled my hand from my side and put it on her knee, then pushed it up higher. I could feel her smooth thighs and the warmth of her crotch as she pressed my hand up under her bath robe against her pubic bush.

I gently moved my finger against her pussy, feeling the downy hairs beneath my fingers. At the same time, she was rubbing the outline of my hard cock through my pants. I felt her fingers on my zipper.

"Take off your clothes, Gary," she murmured. "I want to make some more videos."

I knew that what I was doing was probably wrong, but I had no choice, my hormones were raging at this point so I stood and took off my shirt. She reached up and unsnapped my pants, pulling them down to the floor. I stepped out of them as my hard throbbing cock jutted out over the band of my briefs.

My sister gasped audibly. "Damn, Gary, you've got a big one!"

She reached up and grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her.

She held it in her hand, examining it closely. With her other hand, she tugged at the band of my briefs, and pulled them down. As the elastic band passed over my hard cock and set it free, it popped back up in the air, reaching all the way up and slapping me in the belly below my navel.

She stood and pulled off her robe. She wasn't wearing a bra. Her tits bounced provocatively as she sat again and pulled my cock to her face.

I watched with fascination as my sexy sister put her lips around the shaft of cock. She ran her lips up the length of it all the way to the head. Her tongue darted out, flicking out and swiping across the purple head of my rigid dick.

She then slowly moved her mouth down again, licking my cock all the way to the base of it, holding my balls in her hand. She pulled my heavy balls to her mouth and licked, then sucked one of my swollen orbs into her mouth. I couldn't believe that she was doing this, it was like a dream.

I pulled away from her. "Lay on the bed," I said.

She lay back and spread her legs. "Please, Gary, fuck me," she whispered. I didn't need to be asked twice. I climbed on top of my sister, sucking on her erect nipples as I positioned my cock against her hot, wet pussy. I felt her reach down and guide my cock, wiping the head of it against her juicy pussy.

I pressed gently, pushing my cock inside her a little and she moaned. I thrust all the way into her, feeling the warm, moist tightness of her cunt. I could feel my balls pressing against her ass and she moaned again. I began to thrust in and out of her with a rhythm she seemed to like.

She tightened her legs around my ass, as her legs began to tremble and shake. She moaned, and I could feel spasms in her body as she pressed against me. Then she came, just as I felt my balls tighten. I shot my cum deep inside her, filling her hot box with my own sticky, hot juices. I couldn't have held back if I'd wanted to. It was like she was sucking it out of me.

After a few minutes, I pulled out of her and lay beside her on the bed, dragging my cock across her legs, leaving a sticky trail of cum and cunt juices.

"Why the hell did you tape yourself, anyway?" I asked.

"I wanted to see what it looked like."

"Looked pretty damn good to me," I said.

"I wanna see what you look like, jacking off, or something."

It was that "something" that we taped.

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