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Glory Glory Hole!

by SindeWatersClinton

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of public sex between drunk adults

Suz was drunk, Jenn was close behind, and their 'friends' were encouraging them to find this fanciful fantasy that was rumoured to be close. The fantasy was a Glory Hole that had a signal sent to guys when it was occupied. Teresa was an alleged expert because she had used it several times. It moved around but was always close to parking.

"It was really cool ... the only catch is that it only lets you back out after a set number of guys! I don't know how it counts but I had to blow five guys to get released. It was kinda cool not knowing how long I might be captive giving blowjobs to random guys. I got three BBC, a latino, and a white guy."

"If it isn't the same place all the time how do we find it?"

"Well, being an alum when I send a text it responds with an email with a random web address, but if I don't show up or someone doesn't show up then I can't get the information anymore."

"So, unless we decide to go you can't find it! Hmmm... " that was Suz. She was a huge tease and you never knew. But tonight her body was screaming out for sex. Jenn had never seen her nipples so hard and you could smell her juices flowing.

"What if more than one person is there? You know to blow... " Jenn said

"When I was there a week ago - there was like four rooms! So we could all go tonight!"

Including Kelli in the foursome.

Suz downed another shot which seemed to make up her mind "Go Terese! I'll go ... what about you guys!"

And Terese got reluctant nods from all and sent the text. An email showed up and they all piled into Kelli's slut machine - a mini van! Kelli was recently divorced and hadn't ditched the kid limo she had hoped to fill before it fell apart.

The address was in a field next to a dive bar named Colton's - hidden amongst some trees were six little sheds that looked like upscale porta potties but with extra rooms around. One of the huts you could hear noises but the other five were vacant. They had those little locks like in planes - occupied and vacant!

Suz didn't hesitate and slipped into the first one. Knowing she might skip out if she thought much about it. The other girls filled the remaining rooms.

The first thing Suz noticed was the lighting and the seating and holes in the walls. It wasn't really bright but it was light enough to see well. Lots of writing on the white walls and she even saw her name and number in one place. She would have scribbled over it if she had a marker. Who the hell put that here? She waited and then the place shook a little and a black snake protruded from one of the holes. Of course it would be black - fucking niggas - she didn't mind drinking if they bought but ... oh ... she knew she would be sucking this one. Not like she hadn't ever done it before but shit! The first one and she was horny as hell. No sense waiting and she knelt before the oversized black cock and slipped her wet lips over the head. Not easily because this was a monster cock.

"Nice lips bitch! Nice and wet - ummm - good little cocksucker!" and the commentary went on and on. She ignored the words and did her best to light him up. It was a bit big and she couldn't swallow much of it.

"Itty bitty mouth, what about your cunt honey? Will it take my big black cock deep inside and warm me up?" she started to take her mouth off to reply but then decided to just keep sucking. She had one hand deep inside her jeans, fingers working in and out of said cunt. She kept pushing them down as her other hand pinched her nipples. She stopped fingering herself to remove her blouse, jeans, and boots. Her bra and panties soon joined them in a corner and she started fondling and fucking herself as the unknown male tried to get her to slip him inside her cunt. "Or maybe you're an anal queen! Slide my BBC inside your ass - get the fucking of your life!"

The other three girls were in similar situations and every single cock was big and black. They didn't know that of course. But should have, knowing as they did that Colton's was nearby and it was 'the' place to get BBC in Aurora. Not for light hearted fun - you came to Colton's to get fucked. And by fucked I mean by lots of black cocks. Sometimes a short trip could mean four hours in the head getting fucked continuously.

Inside Colton's in a special VIP room were flat screens showing all six glory holes. Lots of cameras so no matter where you were or what was up there was a video of the occupant sucking or fucking any cock thru any hole. That was how a guy could fill the booth with his cock minutes after it was occupied. Tonight it was five women so far, but quite often some white guy would like to anonymously suck a black cock - it wasn't anonymous but the cocks were black if it was parked at Colton's and the anonymous white fucker that blew that cock would find himself being greeted by black men at random times and asked if he wanted to suck their big black cock.

Meanwhile Suz was going to town on that big black cock and working her cunt pretty good. All the while the commentary continued and though Suz thought she was ignoring it the continuous idea of having that 12 inches of black cock inside her cunt was slipping into her mind. Over and over he suggested bending over and fucking him and she was really wanting it. She had never had a black cock in her cunt, her mouth and her ass a few times. But never in what she considered a precious orifice that letting just anybody use was dangerous. But she hadn't been fucked well in months, maybe years. And anal is OK, but not orgasmically as pleasing as having a cock in her cunt. She slipped her mouth from that cock and said "OK big boy - let's give this big black cock a little trip to heaven. There it is ... slip into the best cunt you ever dreamed about." and she slid back as she squeezed both breasts and nipples as hard as possible. It wasn't quite that simple as he slid back a bit and only a few inches crept inside her. "Fuck fuck fuck ... fuck me fuck me... " and he did. Shoving about nine inches into her and bringing her within seconds of an orgasm...

"Nice cunt there! Tight, white, and wrapped around my big black cock!" and then it went the rest of the way in! Something slipped into Suz's ass and pulled her tight to the wall. Then that cock began to pound in and out of her hot wet cunt. Loosening it up and causing waves of ecstasy to pulse inside her.

"Cumming, I'm cumming, ugh, ugh, fuck, fuck me, don't stop, don't stop, ... fuck!"

As she finished he started filling her cunt with sperm, lots and lots of sperm. Then he extracted that big black cock and moved away. Suz couldn't move because she still had that hook in her ass but she wasn't feeling in much of a hurry anyway. A good thing because a second big black cock penetrated her cunt and gave her a ride much like that first one. Right in the middle she saw another snake slipping in from the other side. Right there where she could wrap her lips around it. Nagging inside her brain was the thought that that wall was too far. But soon that cock impaled her and pushed into her throat - gagging she fought to move away but it persisted in pushing into her mouth. Over and over it pushed inside but was denied entrance to her throat. She came twice on those two cocks and then she felt the flood of cum once again in her cunt. Lots and lots of cum this time and when he pulled out she would have sighed but her mouth was full, full of big black cock. Maybe she had been wrong to deny these big black cocks entrance to her cunt for so long ... And then her empty cunt was being filled again with what had to be a big big black cock because it was tight and seemed to penetrate much farther. The shock must have caused a reaction in her throat because the next thrusting attempt was met by a much feebler defense and her throat yielded to the massive cock and she could feel pubic hair on her nose. Not something she had felt very often. The cock lay imbedded for several seconds and then was pulled out. Then forced its way into her again, in and out, in and out. She lost track of its travails and fell prey to the sexual enjoyment of being impaled on two huge black cocks, one in her throat and the other in her cunt. When she came the last time she must have passed out because she awoke to a strange environment (the glory hole) and hornier than she had ever been in her life. Freshly fucked and horny was NOT anything she had ever experienced but when she looked and saw another big black cock right there in the wall she worked her way up and let herself get fucked. She was surprised because something went into her cunt but the cock went into her ass - her ass that was nice and tight but not for very long. Arms came out of the other hole and pushed her tightly against the wall so the guy attached to this latest big black cock could ram it inside her! This one was fat and opened her wide. She came as the head penetrated her anus, then came as it slipped slowly inside and came again when it was fully inside stretching her insides as much as her entrance. She had moved her arms forward to push at the arms holding her against the wall and didn't notice during her orgasms that metal binders were wrapped around her wrists and chains were attached. Then the chains moved and her arms went up and back until she felt her hands hit the wall behind her. Her back was curved as the arms pulled her shoulders back. She was impaled on a big black cock (one that gave her much pleasure) and something hooked inside her cunt AND her arms were chained to the wall behind her ... all the while that cock was pounding inside her once tight asshole and providing stimulations unlike any she had experienced before.

It was heaven ... bound and fucked! She had been fucked in the ass before but she had never experienced what she was feeling tonight! Erotic vibrations she never thought existed and the rhythmic pounding of that big black cock as it moved into and out of her was mind boggling. Her breasts were being manhandled by the two arms that had held her against the wall before her arms were bound. Her nipples were tortured once to extreme and she came from that and the pounding in her ass. The hands wrapped something around her hair and her head was pulled back as if bound (because it was) and once again a big black cock emerged from the wall in front of her to invade her mouth, and her throat, and ... and ... it softened and her throat was filled with fluids and she swallowed involuntarily. It went on forever! Ten, fifteen, twenty, (A thousand?) thrusts of that huge cock in her ass. She didn't get a taste of the piss draining into her stomach, but she knew that was what is was. She tried to be disgusted but it wasn't like they gave her a choice. Finally it stopped after one more orgasm from her anal pounding and the big black cock hardened and began sliding slowly in and out of her throat. Over and over they invaded her body - they got a rhythm going as they both went in and paused and pulled out and then did it again, and again. When it stopped she didn't know but she awoke still tied to the wall and her arms, hair, and her cunt were still tied tight against it. She wasn't sure how long before she noticed the voice... "Want some shots Suz?" over and over...

She found her voice worked in spite of those cocks in her throat "Yes, Jack or Tequila or Jager!"

"OK babe -" and a tube came from the hole in front of her, a little funnel on the end, then another hand with a shot glass. The dark maroon meant Jager and it went into the funnel and down her throat ... it was hard this way but went down well ... then another shot glass with dark brown liquid - Jack - and down it went. Then another with an oily clear liquid - Tequila. What followed were three more of the same and then she felt another big black cock slip into her ass and another came from the front, this time it seemed the wall got closer and touched her face as those two big black cocks pummeled her ass and throat. She was almost in heaven, almost because she didn't like being bound and in the complete control of others. Heaven because the orgasms started once again. Never had she come this often, maybe in her whole life. But she just loved the hell out of it. The commentary was back and she tried to understand but all she got was - you'll fuck black cock anytime now! And since she was having the sexual experience of her life being pummelled by big black cock she agreed with the voice...

Jenn wasn't having quite the same amount of fun, nor the same quantity of big black cocks. She was using her mouth in the manner she was accustomed to ... and she was used to huge cocks! Jenn had never been quite as teasing of those who bought her drinks and she was orally talented. She wasn't capable of deep throating this size of cock, but she gave it her all and satisfied each cock as it peeked into her little world. She didn't masturbate and she didn't get any shots, she just got lots of cum from her big black cocks and appreciated it. Although it wasn't near as much fun as being able to see the guy attached to each cock.

Terese had been here before and enjoyed her time as expected. She liked it better with just her and the cock. No eyes, no extra baggage, no possibility of it becoming more (leaving out that Suz got way more) she felt safe sucking those cocks with no strings attached. She was more drunk than either Jenn or Suz and had to be prodded awake on occasions as another cock appeared. The fifth one was a foot long and fat, she liked it and finally succeeded in swallowing the entire thing. Then she took it all the way in, then out, then back in, over and over until he couldn't keep from cumming and filling her throat and then her mouth and in the end covering her face with more cum than she thought possible. Drenched she slipped to the floor in a pool of cum and started snoring.

Kelli was an enigma, this was her first sexual encounter since her divorce and she wasn't that experienced at blowjobs. That didn't stop her from trying and she experienced a bit of what Suz had enjoyed. They got her nude and filled her cunt with one of the biggest black cocks available. She fucked the hell out of it! She was far more flexible than anyone thought and managed to take that same huge cock anally and tried to swallow it, not successfully, but she tried. After she was worn out the first time they moved her to another room with a table, on her back with her legs high in the air and her head tipped back over the edge to give a straight shot fucking her throat, not to mention all three holes were available to a continuous stream of black cocks. They filled her all night long and produced countless orgasms in the process. She was delirious part of that time as the drinking and the fucking were taking their toll. She awoke to being untied and was rolled off the table - she was covered in cum - which stuck everywhere. Terese and Jenn joined her and they were told the only clean up they were getting was if they used their tongues to lick each other clean. Being as the girls enjoyed each other quite often, both one on one or in multiples with a few guys, this wasn't an issue. They went at each other with wild abandon and drove most of those watching completely nuts as they licked every single inch of each other clean, including all of their orifices. Much moaning and several orgasms were included.

No sign of Suz until they were completely done cleaning up. Then they got to watch Suz' finale performance in the Glory Hole.

Suz was a long time resident of Aurora and had spent a major portion of that time in various drinking establishments. All that led to her being well known amongst those participating in this particular fuck in! Most of those involved had bought her drinks and wooed her with slight expectation of a little sexual action later in the evening, most had been disappointed! So all of these black guys intended to make the most of the opportunity tonight. I don't want to give the impression that Suz spent a lot of time passed out or asleep because that would be untrue. Suz spent almost the entire night with most of her three fully qualified holes fully filled with big black cocks. She took two at a time for hours and thanks to a little bit of medical miracles she was high as a kite and hornier than anyone ever imagined. Amazing what a few experimental pharmaceuticals can do for the libido - and Suz was full of more than a few. Many of those black cocks went into her mouth soft and proceeded to make sure Suz was never in danger of being dehydrated as they released all the pent up beer from a night of drinking into Suz's tummy. Then they fucked her throat until they could no longer avoid orgasming and filled her or her face with cum. During all these oral activities her cunt was pounded mercilessly and her orgasms were mind boggling. When they got bored with that they switched over to her asshole and filled all of her holes with cum that would be leaking out for days.

The big finale came after the other girls were done and Suz was cleaned up a little. Two guys laid down on their backs with their legs intertwined so they get two big black cocks close enough together to slip Suz down on them, spreading her cunt wide with a double penetration to end all DPs! Then two guys worked similarly to make the same penetration into her already badly ravaged asshole. The two ravaging her ass would slip in and out and raise her up and down on the two lying on their backs. Fucking her ass and fucking her cunt up and down on the other two cocks. To finish off the 'six pack' two more guys stood side by side alternatively fucking their cocks into her mouth. Each time one would drive all the way into her throat and then pull out to let the other one do the same. It wouldn't have been fair to not deprive Suz of breath each time a cock was fully inserted in her throat. These were talented fuckers that were doing their best to make this the longest fuck of her life. Not the night but this one fuck ... incredibly the two to finish last were the ones deep in her cunt. The other four were replaced by others once they came. Suz was finally done when those two filled her as she came one last time...

The ladies were helped to their mini van, Suz and Kelli were nude and their clothes thrown in the back. Jenn ended up driving and Terese made sure she stayed awaked. Suz and Kelli were awake and groaning in the back, groaning as they sixty nined each other all the way to Suz's townhouse. They all crawled into Suz's queen size bed without cleaning up and were dead to the world in minutes. As they drifted into never never land the sun brightened the sky over a beautiful Sunday morning.